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So, you clicked on a link that said “Sponsored” with thoughts swirling through your mind: Did HomeFixated totally sell out? Is all the stuff I’m reading just advertising in disguise? Is HomeFixated secretly owned by a powerful, clandestine society of tool and construction oligarchs?

Take a deep breath, none of the aforementioned theories are true. Basically, a sponsored post is a bit like those old-skool tv shows that had a “This programming brought to you by. . . .” instead of the non-stop barrage of commercials that accompany most entertainment these days.

We are VERY selective about our sponsored content and it’s always clearly labeled as such. Sponsored posts may focus on, mention and/or link to the sponsoring party as well as include banner ads for the sponsor. In a nutshell, we simply get paid to highlight a particular brand/product/service in the sponsored post.

The sponsors never get to write the content, although we may discuss our general approach to the content prior to the article being published. We’re control freaks, so handing over the reigns to sponsors isn’t something you’re likely to ever see us do. We typically seek out reputable sponsors. We also strive to make all sponsored posts adhere to our typical articles’ standards of bringing both valuable information and entertainment to our readers.

It’s also worth noting the opinions expressed in sponsored posts are those of HomeFixated and not necessarily those of the sponsor. Just because the post is sponsored does not mean the sponsor agrees with or endorses our perspectives, photography usage or even word choice.

You may have noticed that consuming delicious HomeFixated content is absolutely free to you. Believe it or not, producing delicious content regularly takes a great deal of time, effort and resources. Sponsored posts are just one way we can continue to deliver our content to you, for free.

So relax, hit that “back” button on your browser, and continue enjoying HomeFixated content whether it’s sponsored or not. We promise it will be worth your while!

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