Table Legs That’ll Tempt You To Cheat

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Queen Anne Bracket Foot - tablelegs dot comThe first time table legs became a part of my life was when I moved away from the confines of home and family and got my first apartment in college.  Trust me, the thought that table legs would become an important challenge in my life had never crossed my mind. But like most of us starting out in life, I might have hooked up with kind of a bunch of Neanderthals.  One of them had found an apartment and invited me to go in on it with the other dudes.  Turned out unfurnished meant no furniture, who knew.  So dining room tables were invariably card tables one of you got from home for free, and since you didn’t have dinner parties or probably even a dining room, this worked just fine. Then there was the living room. A coffee table was a must and you needed a place for the stereo to live as well. These fine furnishings would need to be procured elsewhere. 

Table Legs for the Economically Challenged

This is where ingenuity and free thinking came into play. And we made our parents proud. Stereo cabinets were made with 1 x 12 pine shelves and empty milk crates for legs and spacers. And when I say 1 x 12 pine, I mean a board – any old board, something that was free and would fit.  Fill the crates with albums and voila’ – legs that did double duty!  Bricks and cinderblocks also made nice legs and supports and could be found at the local recycling center called “the vacant lot down the street.”

The Free and “Low Leg Profile” Coffee Table

electric spool table
Photo by Avi Berkowitz/The Daily Pennsylvanian (David Young)
The coffee table, or living room table was the biggest challenge as it usually was the center of all life. Surrounded by couches of different designs, sizes and fabric, the coffee table had to endure an occasional Saturday night of punishment and abuse. OK, every night. And it couldn’t be some board on cinder blocks, as this would cause many injuries to our curiously clumsy feet as we drank beer and threw ourselves down on the furniture.  For this, the empty telephone cable spool was a good score for a table with a low “leg profile.” Throw some resin on top with a few beer bottle caps for decoration and you had a masterpiece that was really hard to catch on fire. I said really hard, not impossible. Did I mention Neanderthals before?

A Great Resource for Ready-Made Table Legs –

Table & legs - tablelegs dot comFast forward to marriage, kids, mortgages, and somehow the telephone spool doesn’t cut it anymore. Here’s where – Classic Designs by Matthew Burak, comes into play. I’ve seen and used Matthew Burak catalogues for ready-made table legs for a long time.  With the selection and pricing that Matthew offers, it’s a no brainer. Find a design that goes with your stuff and order the pieces for the legs and base. Make your own tabletop and put it together! As well as legs, he’s got a huge selection of bun feet, base kits, columns, and furniture legs that save a lot of time and money for the guy building his own furniture. He’s got a great return policy and has always done me right when, OMG, I might have ordered the wrong size…  With cabinet hardware and now stair parts it’s a one-stop shopping site that’s hard to beat. He rocks it with quality and price and you should give him a shot with your next project.

Too bad I didn’t have access to his Queen Anne furniture legs back in the day.  That cable spool might still be in action, sitting pretty in my living room right now…  Well, maybe not…

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