Get Your Project On Track With Rockler T-Track Table Top And Shop Stand

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Rockler T-track table top

If you’ve woodworked for more than about five minutes, you likely spent most of that time looking for ways to safely hold a workpiece while you do things to it: routing, scraping, sanding, cutting, carving, whatever. It’s hard to debark your block while playing cat and mouse with feral dogwood. To help with that, our sponsor Rockler sent us their T-track table top (plus a few accessories and a steel 24” x 36” shop stand) to play around with. So let’s check out some of the many ways this versatile work handling solution can help move your projects along.

It’s T-Time In The Workshop

Rockler T-track table top
If you ever wondered whether a table top can be considered a “tool”, the answer is yes.

Aesthetically, T-track is easy to appreciate, with its beautiful anodized finish. But the more you explore the possibilities, the more you realize just how much it brings to the party. I can say with confidence that nearly every assembly table, jig and tool station (router tables, CNC beds, drill press tables, etc…) can benefit in some way from the addition of T-track.

The Rockler T-track table top measures 28” x 40” x 1-1/8”, has 176 linear inches of extruded aluminum T-track and is trimmed with heavy, durable 3mm edge banding.

The T-track table top by Rockler Woodworking And Hardware is a convenient way to add T-track functionality to your shop, while also providing another scarce commodity we shop dwellers can never get enough of: horizontal surfaces.

Rockler T-track table top
Using Rockler T-track hold-down clamps to safely rout a sign. Photo –

Since I plan to actually use this table top for its intended purpose(s), I’m going to go out on a limb and vow something that’s seemingly impossible for the average woodworker: I will keep it clean and free of clutter! You might laugh, but an uncluttered horizontal surface in a woodworking shop is like a unicorn surfing on a rainbow; it’s something you may see only once in your entire life. In my shop, I’ve yet to witness either.

T-track intersection
At a T-track crossroads. The intersection of extremely versatile and downright handy!

Accessorize Your T-Track Table Top Like A Rock(ler) Diva!

T-track accessories
These are the accessories we received from Rockler, but there are a lot of others to chose from, including various mechanical clamps, vacuum clamps, bench cookies, hold-downs, mounting plates and more.

Rockler’s T-track table top is a hefty melamine-covered beast that will remain flat indefinitely. But on its own, it’s “just” a nice workshop tabletop. To unlock its rockstar potential you need accessories, various fashionable bits and bobs that lock into position anywhere along the T-track (except for the centers of the six intersections).

Rockler toggle clamps
Here, toggle clamps are being used to hold a tapered leg in place while the craftsman chisels a mortise. Photo –

There are a lot of T-track accessories available to fill your woodworking needs. In this review’s featured image (courtesy of, for example, long and short (available in two orientations) T-track stops are being used in conjunction with Rockler auto-lock T-track clamps to secure a cabinet face frame while sanding.

If you can’t find the accessory you want or need, you can make your own using 5/16” or 1/4” T-bolts or 1/4” hex bolts and star knobs. As cliché as it may sound, the number of possible accessories, configurations and uses is virtually unlimited.

Track-Tacular Holding Solutions – Rockler T-Track Table Top

Rockler T-track table top
Using the T-track table top to keep parts aligned while driving pocket screws.

I have a small variety of T-track accessories on hand. But as my collection grows, so will the opportunities to put the T-track table to use. Above, you see where I used a piece of scrap wood as a makeshift fence. You could just as easily attach a Rockler multi-track fence with a pair of multi-track brackets.

Rockler T-track long stop
A long T-track stop serves as a “bench hook” to back this workpiece as I remove a wax coating with my card scraper.

The beauty of T-track is how effortlessly accessories can be installed, positioned and detached. Usually without a need for tools. And it’s easy to create your own custom attachments to meet whatever need arises.

T-Track Table “Top”? What About The Bottom? Meet Rockler’s 24” x 36” Shop Stand.

Rockler 24” x 36” shop stand
Rockler 24” x 36” shop stand. Photo –

We’ve talked about how awesome Rockler’s T-track table top is. But, as the name suggests, you’ll need something to put it on. Many people opt to build their own base cabinet; that was my original plan. Some have even used an old kitchen base cabinet. But the more I thought about it, the more appealing Rockler’s metal shop stand became.

Leveling feet
The shop stand comes with adjustable leveling feet. And the bolts come with thread lock already on them. In my case, the shipping company mishandled the package, tore the bottom out and lost my hardware. The nuts and bolts you see are from the local home store, so they may differ from what actually comes with the unit. Rockler would have sent replacements, but I didn’t want to wait.

Rockler’s 24” x 36” shop stand can be used for just about any tool or work station you choose, but it’s also perfectly sized for use with the T-track table top. It’s rock solid (1/8” steel), easy to assemble and provides good bones for whatever features you might want to add. Not including the feet/casters, it measures 32” tall.

Rockelre T-track table with shop stand
With the Rockler shop stand, it’s a good standing height (37”) for an average-sized adult. I used a set of casters I had on hand, but they are very close in size to those sold by Rockler.

The stand includes leveling feet. Or you can upgrade to optional locking casters. The stand is sold separately, but it’s definitely a great option to consider.

It’s All About That Base (Cabinet), ‘Bout That Base (Cabinet), No Table.

Rockler 24" x 36" shop stand
Your custom enhancements can be as simple or as complex as you’d like. Maybe you just want to add a shelf on the bottom.

Alright, fine, it’s really all about that T-track table top. But what’s underneath it is where you can add some personal touches and make it your own. So, in that respect, the base can be just as important and special as the table.

Customized base
Or you may want to enclose it a little more. The bottom and sides are material upcycled from discarded retail displays.

The legs and stretchers have lots of extra holes for accessory mounting and customization options. For variation, the top stretchers can be attached a little ways down, leaving space for a drawer at the top. Or if you’d prefer to just have a bank of drawers, Rockler offers a drawer mounting kit that might interest you.

Customized base cabinet
I went with a drawers and door motif. I figure the more stuff I can put in it, the less stuff I’ll be tempted to pile on it. Stay tuned for a project article where we’ll walk through the build process.

Suits You To A T-Track – Rockler T-Track Table Top And Steel Shop Stand

Rockler T-track table in use
Rockler T-track table in use. Photo –

In addition to the fact that both products would be welcome additions to any woodworking shop, they are heavy and substantial enough to hold up to daily use. The T-track table top weighs in a little over 44 lbs. and the stand tips the scales at just over 34.

A winning combination
A winning combination. Rockler T-track table top and 24” x 36” shop stand. Photo –

Now that we’ve had some time with it, would we recommend the T-track table top? And what about the shop stand? Yes and yes! Granted, they aren’t cheap; but they also aren’t “cheap”. Both are built to last a lifetime. And if you add up the cost of materials, you’ll see they are actually pretty fairly priced. But most importantly, they are items you’ll actually use on a regular basis, unlike that novelty gizmo you bought for that one project that one time then shoved to the back of a dusty shelf in a forgotten corner.

You can purchase Rockler’s T-Track Table Top for around $250

Buy Now - via Rockler

Get the Rockler 24” x 36” Shop Stand for around $150

Buy Now - via Rockler

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