New Ryobi Multi-Head Screwdriver in 4V

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Ryobi Cordless Screwdriver

One of the realities of the early part of the quarantine (think March-May 2020) was that many people dove headfirst into home upgrades. We were all stuck at home anyway, what else were we going to do? Stores like Home Depot and Lowes actually had trouble keeping many common items in stock. Then, the summer came, and we got to briefly remember what fresh air felt like. Now, we’re stuck inside again, partly due to the need for quarantine, but mostly due to the fact that it’s cold out there. So, why not use this time to do more projects? Build some furniture, install new fixtures, replace hardware. You know, Home Fixated stuff?! The new Ryobi Multi-Head Screwdriver is great at all of these things. We’ll learn all about it in this installment of Tool News Nirvana.

New Ryobi Cordless Screwdriver: 3 Heads, but not the Hydra

Ryobi Multi-Head Screwdriver
Ryobi Cordless Screwdriver: Tight places are no match

Homeowner stalwart Ryobi tools recently released the new HP74L Cordless Multi-Head Screwdriver. It’s part of their sub-compact 4V line of products geared toward homeowners. What’s really convenient about it is that the battery is built in and not removable. Therefore, there’s not an additional charger or loose batteries to keep track of. The user simply has to use a Micro-USB cable to charge it, not unlike how you’d charge an Android phone or one of the myriad other devices in your house. For occasional use, this is a nice feature.

Ryobi Multi-Head Screwdriver Heads
Ryobi Cordless Screwdriver: Access the Inaccessible

The important part of this tool though is actually three important parts. Included in the storage case are three unique tool heads – a screwdriver head, a flush driver head, and a right-angle head. These are toolless-ly interchangeable, so the user is able to easily complete any projects that might have awkward access. All of the heads have a ¼” quick-change hex chuck, so you’re able to maintain the use of the bits you already have.

Ryobi Screwdriver Head Options
Ryobi Cordless Screwdriver: 3 Options for Fastening

Also included on the tool is an LED work light. A general rule about hard-to-reach fasteners is that they tend to be in dark places, as well. The bright light helps to ensure you’re able to get the job done.

The Ryobi HP74L is available at Home Depot now.

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