Dinner and a Show: Squirrel Go Round

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squirrel_go_roundIf you were absolutely horrified by our featuring of the Droll Yankee Flipper bird feeder, a contraption designed to deter and fling squirrels at our amusement, I have something you might like, hippie.

With the Squirrel Go Round, your little tree-climbing rats will remain well fed and well exercised throughout the winter. Ideal for hanging corn (because squirrel’s are natural corn shuckers?), this feeder simply consists of a few metal rods that rotate in the wind or when a creature is on it. Apparently, it’s like taking in dinner and show for these backyard rodents.

While I personally couldn’t imagine eating the very thing that’s preventing me from plummeting to the ground (that sounds like a Homer Simpson sort of thing to do), these squirrels and chipmunks love it.

For just $27.95, you can get the Squirrel Go-Round and proudly display it on your tree, fence or wall.

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1 thought on “Dinner and a Show: Squirrel Go Round”

  1. I used to have one similar to this made from wood. The squirrel would climb out on it to get to the corn and the whole thing would twirl them to the bottom as their weight shifted the balance point. The little buggers actually seemed to like it!


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