Is There Anything Beer Can’t Do?: The Slugx Snail and Slug Trap

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slugx_snail_slug_beer_trapThere’s nothing worse than working your butt off only to have Mother Nature give you a smack down, especially if that smack down comes in the form of slugs and snails. Not only will they destroy your garden, but just knowing they were sliming around your lettuce just makes you feel … uuuuugh. Not too appetizing.

A chemical-free and better-than-they-deserve method of ensnaring these bad boys is through a beer trap. Yes, beer (you could use Bud Light Lime, but that would defeat the purpose of going chemical-free. Oooh, burn. Yah, I burned you good, Bud Light Lime).

We found this one, the Slugx Snail and Slug Trap, at Yardiac (an aside – every time I think of “Yardiac” I imagine someone dancing wildly in their backyard to that song “Maniac” from Flashdance while being sprayed by a garden hose).

Anyway, you pour a bit of beer in the trap, close it up, place it in your garden or on your deck and take a look at it the next morning. Voila – a box of drunk garden pests.

What you do with them is up to you – introduce them to wine, raise a slug army, or if you have an abundance of snails – fatten them up and eat them (just don’t expect us to come over for dinner anytime soon).

Slugx Snail and Slug Trap
is available at Yardiac (… Oooh …. She’s a Yardiac, Yardiac on the go … and she’s weeding like she never has before …) for $28.

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