TimberPro UV Oil Deck Finish Review, Better Than 60s TV?

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deck-fence-bucket2I was sitting on my brains the other day watching my favorite 60s sitcoms (F-Troop anyone? ahem. anywho . . . ) when my better half suggested I sand and refinish the deck. Hmmmm, TV, or deck refinishing? I’m still not sure how refinishing won over sofa inertia.

Once I overpowered the strong pull of the sofa’s gravity, I jumped up and grabbed my sander with a twinkle in my eye like Ernest Borgnine in McHale’s Navy. After a few days of dust storms and exclamations that would have the Skipper hitting Gilligan furiously with his hat, I was ready to choose a finish. I wanted something like the penetrating oils I’ve used in other woodworking projects but more durable, and completely natural.

I was happy to stumble upon a cool-looking product from my local Boulder, CO eco-store Ellie’s called TimberPro UV. TimberPro natural oil deck finish has a bunch of different color choices and even just straight out of the can looked good. It’s water bourne and 100% natural. I bought a gallon and prepped to apply. I was initially startled at the conisitency out of the can, it looked/applied more like a varnish than any penetrating oil I was used to. I re-read the can again with a bead of sweat forming on my brow as I eyed its suspicious viscosity. It definitely said oil. Thankfully, in a matter of minutes I could see that it was soaking in nicely. Phew!

After 24 hours it looked great: a nice dull natural sheen and good color. The rain beaded up well and so far the finish has not changed color or texture. All in all, a darn sight better than a rousing Hogan’s Heroes marathon, so far. I’ll keep you posted. TimberPro UV Oil is available for about $40 / gallon at Ellies Eco Home Store.

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Philsophser turned artist turned designer, Alec turns to home improvement as a stress-reducer. Now, he wonders why no one told him that it would be a stress-producer. Alec lives and rides his bike in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with his olympian wife Ann and his unimpressed cat Stella. He tries his best to do everything green and sustainably with varying success.

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3 thoughts on “TimberPro UV Oil Deck Finish Review, Better Than 60s TV?”

  1. I use timber pro uv. It needs to be recaoted frequently on flat surfaces like decks, stairs, and handrails. If this is done BEFORE the stain fails, it can be done without sanding. If you not they recommend stripping and refinishing. I am about to attempted a supper light sanding (I.E. 220) to blend in around some wear on my steps that I waited just a little too long to re-coat. I’m not sure how it will turn out

  2. I am just curious- how has the Timber Pro UV held up since you originally wrote this review 3 years ago? Is the deck color still nice? I don’t mind having to restain a deck every couple of years but forget about sanding or stripping any of the wood. If it doesn’t peel off like a lot of other stains eventually seem to do, then I am all for it. Please let us know

    • Hi Sean. Wish we could answer that for you, but Alec (who wrote that review) hasn’t written for us in quite a while and hasn’t been in touch. Unless he happens to check up on this post and comment, we unfortunately can’t provide a long-term follow-up on this one. Sorry we couldn’t be more helpful with your request.


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