Is It For Real? The Red Dragon Weed Dragon

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weed_dragonDo you hate weeds? I mean, really, really HATE weeds? Do you want to destroy them with a wrath your garden has never seen? If so, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the Red Dragon Weed Dragon from Flame Engineering.

There is no messing around with this bad boy. With the Weed Dragon, you will officially be getting medieval on your lawn. It is a show-no-mercy, let’s burn-the-fuggers kind of machine. There’s a strap-on / drag-along propane tank for Jebus’s sake!

Straight out of DOOM, it’s a flame-throwing weed killing machine. Just point, click, burn and move onto the next victim. It’s even handy for thawing out ice on your walkway and thawing out frozen pipes. I can pretty much guarantee that with this thing, you won’t have to ask your teenage kids* twice to help you with the weeding or other Weed Dragon uses. Chances are, they’ll already be using it on all sorts of things without you asking (umm … eeep?). You might want to add “gun safe” to your shopping list with this one.

Minus the propane tank or any carrying accessories (back straps or dolly), the Red Dragon VT2-23C 100,000 BTU Weed Dragon Garden Torch Kit is $54 – a bargain for bringing ridiculous fun and pyrotechnic danger to a normally boring and uninspiring chore.

*HomeFixated would like to take this moment to remind you you’re not allowed to sue us for anything, ever. Any bad parenting decisions you make are your own.

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