Ryobi P795 Hybrid LED Color Range Work Light Review – Dialing In The View

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Ryobi p795

What's This?This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. Confession time: I’m a big fan of the trend toward cordless EVERYTHING in the tool universe. It started with cordless drill/drivers, then slowly worked its way up the tool food chain through reciprocating saws, circular saws, and even sliding miter saws. With the advent of brushless motors and improved Lithium Ion battery technology, the list of truly capable cordless tools is constantly expanding. Since my vision is deteriorating almost as fast as my enthusiasm for tripping over hot halogen lights, I’m very happy that one category that’s seen great improvement and expansion is that of cordless LED work lights. We just received an interesting new variant in the category. Join us as we take an illuminating look at the Ryobi P795 Hybrid LED Color Range Work Light.

Ryobi p795
The Ryobi P795 Hybrid LED Color Range Work Light (whew)

The Ryobi P795 Hybrid LED Color Range Work Light is small, but Ryobi did a good job loading it up with features. Three light intensity settings, ranging from 100 to 1,200 lumens, allow you to provide intimate lighting for a romantic jobsite dinner, or light up the runway to land your Learjet. The color temperature can be adjusted anywhere along the 2,700K to 5,000K warm-to-cool spectrum, and there are plenty of ways to set the light up.

Ryobi p795
Dial in the color temperature that works best for your project.

The Ryobi P795 will work with any Ryobi ONE+ 18V battery; obviously, the bigger the battery, the longer your light will shine. Here’s a list of specs and features, followed by an enlightening video from Ryobi:

• Hybrid technology allows for unlimited runtime
• Over 24-hours of runtime using a ONE+ high capacity lithium-ion battery
• Equipped with CREE LEDs
• Variable light output: High 1,200 lumens, medium 700 lumens, low 100 lumens
• Adjustable light color temperature from 2700K to 5000K
• Compatible with all 1/4 in. x 20 tripod mounts
• 360° light head rotation for variety of positions
• Multiple hanging options
• Part of the Ryobi lineup of over 100 ONE+ tools
• Backed by a 3-year warranty
• Includes P795 18-Volt hybrid LED color range work light, tripod adaptor and operators manual

Warming Up To The Cool Ryobi P795 LED Work Light

The first question that comes to mind is: What’s with the Color Range feature, and who needs it? Anyone doing straight-up construction work, woodworking, auto repair, and so forth, is likely to be happiest with the brightest, coolest light. That cool light doesn’t work so well for painters, though. Unless the room you’re painting is a workshop that will be illuminated with bright white LEDs, a light with a warmer color temperature gives a much more accurate idea what the area will look like when the everyday lighting is used.

ryobi p795
Here, the Ryobi P795 is set to the coolest temp…
ryobi p795
And here’s the same wall with the temp warmed up.

If you’re used to using halogen work lights, there’s another feature of LED work lights you’re guaranteed to enjoy: How cool they are. Literally. I used halogen lights for years, and got scorched more than once by the super-hot light heads. Even with the Ryobi P795 work light on its highest setting, you can lay your hand right on the bulb, and not feel the burn.

ryobi p795
Even when these babies are all fired up, they’re not fiery…

For convenience, you can’t beat cordless work lights. They’re especially useful in hard to access spaces like crawl spaces and attics, where trailing an extension cord behind you is extra aggravating. I like to use them pretty much everywhere, though; any time I don’t have to locate, untangle, and find an outlet for an extension cord, I’m happy. I use LED work lights a LOT, and I’m guessing I haven’t used an AC-powered work light in well over a year.

Having said that, another thing I like is options. The Ryobi P795 Hybrid LED Color Range Work Light will operate a long time on a single charge. Sometimes, though, there may be projects where you’re working in the same spot for a few days in a row, in the shop, for example. In this case, power access isn’t an issue, and it’s nice to not have to worry about charging the battery at the end of the day. Or maybe someone (not you, certainly) forgot to bring a freshly-charged battery along. In this case, much foul language can be avoided, since you have the option to just plug the light in.

ryobi p795
The Ryobi P795 will run on any Ryobi 18V ONE+ battery…
ryobi p795
Or it’s just as happy sucking current from your wall.

While we’re discussing options, the designers at Ryobi made sure there was no shortage of ways to use the Ryobi P795. The carrying handle doubles as a base, which can be set on the floor or any flat surface, and the light can rotate 360° through it. Once the head is pointed where you want it, a locking knob keeps those CREES pointed where you want ‘em.

ryobi p795
Once the light is adjusted, the head locks firmly in place.

The base also has a threaded tripod mount, which will fit any standard 1/4” x 20 standard tripod. Ryobi also includes an adapter, making the Ryobi P795 compatible with the inexpensive Husky K9028 tripod. There are also a couple of holes, and a couple of slotted crosses, cut out of the base. These could be used to hang the Ryobi P795 Hybrid LED Color Range Work Light from a nail, or a screw or two.

ryobi p795
The Ryobi P795 will mount to any standard tripod…
ryobi p795
And includes an adapter for the Husky K9028 tripod.
ryobi p795
Assorted holes and slots offer more mounting options.

But wait – there’s more! If you want to use it in your workshop, you could hang it from a couple of pegboard hooks. Most pegboard holes are spaced an inch apart, so you’ll probably have to drill an extra hole in the pegboard to fit the 2-1/2” spacing. That’s what I did; it took less than a minute, and wasn’t too strenuous. My kind of project. One final positioning option is to hang it over a door, narrow railing or 2×4. This will probably only work when the light is connected to an extension cord, otherwise the battery gets in the way.

ryobi p795
The Ryobi P795 hangin’ around the pegboard…
ryobi p795
Or dangling from the door, when used with a cord.

The Ryobi P795 Work Light Tells Shows It Like It Is

We have an old house in the Pittsburgh area. We’ve lived there a long time, and when the kids were younger, we let them choose the colors for their rooms. Hey, how bad could it be – and it’s only paint, right?! Our son’s room ended up dark blue; no issues there. Our youngest daughter, though, decided her room should be orange. As in ORANGE. Well, she was happy. But although the kids have all moved on, their color choices remained. Some good lighting, along with some spackling compound and a gallon of paint helped change all that, and now I can enter her room without sunglasses.

ryobi p795
12 year old girls do not have subtle taste. They DO have lots of posters.
ryobi p795
Sunglasses no longer required.

My daughter came by her love of bold color honestly; my wife has no fear of ANY color in the color spectrum. Many years ago she painted our entry hallway pink. She claims it was Rose. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to. Anyway, a few years back, after tolerating it for several years, I employed a strategy that has served me well over the years: It’s easier to get forgiveness than permission. I waited until she was out of town for several days, and then re-painted the first-floor portion, along with the section going up to the second floor. To ease the blow, I installed some wainscoting while I was at it, which was a good first step in the “forgiveness” portion of the festivities…

ryobi p795
I couldn’t find the spot on the dial to make this look good…

Although the first floor looks fine, the second floor still has that PINK vibe going. The arrival of the Ryobi P795 work light, and the glorious transformation of our daughter’s room, finally has me motivated to subdue it. We bought some new non-pink paint (she even let me help pick it out!), and soon the PINK will join the ORANGE in the “distant memories” portion of what’s left of my brain.

ryobi p795
This will help.

Ryobi claims the Ryobi P795 Hybrid LED Color Range Work Light will operate over 24 hours on a single charge. I don’t doubt it, if you run the light on the Low setting, with a high-capacity battery. If you’re trying to get some work done, though, you’re more likely to be using the High setting. I popped in a fresh P108 4.0 Ah battery, and let it run on High until the battery pooped out. It cranked those 1,200 lumens for 4 hours and 46 minutes, which is excellent run time. If you have a full day’s work to do, though, you’ll want to keep a charger with a second battery handy.

By the way, before the light poops out, it thoughtfully gives you fair warning. After about 4-1/2 hours, it blinked three times, but stayed lit. About eight minutes later, it again blinked and stayed lit. Seven minutes later, it shut off. The warnings are great, though, as they give you time to get out of any dark, scary space you might be in, and alert you that it’s time to snag a fresh battery.

Need To Light Up Your World?

Since many jobs and projects seem to take place in less than stellar lighting conditions, having a good work light is essential, for pros and DIYers alike. Being able to just grab a light, slide in a battery, and fire it up without schlepping an extension cord is a big time and aggravation saver.

ryobi p795
A cordless work light makes it easier to get goin’.

The Ryobi P795 Hybrid LED Color Range Work Light seems to be a well made, compact work light, and it has plenty of useful features. Three light levels, numerous positioning options, and hybrid capability make it a great choice for a portable LED work light. The adjustable color temperature feature is a major benefit for anyone who paints, or does other work where accuracy of view is important.

Ryobi backs the Ryobi P795 Hybrid LED Color Range Work Light with a three year warranty. To give you a chance to warm up to how cool it is, it’s also covered by a risk-free 90 day return policy. Try one out, and twist the knob until your next project is lit up just the way you want.

ryobi p795

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