Blows, Sucks & Bites: Toro Ultra 3-in-1 Blower Vac Review

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toro_3-in-1_leaf_blowerIf you have any trees on your property or in your neighborhood, you’re likely familiar with the process of dealing with leaves on your lawn. Normally, it’s an afternoon of raking, scooping and bagging, capped off with an evening of moaning about your lower back and walking around like an old man. Not really how we like to spend Sundays, is it?

Toro presents an option in their Ultra 3-in-1 Blower, Vacuum and Leaf Shredder. It blows. It sucks. It bites – and for once, these are all compliments. There are five big reasons we like this little lawn care gadget:

  • • It’s not gassy. In our attempt to go greener, things electric or manual hold a greater appeal. This also means it’s cheaper to operate and is less stinky – and we’re all over less stinky.
  • • The blower is lightweight (a whole 7 lbs.) and has a nice feel in the hand, so this chore is a lot less body-taxing than it used to be.
  • • While the Toro is slightly quieter than most gas-powered leaf blowers, it doesn’t sacrifice efficiency and power. The variable speeds lets you decide how much “oomph” you need for the job – allowing you to select air speeds up to 235 mph and air volume up to 255 cfm
  • • Along with being a leaf blower and vacuum, it has a built-in mulcher. Once you corral the tree droppings, you can suck ‘em up, crush them into bits and blast them into a bag. Toro claims you can reduce the same pile of leaves from fitting into sixteen bags into one. Mother Nature approves!
  • • It’s a deal! currently has the Toro Electric Blower/Vac on for $69.99. Definitely worth the value.
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