How to Score with Home Improvement

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You can say what you want.  Laugh all you want.  I am a Chicago Cubs fan.  Yes, for whatever reason I have decided to be a long suffering woeful Cubs fan.  Growing up in a rural area–we just didn’t get a lot of TV, and less baseball.  Like a lot of fans that have nothing to do with Chicago–enter WGN.  Good ol’ Harry Caray, Ryno, and the Cubs were what my brother and I were able to watch since we were young boys that were rabid about baseball.  There ya have it.  Now I’m a Cubs fan–and will most likely die without ever watching my side win a World Series.  What does this have to do with home improvement?  Everything I tell you.  Everything.

It seems my bride Carrie is pretty sneaky.  I usually take the award for sneakiness.  New tools, extra purchases, buying the baseball package for our satellite (That one sucked…I got caught)…and gifts.  When I give her a gift it feels pretty good–and I pride myself on really sneaking up on her.  It’s like when we got engaged:  I did it on February 13th not the mushy, lame, and over commercialized Valentine’s day.  Take that Hallmark!

Before getting all mush-fest here:  Care really surprised me recently when she announced I was headed to Chicago to see the Cubs play.  It was my birthday present–and was a direct result of all the hard work I’ve been doing this summer.  (Her words, not mine…shhhhh just let her live that dream).  So–apparently all the fences, patching drywall, painting, and overall evilness really does pay off.  I’ll be hoisting an Old Style in Wrigley this summer–basically fulfilling a life-long dream because I was pounding nails.

So, really–this article is nothing more than a big thank you–and to gloat a little bit.  And also to tell all the fellows out there that no matter how supremely evil a home improvement project can seem:  Your partner may appreciate it a lot more than you know. It’s a great way to score (points of course) with your significant other. Go Cubs!

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