Silky Pocketboy Folding Saw – Pint Sized Pruning Power

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silky pocketboy folding saw

For quick pruning around the yard, we’re big fans of a one-handed recip saw coupled with a good pruning blade. That said, sometimes digging out a power tool for a quick trim on a tree or hedge is overkill. Reciprocating saws don’t necessarily stop on a dime either. I’ve personally never had this happen, but I have heard that SOME PEOPLE get carried away with their pruning and accidentally cut into the tree or shrub as they power through a branch a little TOO enthusiastically. If only we had a saw we could keep in a pocket or on our belt for more surgical pruning, or on our outdoor adventures. Oh look, the title of this review suggests we’re covering the Silky Pocketboy Folding Saw! Woohoo!

Before we dive into this review, let us not forget to peruse Silky’s warnings for all foldable saws. These include helpful tips like, “Never use saw on or near energized electrical circuits” and “Keep hands and other body parts away from saw blade.” Mostly common sense items, but we get it – the teeth on the Silky Pocketboy Folding Saw are wicked-sharp. They are worthy of some respect.

silky folding saw warning
Don’t saw electrical lines or your body!

Silky Pocketboy Folding Saw Form Factor – Ready When You Are

pocketboy sheath
Not exactly a para-military look – but the clear sheath works.

As you might suspect with a name like “Pocketboy”, this folding saw comes in a compact form factor. If you’re accustomed to leather sheaths or the more trendy, para-military style Kydex sheaths, you might be surprised by the Silky Pocketboy. It comes folded up in a clear sheath that has a multi-functional belt loop on it. With the belt loop up, it becomes a spot to hang your Pocketboy from when not in use.

sheath tips
The belt clip provides various storage and carrying options for the Pocketboy

If you’re using it briefly, the entire clip can simply tuck behind your belt (this set up is not very secure – don’t try to go jogging with your Pocketboy in this configuration). Lastly, you can run your belt through the loop of the clip, for maximum security. With the entire Pocketboy inside the sheath, don’t be expecting to be Quick-Draw McGraw while pruning. If you have to get your pruning saw out that quickly, you’re probably tending the wrong kind of plants.

Silky Pocketboy Folding Saw Cutting Technique

silky pocketboy folding saw
The Silky Pocketboy ready to go

Have you ever watched old lumberjack videos where one person is on each end of the saw and each throws their full body weight behind each furious stroke? If so, that’s NOT the technique we recommend for a Silky Pocketboy foldable saw. These saws are designed for cutting on the pull stroke. The blades are thin, and if you get all lumberjack on the push stroke, you’re likely to bend the saw sooner or later. So, go easy on that push stroke and then put a little more elbow grease into the pull.

pocketboy cutting
Cutting is precise and very fast

Silky Smooth Cutting

silky pocketboy teeth
The efficient cutting is in part due to these very sharp teeth and thin kerf

The Silky Pocketboy cuts very efficiently, and quite precisely as well. In fact, it’s so precise, Silky says you can use your Pocketboy for pruning work AND construction work. I can’t really see myself cutting 2×4’s with it, but for light duty cuts that require precision, these Silky folding Saws can be a new option in your toolbox or workshop.

pocketboy fast cuts
Fast and clean cuts

I cut through several branches of a palm tree I’m in the process of accidentally killing. Despite very tough and sinewy branches, the Silky Pocketboy sliced through them with ease. I also completed each cut faster than a walk to the shop to grab a reciprocating saw. The cutting is very controlled and precise. No tree trunks were harmed, nor was there any other collateral damage with these pruning efforts.

Need a High-Quality Cutting Tool a Little Different from the Silky Pocketboy?

silky pocketboy models
A Silky Pocketboy for every occasion and taste!

One glance through the Silky product catalog will have you bewildered by the vast array of cutting tools available. The Pocketboy lineup alone comes in multiple colors, sizes, and blade styles. If you venture beyond the Pocketboy page, you’ll find countless and sometimes exotic looking cutting tools for arborists, landscapers, carpenters, woodworkers and possibly ninjas. From their samurai-sword-like Katanaboy to a multitude of pole saws, Silky has just about all your precision cutting needs covered.

Pocketboy too small? Check out the Silky Katanaboy!

I liked the compact stowage, efficient cutting, and precision feel of the Silky Pocketboy. The rubber handle is also extremely comfortable and very unlikely to slip from your grip, no matter what the conditions are. The handle is also equipped with a lanyard hole to keep the Pocketboy from jumping out of your possession at elevation. We could also see this saw being extremely useful in backpacking, camping and survival situations. If you’re looking for a compact, precise and efficient folding saw, we recommend you check out some of the many Silky Pocketbox Folding Saw options.

silky pocketboy folding saw

You can find a variety of Silky Pocketboy folding saws (with multiple handle colors for you fashion-conscious landscapers and adventurers), starting at around $30:

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More Info - via Silky

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