Need Inspiring? The Rockler Customer Photo Gallery Provides It

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Nice one, baby! A crib made by Rockler customer Russ Urben.

Winston Churchill once said “give us the tools, and we will finish the job.” It’s a sentiment that we think a lot of HomeFixaters can get behind. Mind you, Churchill was talking about defeating the Nazi regime while we’re often thinking of things like building a dog house or installing insulation – but it’s still a notion we can get behind. The tools we use can often make all the difference in success or failure.

At the risk of sounding butt-kissing, the tools available at HomeFixated sponsor, Rockler, are pretty rad. Whether it’s a router or a workbench or marking tool, they carry high-quality greatness that will help your woodworking project. You need not take our word for it – you can just look at the successes people have had while using Rockler products – and now there’s an easy way to do just that.

The Rockler Customer Photo Gallery includes categories like furniture, cabinets, carving, turning, jigs and shop projects, kids’ furniture and toys, outdoor structures, sculptures, and small projects. There, you’ll see artistry from the everyman and great functional pieces from the average Joe. But there’s nothing average about what they’ve accomplished with Rockler tools.

Take a look around the gallery and get inspired. While the hand tools and materials are important in woodworking, the vision that inspires someone to create is even more vital. You’re even welcome to submit your own finished projects to the Rockler Customer Photo Gallery and “pay it forward” as they say (or just brag. We won’t blame you!).

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