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rhinoI don’t know about you, but I think painting is a drag. Yeah, sure, it looks good when it is done. . . but the prep work combined with the knowledge you will have to do it again in several years really puts a damper on my enthusiasm. I am all for any solution that rids me of the painting monkey on my back. And what better to rid yourself of a monkey than with a Rhino. Rhino Shield looks like an interesting product with some very lofty goals when it comes to the longevity of your home’s exterior coating.

Rhino Shield – A Possible Solution to Repainting?

Rhino Shield is an innovative product that is advertised to never chip, flake or peel. The material used is actually a ceramic coating system and comes with a lifetime warranty. It looks like fresh paint, comes in any color, and bonds permanently to surfaces including wood, stucco, brick, and aluminum. According to the manufacturer, ceramic coatings reflects over 90% of the sun’s energy, giving it a 25-year fade rate that is virtually undetectable to the human eye. For more information, visit Rhino Shield online. Thanks to Darren for the tip.

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that several of the comments in the post may have been posted under different names by the same persons and/or business(es). This seems to be a heated product analysis, with some questionable comments. I recommend taking comments with a grain of salt and performing non-Homefixated due diligence as you evaluate any of the products or companies mentioned in the post or comments. -Marc

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140 thoughts on “Shield your House with Rhino Shield”

  1. My husband and I were going to have our house sided in 2012 when we heard the ads for Rhinoshield. We had a sales rep come out to the house. He told us we could have 25 years peace of mind with Rhinoshield. They would first repair or replace any damaged masonite siding before painting, as we were worried about the siding being 25 years old. We ended up skipping the $7000 vinyl siding and going with Rhinoshield for $10,000. Three days after application we had a big rain. When I went into the backyard after the storm to re-fill some bird feeders, I noticed globs of stuff on the ground and holes in our siding. Evidently they just caulked the siding, and when it rained it started falling out! I called the crew supervisor back and after several attempts, then contacting the sales rep and threatening a suit, finally got someone to come back. They did tear off and replace and repaint a few of the boards. However, in 2016 we noticed some cracking in other areas. In August 2016 I contacted Jay Mariano, the owner of Rhinoshield MN, but he said they were so busy he couldn’t get anyone out until spring 2017 and would call me then. In April and May I received no call from Jay. I called and left messages, sent emails, and even sent Fed Ex letters with proof of signature. Finally, again in August, he called back and said he’d send someone out, and we didn’t get anyone to show up until October 2017. Again the same thing; we are very busy and it’s too late in the year so they would contact us in spring. Again, in April and May I emailed, called, even called Rhinoshield in FL asking for someone to call back. Finally got a hold of someone in June, who said he’d be out in July (Rick). He did show up and look at it, and kept mentioning that there had been recalls of masonite so maybe ours was one. But, if that was the case, they should have replaced our siding before painting…the sales rep did tell us they’d repair or replace any damaged or questionable siding. Rick said he’d call the home office then get back to us either July 9th or 10th. Now it’s the 18th and still no word. I emailed him again and my husband left him a vm. Nothing yet. We have many areas where the siding is cracking, peeling and rotting, and some areas on our cedar front where the Rhinoshield paint just disappeared and it’s nothing but bare cedar. We also yesterday just noticed a tennis ball sized hole in the cedar, and when my husband inspected it to fill it, he found that the cedar is rotting pulling away from the front of the house. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! We lost $10,000 to this crap, and every day that I leave the house and come back from work and see it, I feel sick to my stomach. We are far from rich and can’t afford any new siding! My fear is that we will soon have mold issues because of this. How can I get even half my money back???

  2. OH MY! LORD have MERCY! I own a very large Home (4,500sqft) in Concord, Massachusetts. After getting 3 estimates for traditional exterior painting that all came in well over $10,000, I decided to investigate some other options. Perhaps a stone or brick façade though costing substantially more would mean I won’t be thinking about painting the rest of my life time (36 years old). then I heard about rhino Shield and thought it would be a nice option if it lived up to its claims. I am so very very very glad I came across this thread. I want anyone reading this who represents companies who make money by promising the world and I never follow through to know there are consequences. I will absolutely not even remotely consider rhino Shield!

    I may get a ceramic paint based purely on the merits of the paint itself and have a proven (through my neighborhood referral website) painter apply the paint for me.

    Thank you to all the costumers who went through hell and then took the time to defend themselves just to protect other consumers! In a time where customer service has completely gone by the wayside, I so appreciate your efforts my fellow homeowners.

    Most Sincerely,
    Amelia R. T Stubblebine (including whole real name so you can look me up on Facebook if you think I represent some competing company!) ?
    And thank you homefixated for not sensoring the comments! (At least as far as we know?)

    • Those of you that are having trouble with the contractors might consider putting large signs in your yard with the name of the contractor and the problems that you are having. Take a picture of the sign and send the contractor a copy.

  3. Hmm is anyone else having problems with the pictures
    on this blog loading? I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hey Greg, sorry to hear you’re having trouble with our pics. Can you please email us via our contact page and let me know what exactly you’re experiencing? Thanks!

  4. We had Rhino Shield put on our house in 2007. We questioned some wood that we thought needed to be replaced on the side of the house that gets sun all day. We were assured the wood was fine. (we have cedar siding) In 2012 we were refinancing our home and a home inspector pointed out to us that the wood on that side of the house was rotting and needed to be replaced. He pointed out where Rhino Shield had used caulk to fill in the cracks and huge knot holes. I contacted RS and took awhile but finally got someone out to look. Guess what WARRANTY doesn’t apply. He kept saying that he didn’t sell me the job so he didn’t know what was said. Far as I am concerned RS should back their product. I don’t care who sold me the job. So this is what they offered us. Get all the siding replaced and they would come back out and paint the walls for $1950. I said how about you donate the primer and paint to us and we will paint it ourselves. He said well that would void the warranty, to which I replied do you hear yourself? As far as we are concerned we don’t have a warranty. Still waiting on a response on getting the donated primer and paint. We live in panhandle of FL. Run from this company as fast as you can. For the price I could have had my house painted 6 times which would have lasted more than their 25 years.

    • Sounds like you had a similar issue with the so called warranty that Rhino Shield offers. Basically as long as the stuff sticks on your house they will honor the warranty, in other words to you people who are considering spending a small fortune to have your house Rhino Shield’ think twice, Karen’s right – you could paint your house at least 6x for the same money!

      • Ben I am wondering how your house is now in 2014. After a few years did you have to paint it again? I am asking because I have had a continuous problem with Rhino Shield since it was done in 2008. They have come back to sand the clapboards and paint a number of times. My clapboards are now split from sanding and I still have the paint bubbling and chipping off. I would love to see PIcs of your house and find out how it held up.

        • I am having a very similar problem with Rhinoshield. Would not recommend it to anyone. House painted 2011. In 2014 extensive fading, peeling and cracking. Have been struggling for a year to have problems resolved. Seller of paint takes no responsibility for problems. I do believe the house was not preped properly and the painters were not properly supervised. BEWARE OF THIS

        • Rhino Shield is a hoax. We had our house painted in June of 2012 and this summer I had to repaint areas that the entire boards had paint peeled off…we paid $16,000 for this paint that would not fade, peel, or chip. The yellow color we chose was bright and vibrant and it now looked pale and faded. There are places all over our home where the cedar siding is rotting, even though they told us that this miraculous paint would SEAL the boards and we’d never have to worry again. This paint is a rip off. We live in South Carolina and our dealer is out of Mt Pleasant. WASTE OF MONEY…I bet they laughed at the fact that my husband was so gullible! Thank God that I refused to let my husband pay the $19,000 he was originally told it would cost…and our house is a 1800 square foot 1.5 story house.

          • I too live in SC.
            I am at this moment looking at my quote from RS…..$18,957.
            After reading the reviews, I think I’ll stick to Paint and save 10k!!

  5. Review #:


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    Lifetime Exteriors substandard application / Will not warranty work.
    Lifetyme Exteriors Complaint

    by North_Shore

    Lifetyme / Lifetime Exteriors out of MA is terrible. There is no warranty or follow up. I’m not the only one,. They are getting dozens of BBB complaints every month”. They will tell you lie after lie as to why they cannot get out to service your substandard shoddy paint job”. They are essentially a couple guys, no office personal and illegal sub contractors doing all the work:. Make sure you check out the BBB and read my complaint along with everyone else that has posted,. I also recommend calling MA Dept,. of Consumer Safety, they know them well and they have a ridiculous number of complaints/. They will soon be litigated by the state of MA.. 142e935

  6. Permanent Siding and Windows in E Milford, CT, was almost our big mistake. My family has a few lawyers in, the Rino company checked out fine, no suits or BBB issues, or consumer protection complaints. We were originally attracted to Permanent Siding due to their lower price point. But trust me THEY DID NOT CHECK OUT!!!! You get what you pay for and that applies here. Here is an article on Permanent Siding. Professional Thieves!,0,7246907.column?page=2

  7. Wow Guys, What’s with the insult before you ever leave a comment? “The name my mommy and daddy gave me?” Customer relations doesn’t seem to be your bag. I was researching sites to find commentary about your product, as I have extremely faded paint on my T-111 and was considering Rhino Shield as an alternative to conventional paint. I have found out that it appears that it is a simple elastomeric paint, alot like the roof coating companies use. The price doesn’t seem to be justified, and now that I have seen the comments you have made to rebutt criticism of what seems to be a “shadey” warranty with loopholes, I’m no longer interested. I live in Orange Park, and your lack of professionalism just cost you a contract.

    • Hi Michael. Thanks for the comment and sorry you found our comment guidelines offensive. They’re really not intended for you, but rather for the spammers that shamelessly pound HomeFixated with spammy comments. Many of them list their business name or a product name rather than the “name their mommy’s and daddy’s gave them” as part of their Search Engine strategies. The rest of us pretty much know what “Name” means. We’re also a little goofy with some of our writing here at HomeFixated, so if you take everything we write here seriously, you’ll likely find yourself frequently offended. Anyway, just wanted to let you know, no offense intended.

  8. I sold vinyl siding in the past and salesmen had some crazy anonymous bashing on each other online, but this takes the cake!!

  9. Hi-
    I would like to post a all points bulletin for any consumer looking into spray on siding. Rhino Shield is ordinary paint product that I myself at 67 years old can buy and apply. This business is attempting to turn a can of paint into a miracle product that has been associated with reputable business and building practices. So go buy a great paint hire a knowledgable individual to install it and on that great paint there will be a lifetime over 25 year warranty if the individual applies it correctly. So now you have a better warranty backed by a company that has been around for more then 6 years and you have a installer that knows how to correctly do the job. WITH RHIPOFF SHIELD you have any person or persons that need a job in a given area and a average can of paint with a terrible warranty that a fairly new business will not be able to back as the compaints hence this forum will overwhlem the business and no longer is a warranty that you paid for any good. What you did get what a well coached sales pitch for your money but never will you see him or the owner or any other human that cares about your home again. It will be some desperate laid off group of guys working for minimal money show up on your house and hey you just might get a good paint job but is that what you paid for? Good Luck and if you are in a bad position go to your state government consumer affairs division and inform them of the problem. Hope this is helpful as I know first hand of this scam.

    • The work was done by Rhinoshield Jacksonville. They stated up front 25 year warranty and never mentioned the 2 year parts and labor warranty. The labor for putting the coating back on is free. The labor for replacing the defective part is not free. It states that on the back of the contract that I signed in fine print. I would never of known except the friend of mine that recommended them, had that happen to her. They paid for the coating and she had to pay for the T111 that went bad and the labor to install it when the coating bubbled and water ate the wood. They were installing mine when this happened to my friend. I asked the technician installing mine out the 2 years and he said that she was correct. I brough it up to the salesman about how can they claim a 25 year warranty when there is the 2 year clause. I was told that they stated the Rhinoshied is warranted for the 25 years and thats only the coating.

      • Bruce, so if I understand you correctly, you expect Rhino Shield to make the necessary repairs free of charge even if the damage is caused by a water leak say through the roof or a window leak in the case of your freind.

  10. Hey Bruce,
    That’s not true. It’s labor and materials for as long as you own the home. Or it can be transferred to a new owner, labor and materials for 25 years from the date of install.

    Contact a dealer for a copy of the warranty, it’s one page and clearly written.

  11. If you read the fine print you really only have a 2 yr warranty not 25. They will cover the coating for 25 years but if there is a problem after 2 years, you cover the parts and labor to fix it and they cover the cost of the paint to recoat it.

  12. Hi,
    I just was looking into having my hardwood floors re-finished and came on home fixated to see what process I was looking for. I came across the response to my truthful post by a person representing rhino shield of CRooked Business or of North East. It was a creative response that Irene is a fake person or competition since no other customers ever have complained. This business I must say I am very proud of. They still remain operating and have operated a income based business of educated consumers despite not many quality words spoken just out landish claims or paid advertisements with reputable business to bring credibilty among their lies. I have nothing to say as I have spoken to 3M, Disney, and other prospective clients and all have had the same conclusion, they all have stood there ground and have contributed to this humiliation Rhino Shield of North East faces and anyone that has a sense for a lieing scam artist will take the bountiful of information that not just I , Irene Stiple has mentioned but every other cheated, robbed, and laughed upon client that unfortunately found out to late. So if you think this many people would take valuable time and pick a random business to make outlandish claims in regards to would do this if it was not true then use this business and we will see your post in 3 years when you are wondering how to get back your 10,000.00 that these crooked liars talked and wormed you in to spending and now you find this that is unlikely as on google you can not type RHINO SH……without google finishing your search with RHINO SHIELD COMPLAINTS that is the most googled aspect to this business and it is sad they continue to speak such grand lies and claim the truth is posted by anyone except intelligent concerned good people and I just wish there were more of US out there and less of these gangsters.

  13. Extreme performance coatings is Alvis Spray on Siding in a different can.. Deal directly with the contractor on any large home improvement project and not with a sales person that is the only way you can find out if you trust the company..

  14. Personally I am concerned with my mom is now showing signs of neuropathy and clotting arteries since we had their paint washed on the ground and into the drinking water. This company dosen’t post the MSDS information on their web site according to law and they are aggressive and rude lying about everything including the TRUTH.

  15. PLEASE READ. This poster ‘Irene Stiple’ is completely fictitious. Whomever this is (we believe a competitor) also filed a BBB complaint in MA against our company using this same name – Complaint ID: 8350569. What the BBB does and what we could only WISH this website would do is VERIFY who is making these posts. (Unfortunately this website is a place for our competitors to trash us anonymously) When the BBB checked out Ms. Irene, they concluded it was a bogus scam artist, fake email, her phone number was a non working number etc..They threw out the complaint. So this proves 100% that we are not the devil reincarnated according to this website and the insane postings are competitors are making.
    When we spoke with the BBB they said a huge amount of the BBB complaints they get are bogus complaints from other companies competitors. Which is why again I will point out that you need to do real verifiable checking on a company (including us) before you do work with them. The simplest way is to call the BBB and your states consumer hotline and check out the business. Calling both will take about 5 minutes total. If you do this I guarantee you would only do business with us. One of our direct competitors has MORE THAN A DOZEN Attorney General Cases and 20 or so BBB complaints?!?!?! Another in a neighboring state has EVEN MORE! These crazy scam posts start to make a lot more sense when you see who we are dealing with.

    MA BBB 508-652-4888

    MA CONSUMER PROTECTION HOTLINE: Phone: (617) 727-8400

    CT STATE DEPT. OF CONSUMER PROTECTION: Phone: (860) 713-6100

  16. I had Rhino Shield of New England that now looks like they have changed there name again to Rhino North East. I was so excited when the representative presented my husband and I with all of Rhino Shields information. I was so happy I began to look into all these terrific items. At that time I realized I was told lies. The entire sales pitch was a lie. The Disney claim is false the 3M claim is false the representative told us lies about his working past and sold cars never worked in the paint industry. I had no knowledge of all of this information and I am so happy I looked further into the information they had provided and did not spend 24,000.00 on a product that can be purchased by anyone and installed by a caring local hardworking painter that cares. Not a gangster home improvement company that positions itself on lies and tries to overcome these lies by having no regard for customers and placing false information out in hopes of improving there appeal. I write this today in hopes that others have the knowledge before its too late and do not get taken for thousands by a very disgusting business praying on homeowners desire to improve their homes and be left with what was promised. Well all the basis to these promises were false and after finding this and many other online post informing consumers beware I am positive that this company will be found out for what they truly are and soon will be brought to justice for the business practice they have falsified in selling a product that anyone can buy online made by National Paint and have a hardworking local painter apply that cares about you and your home.

  17. Ben,
    Again we are sorry about the situation. Much like you can’t pickup a broken TV at the dump and demand the manufacturer fix it under warranty our company must abide by our warranty rules.

    For the record:
    We absolutely agree this was a service issue, we have a very low 3%-5% yearly service rate. Usually small isolated areas and quick repair. Almost all due to external issues / mainly water intrusion. Almost 100% of our service calls are not the fault of our coating and shouldn’t be covered under warranty but we always repair and take care of our customers. We routinely refer interested clients to customers that have had a service so they can hear first hand how we took care of them, it’s something we are proud of. Even repairing woodpecker attacks for free believe it or not. In your case I am certain your issue is water intrusion due to some event. You are in a tough spot on a hill facing the ocean. Though we have condos and many homes ocean front without any issue this type of thing can happen in isolated spots like your situation.

    You state doing right by your client, this is something that is more important to our company than anything else. But to be clear you are not and never were a client of our company and we have never received $1 from you.

    When we initially talked I offered free coating and custom tinting the 15 gallons to match. The actual product I gave you was product that I personally paid for from my own home project. I did this because I wanted to help you out, we live down the street from each other! We also outlined how you could have a local painter do the repairs. As I initially told you by getting one person at a daily rate of $200 or so you could of had this corrected for minimal money. YOU told me that you wanted to hire one of our experienced contractor crews, which of course would tie up a entire crew of guys and obviously be much more money. He met with you independently and you paid him directly of your own free will. I did everything I could to help you out without breaking the rules of our warranty.

    We run a business based on values and ethics and always adhere to the product and warranty our customers put their faith and money into. You were and are still complaining that I couldn’t lie to my own company, the corporate company and the manufacturing plant to push through a fraudulent warranty claim so you could be covered under a warranty that you did not pay for or have in place.

    There was nothing else I could do for you.


  18. Hello this is Mat one of the owners in the Pembroke MA office. A client of ours brought this blog to our attention and I would like to clarify the post from Ben.

    The home Ben purchased was coated in May of 2006 not 2008 as Ben posted.

    Our one page warranty states – If an original purchaser of our product sells their home, The new owner has 90 days to notify us and register as the new owner. Unfortunately this was not performed in Ben’s case and we could not honor his service call, as he was a complete unknown to our company.

    Reputation is everything to our company, hence why we have built what we have over the years. Unfortunately with the economy the way it is we are coming across cases of foreclosed homes sitting in some cases for over a year with tremendous neglect, broken windows, water damaged interiors, damaged gutters with water infiltrating walls. Without putting into our warranty a 90 day transfer notification (the aim is that this makes it sure that someone is living in the home and taking care of it) it would leave us responsible for other peoples neglect.

    I am not sure if Ben mentioned this but we did supply and deliver to him over $1,500 in materials free of charge for the repairs.

    P.S. I can say with 99% certainty Bob is not a client of ours, not sure who he is. Unfortunately this blog is about 90% competitors / salesmen posting under other names creating dirt on each other, then they will print it out and present it to customers and say ‘Don’t go with these guys look at this!!’ I would suggest get a big list of references from whomever you are looking at, check the BBB, call the Attorney Generals office and if you have a family lawyer have them check the company out. Making a decision on the magnitude of tens of thousands of dollars from anonymous posters online is most certainly not the best vetting method.

    Keep an eye out for us on HGTV’s Curb Appeal this season. Best Regards, Mat

    • Just to clarify Mat’s post; He’s correct in that the house was coated in 2006, not 2008, my mistake. The point is the 25 year claim is still way off the mark as the coating started to peel in 2010, four years later, maybe earlier for all I know, that’s when I purchased the house. Furthermore the house was built in 2004 and originally sold for over $1M so this was not a house in disrepair in any sense of the imagination except for the failed RhinoShield coating. And yes Mat did provide 15 gallons of paint which he says had a value of $1,500 but only about 5-7 gallons were used, I have the rest sitting in my basement. I cost me $3,000 to have the failed areas of the house recoated by one of Mat’s contractors and even with the new paint job Mat refused to warranty the work.

      So the bottom line here is that even though the original warranty was not transferred appropriately the right thing to do would have been to repair the job at no cost to me, warranty the work and satisfy the customer. Basically stand behind the product you’re selling.

      That’s protecting your reputation, Where I come from reputation is based on your service, your integrity to stand behind your product and doing the right thing for your client – but that’s me.

      • Dead on Ben. Sounds like a bogus transferable warranty – snakeoil. It’s not like the sale of real property is hard to track or verify. The 90 day transfer requirement is obviously aimed at ensuring that most home sales will void the warranty as transferring a paint warranty (before issues have occurred) is probably the last thing on a buyer’s mind when completing a sale. This kind of deliberately deceptive warranty should be banned by consumer protection laws. The warranty either transfers to new owners or it doesn’t – it shouldn’t involve artificial processes.

        • That’s my point. If the product was so great and in this case applied by the contractor employed by RhinoShield so they should stand behind their product. Instead they hide behind the loophole built into the warranty. Houses are sold all the time and you’re right, most of us don’t know anything about the need to transfer the warranty. In fact in my case the owner was not even at the closing. It comes down to customer service and standing behind your claims. They claim that I wasn’t their customer but I did buy the house with their product installed. I think that gives me some claim to be considered a customer.Thanks for your support.

      • Ben
        1. Did you read your warranty from the old owner? Did you have a labor warranty or a product only warranty. If the house was neglected from the previous owner you can not fault them. You as an owner still need to look over your home and call with any initial signs of issues. You can not blame them for the lack of ownership from the previous owners. If the house sat vacant for some time that alone is a big problem right there, not just the outside, but for several things on the inside. If the waterheater goes out 15 minutes after you sign the paper work, quess who is responsible? That’s right, you! You can not blame the company for something the prievious owner failed to keep under control. Quit blamming everyone else but the right person. One the previous owner and two yourself for not addressing the issues before you bought the house. You could have made the previous owner pay for lack of maintence.

        • Rox,
          I have a few questions for you:
          1. Why do you start your paragraph with the #1?
          2. Do you work for Rhino Shield (sounds like you do)?
          3. Did you take English as a subject in either grade school or high school? This sentence makes no sense in the context you intended: “If the house was neglected from the previous owner you can not fault them.”. Also you may want to check your spelling before you publish your comments, it’s a reflection on you. I counted at least 3 misspellings. Don’t forget to check your punctuation too!!!!
          4. Do you believe that when a manufacturer or company makes a claim of a lifetime warranty the product should last more than 5 years?
          5. Do you think that the warranty should apply to the product or the person?
          6. Do you understand my questions?
          7. Do you now know how to use a bulleted list?

  19. It really seems difficult to believe that Bob is not either an owner of Rhino Shield or a sales representative at the very least. It is actually quite humorous to look down through the scroll of messages and see how he contradicts himself in terms of the number of jobs he has had them perform and how many years ago they had been completed. First it was 9 properties 5 years ago (August 30, 2009). Next it was 10 years ago (October 25, 2010). Then it was 6 years ago (December 30, 2010). Seems fishy to me, someone with this much invested and even a practiced sales pitch!

    • Janet I have 15 homes painted by rhinoshield out of pembroke all the way back 6 years ago and they ALL still look fine. I contacted rhinoshield and they said that a so called competitor put that post up there. I had a private detective do a complete and thorough check on rhinoshield as far back as 13 years ago(I had to, I have multiple homes painted by them)and they are the only legit lifetime paint company out there…thats why DISNEY and HARVARD and THIS OLD HOUSE used them to paint their buildings

      • Dear Bob,
        You misunderstood the situation, I have e-mails from the owner of the local RhinoShield franchise that admits the product failed. The issue was that the previuos owner did not transfer the warranty to me when I purchased the house last March. Neither he or I realized that a formal transfer had to be executed. As a result when the paint job failed, and I have the pictures that show it, the owner at the Pembroke office explained that he could not honor the claim made by the company. So I don’t know who you talked to, maybe you work for RhinoShield. So before you call anyone a liar get your facts correct.

      • This fellow Bob sounds more like a commercial for RhinoShield that a legitimate contractor. Like I said I have pictures, e-mails, filings with the Better Business Bureau and the State Attorney General about my situation. I cannot post them on this site because the site doesn’t appear to support the downloading of pictures but if any of you would like to see the pics let me know your e-mail and I’ll be happy to forward them. Or if you know of a consumer site where I can upload the pics please send me the address and I will up load the whole story.

        The bottom line here is that even though the warranty was not transferred to me properly the company failed to stand by their claim. The coating failed, basically peeling off the house. I was forced to spend $3,000 to recoat with one of their recommended contractors and still received no warranty. I probably could have found my own painter but I was not sure of the process used to apply the coating so I bit the bullet and hired their contractor. When I was what they actually didi I realized I could have hired just about any reputable painter as the process is not any different than a regular paint job.

        So I say once again before you invest your hard earned cash into RhinoShield make sure you understand that it won’t last 20 years without repainting. At least it didn’t on my house, it lasted less than 6 years before it started to peel and had to be redone.

  20. My house which was built in 2004 was coated with RhinoShield in 2008 by the previous owner. I purchased the house this past February 2010. I noticed the coating was peeling/lifting on just about every side of the house. When I contacted Rhino Shield they said it would cost me $3000 to repair the job. I wasn’t covered by the warranty because the previous owner didn’t think of doing the warranty transfer so Rhino Shield had the loophole to ignore their claim of “never paint again”. Instead they “offered” me 15 gallons of material (paint) and installed one coat on the affected areas. They used about 3 gallons from the 15. I guess they expect the rest to peel off soon. I filed complaints with the local BBB and the attorney general but because the warranty was not transferred I was up the creek. Too bad the company didn’t do the right thing, they should have stood behind their claim. So think about it; a house less than 10 years old and the paint job less than 3 years old was already failing. So go ahead and spend the extra $$$ for RhinoShield if you think it’s worth it but don’t think you’ll never paint again. They’re selling you a false sense of security, I have the pictures and emails, letters etc. to prove it if you’re interested.

    • How about putting the blame where it belongs….on the previous homeowner. How is RHINOSHIELD supposed to know if the product was applied to that home or not if the homeowner did not register for the warranty, anyone can claim that anyone painted their home. I contacted rhinoshield about your case(scared now because I have 15 homes painted by them)and they said that you are a liar and work for another lifetime paint company because when they looked at the records to see if they painted that house….they never painted that home….the homeowner scammed you or you work for another low quality scam company that claims to have a lifetime paint. I looked into all of them and the only honest company out there was RHINOSHIELD!

      • Also to note I will post pictures and communications that I have had with the Pembroke RhinoShield office that proves their liability and the fact that they did indeed do the work on my house. Basically they used a loophole in the warranty process to get out of repairing the poor application of the product. They “gave” me the paint for the cost of $3000 and refused to warranty the reapplication by the contractor of their choice. Do you think this is a sign of excellence?

  21. I agree, it sounds to me like Bob is a sales rep or someone with a vested interest in pushing Rhino Shield’s agenda on here. Particularly considering his comments like ‘it looks great 10 years later’ when they haven’t been in business around New England for nearly 10 years.

  22. I do not work for rhinoshield, but have had it applied to 15 of my investment properties and with great results. Looks great 10 years later…and the insulation it provides is awesome. Many people who are experts including engineers stand behind ceramic paint, including the navy fcu and harvard and tulane

  23. I must say Bob’s posts sounds like he works for rhinosheild, so I don’t need to hear anymore there.
    I’m interested in learning more why ceramics don’t work in paint, and I had heard 3M’s spheres in paint have been on the market for over 15 years with other partner suppliers. Would be good to see if how long that type of paint actually lasts, but if the cost is really the same as vinyl siding, for my applications I think vinyl may be the more proven solution.

  24. WARNING>>>>adding Ceramics to a paint or paint-like product isn’t good. It actually weakens the product, so don’t be fooled by a company that waves that card in your face. Any company that advertises/markets Ceramics is either just as ignorant as the general public or worse, thay are in-the-know and are trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Ceramics as an additive to paint has been tried, tested and rejected as a superior alternative years ago.

    • It is amazing that a company that has been manufacturing this product would still be around after 30+ years. If it wasn’t good they would have been long gone in the coating industry, let alone world wide distributions. Now as you know, there are several types of ceramics and not all types of ceramics are good for specific things. Of course glass ceramics are not good for paints cause they break as they roll around together, so they would not be the appropriate ceramics to use in coatings or any type of paint. If you were knowledgable about ceramics, and what is used in Rhino Shield, you would know they do not use glass ceramics. So how can anyone believe what YOU are saying. Are you a chemist for Rhino Shield? Have you actually tested their product? I have had it on my house for almost 10 years now and I can say we have saw an immediate decrease in our energy bills. And we still average 200 in the summer time with electric and gas. We front of our house faces the sun and it gets the brutal heat. Most of our friends would love to have our bills.

      • No Roz, you’re absolutely right, I am not a chemist for Rhino Shield and I have not tested their product. All I can say is that It’s on my house and peeling off.
        Anyway thanks for your comments and if it’s true that most of your friends would love to have your bills can you please send me their addresses as I would love for them to have my bills too.


  26. Rhinoshield is being applied as we speak by a less than stellar performing crew. I cannot comment about the product and its warranty as of yet since the paint is going up. It has been weeks of work so far with a crew that has no work plan or the ability to communicate among themselves or us here. They insist on painting even with it rains, I imagine compromising the ceramic layering (if that’s what it is). If I could turn back time, I would not hired RhinoshieldMA for the job due to their unprofessional and inexperienced crew. The product remains to be tested by time.

    • Dan….with all due respect, please learn the english language before you comment on the failure to communicate between people. Also, I have had rhinoshield done 6 years ago and it did take longer than expected due to the problems my home presented, but when it was done….my home looked like a new home. I had 2 other companies give an estimate and both were cheaper than rhinoshield, but one had a disasterous better buisness bureau record and although the other had 2 complaints, they only had 1 dealer and when I asked them what would happen if they went out of buisness, they told me the maker of the product would re-paint my home. When I called the maker…they told me that they do NOT make that product and were not in the buisness of painting homes just making paint. When I told the company that, they gave me a different makers name…..that person who owned theat company had 2 other lifetime paints that went out of buisness in Florida, now he is somewhere in South Carolina. I obviously could not trust the sales guy from that company….even if he was alot less expensive because I guess he was supposed to be the owner. In the end….I got sick of the B.S. stories and went with the people I could trust…Rhinoshield. I had them do my cottage on the cape last year and that’s how I heard of the new company….but like I said…the B.S. was knee deep. Stay with rhinoshield

      • Mark….I know what company you talk of…they say the manufacturer of the paint has been around for 60 years, yet, when I called the manufacturer, they never heard of the company or the product they are supposed to make for them. They are a very small outfit…1 dealer and 2 better buisness bureau complaints. The owner says he can keep it cheap because he does not have to cut in the sales guy, he gives the estimate himself. Caught the guy in a few lies, like what happens when you retire? Does my warranty retire too? The manufacturer never heard of you. Mark……stay with rhinoshiled, I have multiple properties done by rhino and they all are lookin good.

  27. I have read all of the comments both good and bad, but yet have I seen how much an individual paid for Rhino Sheild on their home. You see all of the comments comparing the amount of times one would have to paint their home and the money they would spend. I’m just wanting to know a ball park figure on 1400 square foot ranch home, half brick and the other half Vinyl siding. How much can I anticipate to spend to have Rhino Sheild installed on half of my home?

    • Hi Richard. Thanks for the comment/question. Since even ball-park figures can be of limited value without someone actually seeing your home, I’d recommend you contact Rhino Shield directly for either ball-park pricing or an actual estimate. Their dealer locator page should get you pointed in the right direction. There’s also a link to their main site in the article. If you wind up using them, please come back and let us know how it goes!

  28. I was a Rhino Shield customer last summer. Because of all the rain we had and then the fact that we went away for a month it did take quite awhile to finish. HOWEVER, we expected that and took everything into cosideration. We have NO issues at all with the company of the painters that came to work on our home. Everyone was very nice and very professional. We love the way our house looks now and are recommending Rhino Shield to all our friends…..

    • Karen, can you tell me in which State you reside. I cannot seem to get any one here in Mississippi.


      Bill Foushee

      • Bill,

        My name is Mike Patterson, and I represent Rhinoshield here in MS. I would like to speak with you. I can be reached at 601-941-2034, Thanks.


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  30. I have not heard anything bad about rhinoshield. I have used them extensively on multiple homes that I own, all the way back 5 years ago and they all still look great. I tried once to paint with a lifetime paint on a home and not being a pro and/or the paint being bad…it peeled in a year. Then…I called rhinoshield and a couple of other companies, 3 different companies did 3 different houses and the only one that did not peel and crack was rhinoshield. Rhino was also more pro in the way they looked and talked and went about the job. Rhino seems to be the only legit company out there…and I will continue to use them as I buy more property. They solved my problems, the question to myself was…..could I afford NOT to go with them. The answer was simple…NO. So the rest is history, for me, rhinoshield was the answer.

  31. Well I finally had my last investment property done by rhinoshield. I am very pleased, they all look great and will last forever. I could not be happier, it cost me more money than regular paint, but a liftime warranty by a company that has been around since 1997 with 45 dealers nationwide makes me feel secure that they will be around for a long time. Now…..if I could get a water heater with a lifetime warranty i would really be happy! Anyway for anyone who cares…..all the painters spoke english….one was very Irish the other guy was very Italian American and the 3 other guys were just regular white guys. So I don’t know how everyone else feels….but, I had a great experience with rhino and can recommend them very highly! Thanx and good luck everyone….!

  32. I called Rhino Shield for a quote today, this blog has not offered much help, just a lot of mud slinging. As I see it the people who post here are mostly the ones with problems. I hope this is a very small percentage of the number of houses they actually do. I did however get some valuable information, I will not have the job done if a bunch of non-English speaking subs show up. I’ll keep up to date with this thread as I get closer to having my house done.

  33. I have read about exppcs. The 2 top men have no background in coatings….just finance. I don’t want my taxes done, I want my properties painted. I will stick to the hand of experience in lifetime paint, Rhinoshield. I stay with what works.

  34. Ceramic microsheres actually reduce the quality, breathability and performance when used in any paint. A true permanent coating, while rare, is available. It must be waterproof, and the entire system including the primer must be breathable, and INDEPENDENT ASTM test results should be made available to the public. For information on the real “Permanent Coating System” visit or for the real truth. For everyone’s information, you don’t need a special company to get ceramic microspheres. You can order them on the internet and stir into any paint. It’s just not a good idea. I personally would NEVER buy from a company who’s web site did not provide a physical or mailing address. That sounds like a “virtural” company instead of a real company. That said, some specialty products are not available at stores because they are not “consumer friendly” for use, and often require special equipment and training for proper preparation and installation.

  35. just had rhinoshield applied to my 9th investment property. The one they painted 5 years ago is still looking as new as the day they put it on. These guys are saving me a bundle on maintenance and painting. Hey….thank-you rhinoshield of Ma. you guys are truly the best!

  36. Hi Tom Alsop,

    Just to be Devils advocate.

    Please explain how a homeowner would be covered if the worst happened. They purchase your product, they find some painter that never applied it, your very thick product needs to be removed from the house due to installation / prep issue / not suitable for the substrate. It would be impossible to find an applicator that will give a labor warranty for life going this route. A complete strip of such a thick coating (10 times thicker than paint) would cost 10k – 25k.

    Do you offer a labor warranty in case things go wrong with your product? Specifically an installation issue? Hiring someone that has never seen or used your product and having them coat my entire house with it seems like a VERY risky DIY experiment.

    You can purchase vinyl siding for 3k to do your entire home but if you get a quote from a professional they charge 15k – 20k for installation. I think it’s all relative, you need a pro that will warranty the installation.

    Ben Moore (Aura) and Sherwin Williams (Duration) have the same Lifetime Warranty you offer (without labor) and they are sold in every town in America.
    How is your product any different?

  37. Hi All –

    I am the owner of Liquid Ceramic International, Inc. In June, 2000, I became involved with the “permanent coating industry” and promised I’d wear the “white hat” in this business. At that time, I was already hearing about the mud-slinging that was going on in this industry. So I certainly didn’t want to jump into the middle of it. I signed an marketing agreement with a company that I believed would allow me to build a good and solid business centered around our flagship product, Liquid Ceramic Exterior Wall Coating. We originally did about a hundred homes in our area (Charlotte, NC) to gain some experience with the product, then 9/11 hit. Buyers were shy about investing the amount of money we normally charged. The economic climate was much like it is today – – people want to hold onto their money. So at that point, we got out of the business of applying this product and went into the business of signing other entrepreneurs as dealer-applicators of our product. In no time flat, we had a couple of dozen dealers throughout the country.

    As much as times have changed, things have remained the same. The same mud-slinging goes on locally between our dealers and their local competitors. Things that we create, write and post on our website shows-up all of a sudden on the competitor’s websites as if they’re a “me too” product.

    This industry is filled with entrepreneur companies that eventually find themselves in a corner. It’s costly to run advertising. I’ve been there. And it’s scary when dollars invested don’t pay off. They put up their life savings promoting their new “lifetime” product where the consumer is charged an arm-and-a-leg and if someone doesn’t get the amount of business they think they should be getting or out of fear believe they’re being attacked by the competition, then the counter-attacks and mud-slinging begins.

    There’s a book called “Blue Ocean Strategy” that describes the red and bloody waters that most businesses compete in. Liquid Ceramic chose not to compete in the red waters but the blue waters. Years ago, after seeing the potential of being drug under with all the alligators, we decided to take a different path.

    First, we found many of our dealers had “grass is greener on the other side syndrome.” When three hurricanes came through Florida back in ’06, we lost three dealers because they wanted to be in the roofing business where they could make much more money. Some dealers, we find out, wanted to “pop some customers a big dollar amount and an unbelievable warranty” and get out, leaving us holding the bag.

    Second, we keep in good graces and exclusivity with our manufacturer because we want what they want: volume sales. It’s nice that we provide some folks who “live and breathe” our product but we’re not in the business of representing to entrepreneurs that we can make them rich overnight. If a painter wants to buy our product and provide a lifetime warranty to a homeowner, we just hope that it’s represented correctly and that the homeowner read his warranty before the do the deal.

    Here’s my take on things: any dealer can go under at any time. And that could possibly leave some homeowners upset. The inside joke in the industry when someone promises a “lifetime warranty” is “the lifetime of who and what?” If any homeowner believes everything they’re told, well, I wonder how they ever became homeowners.

    Last week, I was contacted by a very senior, senior citizen who had already signed a $27,000 contract for one of these ocmpanies to come out and paint her house. She had to have been 75 years or older, giving her a “lifetime warranty.” As in many comments I’ve read, nothing was given to her in writing in terms of a warranty, just a promise of a warranty after the job was completed. After nearly an hour on the phone, there was nothing I could do to help her except advise her to see her attorney.

    So, are you working for someone else and thinking, “hmmm, I could do this on my own…” let me tell you how easy it is to become “one of them” in no time flat. Here’s how this little industry of ours works:

    a) contact a paint company (just google “paint manufacturers”) and asks “can you make a paint product for me and put my own private label it?” (answer: yes and anyone with a few thousand bucks can do this. In fact, Nationwide Coatings advertised in national paint magazines looking for customers they can private label for. But my guess is that any paint manufacturer, in this economy, will do the same, if you have a volume commitment. And, by the way, be sure to have them throw in some 3M ceramic microspheres just because you need some sizzle with that steak!)

    b) the product arrives in your newly-rented mini-warehouse (a/k/a “home office”) with your label on it, perma-something, rhino-this, giraffe-that, monkey-see-monkey-do, etc., whatever name you want to put on it. The tougher-sounding the name, the “better” the product, right? Can’t wait for Ram-Coat, Trojan-Coat or Hillary-Coat to hit the scene sometime soon!

    c) run some ads on TV, radio, newspaper, internet. Hire a good website company to make you look good. Make some promises and certainly state how long you’ve been in business. If you’re a relatively new start-up, then think about how you can make it LOOK like you’ve been around for a while. (Hey, 3M and BASF have been around for a while, let’s keep throwing-out their name!) We even saw one company list 3M as one of their “partners.” Wow, think of that. You can start your own company and 3M will actually “partner” with you!

    d) continue to make-up stuff. Whatever you make-up at your “home office” is what your dealers and their “independent sales reps” will run with. You say the fish is a foot long, they’ll say two feet. Go for it. (That’s what got the Kryton/Procraft/LiquidVinyl/LiquidSiding/Multi-Guard R20 (same organization) folks in deep doo-doo with the FTC back in 2003/04. Just google “liquid siding” and FTC for some fun reading.) And if things don’t work out, take off like a herd of rhinos and start another company. Isn’t America great!

    e) promise high profits for anyone who wants to become a dealer. If the product fails, just tell the dealer to deal with it because you’ll make a killing on the next job and therefore you’ll never want to get out of this business. And as long as there are gullible consumers, America is stil great!

    f) don’t allow the consumer to buy the product. Why? No reason, except that no one will make a ton of money. But you’ve got to have a reason to give to the consumers. So let’s go with this story (hey, it worked with your predecesor company, and it will work with your new company as well): Tell them, well, these NASA scientists spent all-night developing this secret formula and our “factory trained” applicator-engineers who’re given special equipment are the only ones who can properly apply it. Plus, we’ll guarantee it for someone’s/something’s “lifetime.” Yeah, that works. Let’s go with that! They swallowed it before, they’ll swallow it again. Watch!

    Pretty sick, isn’t it. Makes those folks selling “store-bought” paint look pretty good after all. Or does it? I was in Lowe’s the other day. Their “American Traditions” paint, made by Valspar, give you a lifetime warranty as well. And who could doubt a big-box store? Unfortunately, they made the fine print a little too large and it was discovered that if for any reason you’re not pleased with their product on your house, you’re to bring back the empty paint cans (that have been stored in your garage for years, right?) along with the (now-faded) cash register receipt for a full refund or exchange with comparable product. So who keeps empty paint cans around? What value is this warranty?

    That’s my perspective on this industry. I’m not bashing individual, honest entrepreneurs who want to make an honest living. But when Mrs. Jones needs her house painted and you have a hungry sales rep who’s trying to get caught-up on his mortgage, gosh-dang, it’s difficult not to charge that proverbial arm and leg, right? And who doesn’t want to get that high-5 from the boss when returning to the office the following morning?

    Homeowners are sensitive to the fast-talking, slick Willie’s who come into their home and make unbelievable, time consuming presentations. We even encountered one professional con artist who provided a form for the homeowner to “waive” their 3-day consumer rights period so work could start right away. In other words, it didn’t allow the consumer to think about the transaction, which is what the law, embodied in the Federal U. S. Code, allows. It’s a paint job, guys, not a hole in the roof that has to be fixed el-pronto!

    We don’t want to go down that dealership path again. We changed our business model and sales are up because of it. Our model now allows painters, yes, real painters, and homeowners to buy our product directly. It’s unbelievable the number of homeowners who call and say “the ______ guy just left our house and quoted us $20,000 to paint our house. He promised the world but we just find it too good to be true.” We end-up selling the homeowner $1500 in product and suggest to them that they go to the Painting and Decorating Contrator’s Association’s website ( and click on the FIND A PRO button. What does that do? It puts 5-gallon pails of a great product on your front porch and it allows them to find a real pro to apply the product. The PDCA is a 115-year-old association of painters. Membership in PDCA does not guarantee anything but getting 2-3 quotes from reputable PDCA painters improves your chances the prep work and job will be done correctly. These guys invest a few hundred bucks to join PDCA and that, in the least, makes a statement about their commitment to this industry. Costs savings of $12-15000.00 to the homeowner. Now, the homeowner’s give YOU a high-5.

    Okay, you say, this cuts most of the posters of this website out of the picture. But why do we need an industry filled with folks offering promises that they know they shouldn’t make and have no knowledge of the actual product itself? If it weren’t for Ambien, I don’t know how many of them would sleep. If a dealer makes a promise to the homeowner thinking their “home office” will back-up their promise, they’re living in fantasy-land. If the dealer were a 25-50 year old, established local painter, I might have a different take on all of this. But I don’t see those legacy paint firms making these kinds of promises.

    This industry has no “association” or “standards” they subscribe to, unlike the PDCA, which does. There’s no National Association of Permanent Paint Promisers who monitor what is said and is willing to reject membership if they don’t clean-up their act. But there’s also not a national association for con artists. Before the internet came around, the Number One category of complaints the BBB received, nationally, was Home Improvement Contractors. We’re happy to be suppliers to the home improvement industry but want no part with any individual or company who mis-states what our product is or does.

    In case you’re a homeowner who might happen to be reading this and you want a product that has a proven 40-year history manufactured by a publicly traded company which is listed on the Master Painter’s Institute’s List of Approved Products ( – – then talk to us. We’re at Yes, we want your business. We’ll deal with you directly and help you through the process of showing you how we differ from the store-bought paint products and why our product actually lasts longer.

    We’ll promise to respect you as a person, homeowner and customer. We’ll be happy to speak with whoever you end-up hiring to prep your house and put the product on your house in the manner recommended in detail by the Master Painter’s Institute’s Repaint Manual. House values have dropped 10-15 nationwide in the past two years. There’s no point in loosing $20,000 more over some promise that it will add $20,000 in value to your house. We believe Liquid Ceramic is the right choice and as far as we see, we’re the only product in this industry who will sell to you direct, in at least 90% of this country. We hope to hear from you.

  38. Hi Rick. . . it’s refreshing to see a positive post on here for a change! Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I have to agree with you that mud-slinging has no place in ethical business conduct. Let’s hope your latest comment sets a tone for more constructive commentary on this post!

  39. I am an owner of Lifetyme Exteriors, and I have to say that all of this mud-slinging back and forth between these companies makes me completely embarassed to be a part of it all. Rather than simply doing business in a professional manner and telling a potential customer why your company may be their best option, it seems that many have resorted to relaying negative aspects of other competing companies. Frankly, it seems to me that this whole debate makes all of us look bad. It is no wonder many people consider the home improvement industry the bottom of the business barrel when it comes to ethics and the ability to be trusted. In a previous message from earlier in the year, someone from Rhino Shield attempted to enlighten the readers with ‘The Facts’, or at least as he believes them to be. Unfortunately, there were a few mis-representations with regard to the information about Lifetyme Exteriors. We have been coating the exteriors of homes for the past 6 years throughout New England, and we have indeed coated hundreds upon hundreds of homes, condominiums, churches and businesses. We have an ‘A’ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our product – Smart Color – is specially formulated for New England weather conditions. It is manufactured by the largest paint and coatings manufacturer in North America. We were the first coatings company in the New England area to perform a significant amount of work. The two owners attended and graduated from Williams College prior to starting out in business together. We have never once re-incorporated or gone bankrupt. That is all I have for now, and although it makes me feel like I need a hot shower after participating in this forum, I do feel a sense of catharsis in at least attempting to clear up some misconceptions about our company that have been forwarded by competitors. Keep in mind that this entire response was made without the benefit of negative or slanderous comments about another company. Novel idea, I know, and the best and only way to do business as far as I am concerned.

    Feel free to check my blog for additional information about our company and product, the URL is listed here – or check us out at

  40. I have know idea who this Larry guy is but he has nothing to do with Easychoice or our Manufacture Lanco & Harris. Lanco has been around for 60 plus years and backs there product for life. This guy who wrote this I suspect is from are comp. Im a co-owner of Easychoice and would be glad to show you our warranty as well as the Manufacture warranty. My competion won’t even mention who they are on this site and ask them about there manufacture because they won’t tell you. Because they have no manufacture warranty in writing like we do.


    Easy Choice’s product is a Multi Trade Coating AKA owned by Larry Mancini.
    Your warranty is backed by this company.

    Larry – has been at this for a while and without much success.
    This company reincorporates and switches product so much it’s tuff to keep track of it. They were also Ceramic Guard, CeramaXGuard & Elasticoat – told everyone they were as good as the other companies or better. We will give you a manufacturer’s warranty blah blah.
    Each one of these coatings by Multi Trade has been a failure. No one that has dealt with them in the past has a warranty.

    Here is Multi Trade / Larry Mancini HIMSELF defending Ceramic Guard on the Bob Villa website years back.

    Multi Trade – Ceramic Guard

    Here is Multi Trade in action reincorporating down in Florida:



    Current Multi Trade in business in Florida:


    Now Multi Trade is out of South Carolina

    Best of luck if you decide to go with Easy Choice Exteriors / Multi Trade !!!!
    (Who knows, maybe the 5th time is a charm and you will get a Warranty that lasts longer than a normal paint job.)

  42. I don’t know who Bob is but I’m a co-owner of EasyChoice Exteriors and we have a flawless BBB record and if it was true that you had a problem I would know because I call all my customers each year to make sure there happy So Please call if your a real customer 877-easy-989. In regards to Rhino saying we use a elasticoat product is a total lie. We use Armorex ceramic coating only so please get your facts right.

  43. I have 20 properties-I tried rhinoshield, easychoice and lifetyme. The people from rhino were more informed and professional in the way they operated. After all was said and done………….1year later…easychoice house is bubbling right off the house, they were sloppy with paint all over my nieghbors house from the overspray, the foul mouths on those clowns was totally unprofessional. Lifetyme was a little better, but the paint is cracking in some sections, and trying to get them down here has been hell. The rhino house is still looking beautiful and I am very happy the way it turned out. Rhino will be painting my other 16 properties.

  44. Marc this guy from Rhino does not no what he is talking about when it comes to EasyChoice Exteriors. I don’t know where he gets his info. The manufacture for EasyChoice is Lanco&Harris who has been the manufacture for 63yrs they have never changed there name and have 5 plants world wide. Rhino manufacture is nation wide chemical 1 plant in Florida.But there web site claims Amcoat Tecnologies is. Give Nation wide a call and you will find out the truth.

  45. This blog is really a disgrace. The person who owns the blog even states at the top that there is multiple posts from the same IP address. It states at the top of this blog ‘It has come to my attention that several of the comments in the post may have been posted under different names by the same persons and/or business’ MEANING, people pretending to be someone else. Typically all webmasters remove multiple posts from the same IP with different names, because they are obviously lying. These lies damage people personally and financially. This is a thread you most likely wont find anywhere else because it’s mostly built on lies and crap from the salesmen of each of these companies bashing each other.


    Rhino Shield of New England
    Rhino Shield has been in business for 5 years.
    Never had a complaint with the MA Attorney Generals Office.
    They have done 100’s of homes in New England
    They have a spotless BBB record for all 5 years
    Have an A rating with Angies List
    Rhino Shield has dozens of dealers listed on the BBB, all with satisfactory ratings.
    Rhino Shield has completed work for Disney, NasCar, Comfort INN and locally at Harvard University.

    Lifetyme Exteriors Lifetyme Exteriors has been in business for approx 5 years.
    Was formely an Alvis Spray on siding dealership, Alvis went bankrupt.
    Have multiple complaints with the MA Attorney Generals Office.
    Have done 100’s of homes in New England
    They have 13 plus complaints with the BBB
    Have an F rating with Angies List
    Have been banned from advertising on WTKK

    Easy Choice Exteriors
    X – Salesman from Lifetyme
    Violated his non compete and created this company in 2008.
    Product they apply is unproven and is manufactured by a company that reincorporates very often.
    They are still selling the same coating as

    • Dear “The Facts”. Thanks for taking the time to comment on HomeFixated. I find it interesting that you call HomeFixated a disgrace, but still take the time to write up such a lengthy and carefully worded comment. I appreciate your input, and would like to reply to a couple of the the points you brought up.
      I believe in free speech, which is why I tend to avoid editing or deleting comments if I can help it. I think HomeFixated readers are sophisticated enough to discern sincere comments from comments with an agenda. The line that you quoted indicated several comments “may” have been posted by the same person, but I don’t have absolute proof of that in terms of IP addresses or otherwise. And frankly, anyone can post from a different network under a different name, and a webmaster will have no way of knowing it. I have a very clear policy on comments which you’re welcome to review
      Since you seem so opposed to anonymous posts, perhaps you’d like to share your name and contact info publicly? The reason I suggest that, is that you seem very invested in the topic and seem to have a lot of inside information that I would suspect only someone affiliated with one of the companies in question might have. I have repeatedly been asked by various coating companies mentioned in the post/comments to remove select comments. If I had done so, I would have been doing a disservice to my readers since I would have been deleting some potentially legitimate comments. I also would have been favoring some companies over others, without any direct knowledge of their services. Interestingly, your comment about IP addresses is almost word for word what one of the coating companies said to me when they were asking me to delete some of the negative comments. In fact, not “all webmasters” follow the same policy about comments, and to suggest they do is simply misinformed. I leave the Rhino Shield post up for the same reason I leave all my posts up. . . . they are a legitimate part of the HomeFixated site. If you have further concerns about this post, the comments, or HomeFixated’s policies, please feel free to contact me directly via the “contact” link in the upper right.
      Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

  46. It sounds to me like Rhino Shield is full of crap. This smells like another Tex-Coat / Alvis Spray-On-Siding deal to me. Buyer beware if everyone here is saying Rhino Shield is a bad company with a bad product maybe it’s true. Bad news travels fast.

  47. I assume the person that most recently posted under the Rhino Shield NE screen-name is Matt Giovanello since he is the owner of the company. I have honestly never seen anything quite like that last post of yours. Linking an article about a clearly upset customer’s deceased husband is about as disgraceful as anything I’ve ever seen on the internet. I am literally sick to my stomach.

    Why are you filing the lawsuit Matt? That seems entirely misguided even for a proven bully like yourself. If I were Miss Gibbs I would slap tattoo your bottom with the same lawsuit you are filing against her. She would probably win.

    Is this SOP for you? Is this the manner in which you rectify all of your problems? I am sure it is. How many customers have you done this to and should we all expect the same? I came here to research exterior coatings and your post has made my decision much, much easier. You seem to be the personality type that should be avoided like the plague and I am positive that the other 157 people who viewed your ‘response’ would agree with me. You have offered everyone researching your product a view into a particularly twisted mind and if there were an upside to this whole story that would be it. This is bad PR for both you and your company and you should be horribly embarrassed. If I were 30 years younger I would love to chit-chat but I am too old to become a hapless victim of your cowardly and spiteful retaliation.

  48. I am not at all surprised by some of the posting about both companies in questions Lifetyme and Rhino.I am sooo thankful to have found this amazing new company who has had tremendous results and have treated me and my husband so respectful and has done a tremendous job with our home in MA.I would reccomend them in a heartbeat for their professionalism and honest communication with us .
    Some of the crews upon realizing what they witnessed at Lifetyme decided that they could no longer in good conscience stand behind the work(or lack there of)and all the behin the scenes shadyness ,therefore start their own small business.They do one job at a time at least I felt like I was a top priority so.Please ask them for an estimate ,check them on BBB and talk with them about any of your concerns ,they do’t bad mouth competitors but stuck with THEIR product ect.I usually don’t do these blogs but I just wanted to say that they are other options in NEW ENGLAND /MA/ ME /NH oh I forgot to say the name of the company it is: “EASYCHOICE EXTERIORS
    Oh they too care of replacing two of my windows and did some carpentry as well.
    Thank you

  49. Lifetyme Exteriors owner, Chris Ripley, is a compulsive liar and will say or do anything to gain your business. He owes his ex-employees close to 100k in commission and salary! DRUG ADDICT. STAY AWAY.

  50. This is all to funny this guy Tom from Rhino Shield talking about his competitor Lifetyme Exteriors and their product Smart Coat. I think Lifetyme Exteriors has a way better product than Rhino Shield because it’s made by Duron which is owned by Sherwin Williams. The questions is who makes Rhino Shield the easter bunny and it’s installed by Santa Clause. I think you guys are both Jerks but I beleive Lifetyme Exteriors has a better product. Oh and as far as name changes are concerned Rhino Shield is still changing figuring out who they are ProCraft selling Kryton or Amcoat Selling Liquid Vinyl or Amcoat selling Rhino Shield this links explains it all. This is an actual court document.

  51. I have spoken with Rhino shield and Lifetime, Bothe salesmen were personable and polite. Both estimates the same. So why choose one over the other? If based on BBB then Rhino Shield if based on product and blogs its a toss up. Is there anyone blogging who has had a good experience post them. Those who have had negative post a contact to help those trying to decide what to do. If your complaints are accurate this should not be a problem. Help ease my mind in paying someone to paint my home.

  52. Hi Liliana,
    I’m surprised to find this post after we just communicated this very morning. As you know we have had rain for the last few weeks and per your request we wait one week to dry out after rainy weather.

    You state above:
    Well I did not have any problems since we build the house 11 years ago and never had problems with paint.
    An then a few sentences later:
    This has been the bigest problem since building the house with having the company to come back and fix the house over and over.

    We are working diligently to fix the issues at your house. We have stripped paint on your home and replaced siding to locate the root of the issue. We did find water staining on the Tyvek and rusted nails with the wood turning black around the nails. We were just voicing something that is not typical and could be a moisture or permeability issue with your homes construction.

    We warranty our coating and will stand behind it.
    We are spending well above the contract price (free of charge) to solve the issues.
    We know the process has had delays and it’s frustrating.

    As we discussed earlier today we will be out next week to complete the job.
    I hope you update this post with the conclusion.

    Rhino Shield of New England

  53. Hi, I have had nothing but a problem this far with Rhino Shield, had the house painted in May and within a 11/2 weeks the paint started to bubble up. The company from Mass. came back few time to fix the problems in spots that made my house look like crap. After all of this it has been 4 months waitting time with more problems they come back and start to take the paint off the house, change wood on the house and now they maybe are looking and telling us that it’s not the paint problem that it’s my house not breading properly. Well I did not have any problems since we build the house 11 years ago and never had problems with paint. But becouse the house need to be painted we made the choice to go with Rhino Shield, so after all this time it has been nothing but a nightmare. After 5 months & 4 weeks now to get the house fixed it’s still not done, my house looks bad and had so many other damage that was done to my property that I have had it. This has been the bigest problem since bulding the house with having the company to come back and fix the house over and over. NOw I don’t know if this paint will hold up and what will happen if it does’t work, after the price that I have paid to get this done.
    If anyone is interested to see my house call me or let me know becouse it looks like crap, we are so unhappy and we just don’t know what will happen in few months with this paint and I will be stuck with this problem????

  54. If someone in the South FL area is looking to tint your windows (regular uv tint or saftey/hurricane) tint– stay far away from the company Rhinoshield Inc. The owner Jay Zlotnick does not stand behind his work or his contract. He will not return your call and once he gets your money thats it. The intall department Barry Koltun is rude and calls you back yelling profanity at you if you want to have something looked at and fixed that was installed. The installers even bad mouth the company saying that they are overpriced and money hungry!!! Stay far away from them!!!!!!

  55. Do NOT work with Rhinoshield of New England! A job that was to take 1 week last fall took 8 weeks. Mat Giovanello demanded payment in full on November 30 before he sprayed the home-in 35′ weather. He actually called a work stoppage until my check cleared. At times there was not one crew member who spoke English on the property.My home is blistering, bubbling, peeling, and yellowing. Bugs and debris are trapped under adhesive and paint. My clapboards were “sanded” with grinders leaving swirls, gouged with scapers, firred from being sanded when wet. I have overspray and drips on bluestone, brick, cedar shingles,leadcoated copper downspouts, copper roofs, black shutters and evergreen landscaping. Shrubs were trampled and broken. Orange peel on decorative front doors are now peeling. Rhino of New England was supposed to come back out with a new crew first thing this spring and I am still waiting. Weeks go by in between communications.Steve Dominique owner of Rhinoshield wrote to say he is amcoat, not rhinoshield and that he has no liability for any work done by Rhinoshield of NE. I estimate it will cost me $250,000 to get my home back to the way it was before Mat Giovanello stepped on my property. Much of the damage including bending handmade 60 year old copper downspouts and overspraying integrated wood gutters is irreparable.

    • Angry
      I would be interested to know how you made out with damage to your property by Rhinoshield of New England, Please reply

  56. Amcoat/Rhinoshield is owned by the same guy who owned Procraft Services in Indiana and Florida. Google Amcoat vs. Sobieray to find out what Steve Dominique-owner of Rhinoshield- headquartered in Destin Florida will do to you when you have a complaint. He sued the customer. He lost his case but then just closed up shop and reorganized under new names. Bet he doesn’t use Rhinoshield on his $4,000,000 home.

  57. The Rhinoshield 25 year warranty is meaningless. It’s the dealership that you need to check out. If your dealership applies the product improperly it is not backed by the “headquarters” in Destin Florida. They will only supply more paint. Damage to your home by workmen is not backed by Destin Fl. The dealerships are apparently totally independent of the “headquarters”. The warranty is only as good as the longevity of the dealership.

  58. Several weeks ago I called Rhino Shield of NE to get an estimate on treating the front side of a property I own on Martha’s Vineyard. I was told that the company does not do jobs that will total less than $5000, so they would probably not be interested in my job. When I said that I might also be interested in the trim on the whole house, they said they would come out and give me an estimate, and made an appointment for July 21. On July 21 they did not show up, and never called to cancel the appointment. If this is the kind of customer service this company provides, I say Thanks, but No Thanks.
    Van S.

  59. I have had both companies come to my house and give me estimates. I was very impressed with Rhino Shield. They actually made quite an impression. The gentleman looked and acted very professional. He was real informative and left me plenty of material. I did alot of research into these products. I did not feel overwhelmed with information.
    I had Lifetyme come out and the man appeared on my doorstep in a I love Canada t-shirt?? He also showed up to my house in truck that looked like it was beaten with a baseball bat! He left me no material and stayed for 25 minutes. He also insulted me and said my house would be the smallest house they have ever done! After he left, I did some research and found out this company does not have a spotless BBB like they say they do so I chose not to do business with them for a number of reasons.

  60. All this back and forth stuff about Rhino Shield. Yes, I checked them out ahead of time and realized that the owner of that company, Steve Dominique, was involved in ProCraft / Liquid Siding – – highly investigated by the Federal Trade Commission, then involved with AmCoat and closed that business down and recently started Rhino Shield. Yes, Rhino Shield is made by Nationwide Coatings and YES you can go to them and buy it directly without having to pay those rip-off prices and put-up with one of those in-home, high-pressure salespersons. I just bought a ceramic paint I found by googling and got a great product (don’t want to mention the name but it worked great) and lo’ and behold I saved $22,711 over what the Rhino rep wanted to do the same job. I have a house that’s 3600 square feet. I laughed to my wife when he left the house. I should have cut his n_ts off, as Jesse would say. Fagetaboutit! And to read some of the RhinoShit dealers say their product last 10 years – – well, heck, they only started up about 5 years ago tops! Give me a break!

  61. Tina,

    Hi, it’s Jim Williams, your Indiana RhinoShield dealer. It seems there is some confusion/lack of communication. I apologize if there has been a lack of communication on our part, but last Thurs., the 12th, is the first time we’ve heard of any issues with your home.

    Immediately upon receiving your voicemail, I contacted you. Andre, your crew foreman who you wrote on your job completion form, “Did a great Job”, and I visited your home that same day. I’ve left a message Fri. and again today(Mon) attempting to schedule an appointment with Jeff(as you requested) to walk the entire home while we are touching up the three 1/4″ holes on the front corner of your home.

    As I mentioned in the voicemail, it appears your home has either been hit by debris from the recent multiple storms that have struck our area or some type of attachment to the home(perhaps a flagpole holder) has fallen off. Either way we are more than happy to “touch up” the three little holes. I am patiently awaiting to hear from you with regards to sheduling a revisit.

    I am surprised at your comment with regards to the wood change. We discussed this at length the day after we powerwashed your home. It is IMPOSSIBLE to properly estimate how much wood, if any, will need to be replaced. Rather than “guesstimate” and risk overcharging our customers, we prefer to as your agreement states “furnish receipts for materials used and $1.50/linear foot for labor”. This is the absolute cost for providing an invaluble service and you are able to witness the amount of work being done. In your case we changed 280 linear feet of vertical channel lock cedar siding and replaced one of the corner posts of your screened back porch.

    It is unfortunate and we are very regretful that you feel you were somehow misled. If you recall, you graciously thanked us for absorbing $686.92(nearly 1/2) of this cost for the materials/labor needed in an effort of “good faith”.

    We would like to think that our outstanding record of “NO COMPLAINTS” with the BBB and satisfied homeowners since 2001 are two of the reasons that you chose to honor us with your business. We look forward to insuring that you remain a satisfied homeowner.

    It would be our hope that rather than “voice” any displeasure with our products/services that you first contact us so that we may address any concerns/issues you may have.

    Jim Williams

    • FYI, the bubbling, peeling, cracking & chipping was NOT resolved or addressed when you “walked” the house. The divits are NOT where the bubbling, peeling, cracking and chipping took place. It’s a shame we have to rip cedar off our house and figure out how to fix this mess that occurred because of the bubbling, peeling, cracking and chipping.

  62. Good Afternoon Mr. Mathew Giovanello
    Rhino Shield of New England

    I am happy to provide my name/address, etc…. After LESS than a year our job is already peeling (IN INDIANA). We have called twice and just called again today. We’ll see if we ever get a call back.

    We should have stopped our job when the estimate was VERY far from the ACTUAL price to get it done. We disclosed to our sales person that one side of our house needed all NEW cedar as it had alot of water damage that was never treated prior to us purchasing the home. The salesman supposedly gave us a quote with that in it. We than find out when the person who is to do the actual job starts tearing stuff off our house and than after he gets alot torn back he presents us with a bill that was more than 20% than the original quote. Not cool…..

    They had already done a lot of prep work BEFORE they did this so they had our house in ruin had we said NO WAY….

    On top of that we had found out that morning that our son needed medical treatments (expensive ones) that our insurance wasnt covering because my insurance plan that covered my son was canceled when our company laid everyone off and moved to Mexico for cheap labor.

    Needless to say I was in no situation to be told that my house repair that I had agreed to when I thought I was going to be working was going to be a ton of money more. We used our savings acct to pay for the work and we were going to be using our savings to pay for some of my son’s medical treatments and for our expenses while I was laid off.

    this was not a good way to start off. I will say it looked nice after it was done, BUT I’m not happy that it’s already peeling less than a year later.

  63. Chris,

    I had your company come out and here is my take.

    They told me you have been in business for 10 years or something.
    The fact is you started in 2004 under Spray on Siding of Massachusetts llc, switched to Lifetyme Exteriors llc that year, then when I checked your BBB record you have the company under CBR development llc. So the real truth is you have reincorporated and you use CBR development, an older company (inc’d in 2000 or soething as as a way to make Lifetyme look much older than it really is – you lied on that one.

    I called the office and asked it the crews were employees or subs, the office said employees, the sales guy said subs.

    Your sales guy said a lot of negative things about every other company which I always find as unprofessional and slimy.

    Your sales guy left ZERO as in no paperwork or anything in writing. He said a lot of things but nothing was left in writing which is what made me do all this research. I found it very suspect and that intuition saved me from going with what I think is a very shady company.

    Now the reason why I even commented on this thread, does anyone here find it pretty funny that the poster ‘Rob’ and Chris structure there paragraphs exactly the same? This proves all of my suspicions, you are the man and charge and it’s clear from just the post under ‘Rob’ of how much of a degenerate you are.

    By the way, I went with your competitor that your guy had nothing good to say about and I’m happy I did.

  64. My name is Chris Ripley, I am the owner of Lifetyme Exteriors,

    I too think some of the posts out here are not genuine. Let me be clear on a few of these points:

    NationWide makes a good product. We ordered from them before we selected our coating. I have never used the exact product they make for Rhino but I am sure it is a good product.

    I am not here to throw anything back at my competition. I am here to defend our company and our/my name from blatantly incorrect information. Here is a list of things I would like you to consider when thinking about my firm.

    1.) No customer OF OURS that has ever called our office has ever been turned down for Warranty work. I emphasize “of ours” because we have had two complaints that are listed on the internet originate from firms

    2.) We have never reincorporated.

    3.) Testing data is available on our product.

    I am also available personally to show you any of our 1000+ homes we have done in the Boston area.

    I wish you the best in your search,

    Chris Ripley
    617-648-6609 (cell)
    617-987-2011 (office)
    617-987-0554 (fax)

  65. My home was built in 1931 and is badly in need of scraping and new paint application. Made of cinder block..(looks like an Italian farmhouse).. I purchased same 2 years ago…and had not been maintained for years. Some surface cracks (not structural).. and much peeling. Seems there is a
    a thin layer of stucco covering the blocks, as they are not apparent. Does Rhino Shield do all the prep, and do you fill in the irregularities and small fissures with a product BEFORE you apply Rhino as a finish? Please let me know just what prep is needed to ensure that your product will adhere. Thank you.

  66. This is Mat Giovanello with Rhino Shield of New England. I thought I would comment on the above poster ‘Rob’

    I believe your not who you say you are and your post is intended for something else.

    You talk about jobs in New England that means you would of met with my dealership.
    Can you verify your last name initial or the town you are in? The only Robert / Bob we visited recently became a client. I’m concerned because the information you are stating about my company is incorrect.

    Firstly, I’m at a loss on the miss-information you are posting about Rhino Shield. If we gave you a full presentation it would have been at your home. We would have gone over the testing information to illustrate to you that our product is tested and proven in colder climates.

    Rhino Shield has done 10’s of thousand of colder climate jobs. We have over 44 dealers nationwide. I could give you a church reference that was coated 8 years ago in Indiana if you would like.

    If you search Rhino Shield on the site you will see that all dealers have a spotless track record, some go back to 1997.

    Our data is NOT just for southern states. Our testing data is third party tested by BASF chemical company. They verify Rhino Shields longevity in hot and cold climates. We also have independent salt corrosion testing for oceanfront. Rhino Shield beat the industry standard – a commercial control oil based Rustoleum.

    In regards to Nationwide, yes they manufacture Rhino Shield. They have been in the business since 1964 and it has been a terrific partnership. Rhino Shield is now an integral part of Nationwide. They have just opened a new state of the art plant 3 times the size of their last and Rhino Shield is still growing more and more. If you do contact them they WILL NOT sell you the product directly. They refer you to your local dealer.

    This year Disney selected Rhino Shield for a multi million dollar project. They reviewed our product and every other solution for almost a year. It was one of the top architects in the world. So I guess we are doing something right, lol.

    Rob, if I’m wrong and I did in fact come out to see you please give me a call so we can talk. You can reach me at 1.888.907.4466 – As soon as we speak I will update this to correct the post.

    Sorry for the big speel everyone, but we work hard and want to keep the record straight.

    Mathew Giovanello
    Rhino Shield of New England

  67. So I don’t read these blogs and feel like there is much accountability but I needed to do some research. So I called BOTH Rhino and Lifetyme to my home. I listened to both companies full presentations and I have a few of my own observations.

    1.) Lifetyme has done over 1000 more homes in cold climates like New England
    2.) It seems like Rhinos data is all about the Southern States
    3.) Rhino’s 3M data is impressive; I have a home in Florida and will consider them in that hot climate, however I called 3M and there is ZERO evidence that microspheres have any effect in northern exposures where radiant heat GAIN is not a real concern
    4.) I checked the BBB on Lifetyme Exteriors and found 11 complaints which concerned me. So I followed up with Lifetyme and asked them for the customers names, they quickly gave me 5.
    a. I called all 5 and found out that although there was a problem initially, Lifetyme fixed them all.
    5.) I have also read some info that says that Lifetyme does not honor their warranty. Lifetyme gave me 10 names from their “touch-up list” from last year. I was able to get in touch with 6 and all had repairs and all where satisfied.

    At this point I feel confused. I would think that the above represents a good amount of homework, Has anyone here done anything similar. What about the fact that you can buy RhinoShield online from NationWide Chemical, doe that bother anyone? Has anyone followed up with Sherwin-Williams to see where they stand?

  68. This is a really interesting product. But I would not consider being the first one on the block to use it for anything bigger than a breadbox. There are very very few industrial secrets. Anything as good as this is supposed tobe would have a cheap Chineses copy. The material may be very good but it is flexible so don’t try to use in on surfaces that are walked on. Particularly wood. Adhesion can also be a problem. I can imagine the horrible task of trying to remove this stuff if it started to peel or blister 10 or 15 years down the line. Does it breath? Remember the mess of oid oil base paints that did not breath on older wooden houses years ago? The only fix was to put on new siding. I would want to look at several houses that had had the stuff on for many years. Lloyd

  69. Just like to comment on the rhino shield ceramic coating. The product works as it is described.
    I think everything has to do with the prep work! You do a crappy prep job then what do you exspect to happen ? It is only good as good as the work is done.Maybe some of the painters that are spraying this product do not have any education on it and think it is like a paint you buy at home depot.
    I do have a protected interest in this product since that is all i do is spray RHINO SHIELD CERAMIC COATINGS. This coating is way cool and looks great after it is done. It doesnt matter if it is 5 years or 10 years down the road it still looks like it was just shot with RHINO SHIELD.
    If you are having problems with your home that was sprayed with RHINO SHIELD then you need to contact the owner.If there is a problem it will probably be failure due to poor prep.
    If you are interested and wanting to know more about RHINO SHIELD contact them in your area and ask for addresses to go look at the homes your self ? When you go buy a car you just dont go to 1 dealership do you ? Sure you dont .. You go look at other dealerships.
    You are always going to have the pros and cons of anything doesnt matter if you buy toilet paper, You will find a way to justify by buying a certain brand whether it costs more or not comopaared to the other brand. Then you have the competitors trying to make your product look like a company just changed names or what ever they can conjure up. That just goes to show me there mentality level.
    If you want the facts of RHINO SHIELD get it from the HORSES MOUTH INSTED OF THE HORSES _ _ _..
    RHINO SHIELD will be more than happy to show you all of the testing and documents it has under gone.
    People get a sticker shock but look at what it is being compared to ( MERCEDES to FORD PINTO )
    Do you think you are going to be able to buy a new MERCEDES for the same price of a FORD PINTO ? Not
    that anyone really is looking for a FORD PINTO with a 8 track !!! HA HA
    But you get my point…
    So you have my 2 cents

  70. I am a professional painter by trade – and my own neighbor went with a ‘low’ cost subsidiary of lifetyme exteriors – a.k.a No Risk Painters – and let me tell you, they had a band of illegals doing everything risky – from grinding old lead paint without hepa vacuum attachments, making atrocious dust storms, using ladders with a 3rd section tied to the ladder to get upper heights

  71. What is the difference between Multi-Gard R-20 Permanent Coating v/s Rhino shiled product. My house is painted with R-20 coating by procraft. The company no longer exists. I need to change my color. Do you think I should contact Rhino?

  72. Valerie, I know that coatings like Rhino Shield are classed as encapsulation coatings and the older uses have been public housing agencies, military instulations as well as, lately, residential applications. There is a web site where HUD has tracked the use of encapsulation coatings applied with an adhesive coat (sound familiar)and has case studies of applications going back 15 years and find no degredation in the top coat or the bond and now approves it to control lead paint as a prefered method over removal of lead paint. The article states they exhibit “superb performance”. If your house was built after 1978, lead will not be an issue however imagine how well it works on structures that have been built since then. The website I referranced is and type in HUD and permanent lead-based paint encapsulation. The keyword for any homeowner is PERMANENT!

  73. Freddy, So, what is your point. There are several quality ceramic products out there and Rhino Shield looks to be the most credible one that I have researched. All thier claims for preformance have independant back up sources. They offer more than one system depending on what a home owner is looking to accomplish. To me, it looks like you’re barking up the wrong tree if you’re looking to find a villan in the home improvement industry.

  74. Eric, If you have not been able to contact your Rhino Shield Dealer yet, the corp. number is 1-888-734-7710. They can get you in touch with the person you need.

  75. For Nancy, If you go to you’ll get the national website for Rhino Shield. It is one of the few products that are Independanly Tested (by BASF). The results of the testing are not posted as of yet but are available upon request. They are very impressive. Also, on Bob Vila’s site, look for products for “lead paint encapsulation” and “ceramic coatings for insulation”. 3M also has a large amount of information on thier site about the testing that proves the insulating values of Ceramic Microspheres that make up the majority of the solid content of Rhino Shield.

  76. I will have to disagree with Bill, I have had the Rhino Shield on my Home now for six years and I am currently trying (for the second time in 3 years) to get someone out to fix the peeling and bubbling. After two months of letters and calling still no reply.

  77. Bill, I agree with your statement about Lifetyme. My spray on siding is bubbling and peeling, and my numerous calls to Lifetyme requesting repairs have gone unanswered. They are not honoring their warranty. It has been a nightmare.

  78. The differences are a lot.
    In my research Rhino Shield has a very solid background and the product is proven and tested.
    After speaking with a few Lifetyme customers I honestly believe they are crooks.
    I know one person that has their product (that peels just like paint) they will not call him back to fix the issues he is having with their product, it’s bubbling and cracking.


  80. Here’s my advice for the day: I just got my house painted and found a paint that’s not in paint stores but is worth the TROUBLE ordering it. It’s expensive as crap though. You have to tell them how much you need by figuring your own square footage, then give them the “color number” you want from a regular paint store’s fan deck. But what I saw go on my house blew me away. Paint is 70% water and I’m convinced you never want to use regular house paint again. It’s called Liquid Ceramic so google it and buy it and tell your painter to put it on. He won’t like you for it cuz he won’t make a markup on it. They’ll ship it free but only if you ask otherwise it’ll cost you to get it.

  81. I need to know if this product is too good to be true.
    Do you have experience with it? Would love to use it on a mountain home that is subject to extreme temperatures. Thanks for any feedback.

  82. AmCoat Industries, Inc.
    Rhino Shield Coatings
    Laboratory Report
    CON 04-173 Project
    ASTM D 6083-97a

    Perfromed by BASF, has all the infomration about the ceramic coating.

  83. Has there been any feedback from folks who have had Rhino Shield on a building for more than 3 years?

    We are considering it for our home, but cannot find anyone who has actually had it on longer than 3 years. All the folks we’ve talked to have been very satisfied, but I’m sure the Rhino Shield folks only give out the names of people who are happy. We were told it’s been used in the building industry for approximately 10 years. The fact (if true) that it was developed by/for NASA by 3M for use on the space shuttle doesn’t really tell me much about a land-based application. Our house is not going to experience re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere so we’re not worried about the coating ‘burning off’, but I do want to know how well it stays on; resists chipping, mildew, general weather with heat, cold, etc.

    In other words, it sounds too good to be true, but maybe the same was said about the auto vs the horse and buggy.


  84. Have a representative show you the stretching capacity. The primer and ceramic coat as well as the caulking used stretch alot. I also was shown an independant ASTM report.

  85. I don’t see in any of their info that it stretches. Also, their is NO A.S.T.M. data sheet which is the lab testing info.

  86. “why is it not available in stores like Home depot”

    Because Home Depot, Lowe’s..etc want to sell you the 3~5 year latex exterior paint SEVERAL times ove the next 20~25 years. The exterior of their stores are ceramic coated, but they don’t publicize that fact because it would upset their paint vendors. Home Depot & Lowes sell more (traditional) paint than anyone in America.

  87. Is Liquid ceramic or Rhino shield paint really better than normal paint. if yes then why is it not available in stores like Home depot or anywhereelse ?
    Why do people not use Rhino shield paint or liquid ceramic ?

  88. Sounds to me like this is the same product as Liquid Ceramic. I just don’t know why the name “Rhino” has any appeal. They collect dirt and look ugly.


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