Holey Roller: Wall Repair with Ultra-Mesh Joint Tape

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ultra_mesh_joint_tapeIf you have a small hole in your wall (bigger than a nail hole, smaller than a brick), a simple way to fix it is to use mesh tape and joint compound or plaster patch. I’m a little ashamed to say I’ve become a bit of a mesh connoisseur over the years. If I was a villain in Batman, my name would be “The Denter” and my cheesy catchphrase would be something like “How Hole-some! Mwahahaha!” as I smashed little holes in walls wherever I went.

Anyway. I quite like self-adhesive meshes like that Strait-Flex Ultra-Mesh. This particular type is 2” wide. This woven fiberglass mesh sticks where you need it to, is pretty tough (won’t tear, stretch or bubble) and even works in wet areas.

To repair a small hole in a wall with Ultra-Mesh:

  • 1. Remove any debris from the hole and sand the area.
    2. Create an “X” with the mesh tape over the hole – be sure the tape is applied smoothly to the wall (no wrinkles or bubbles!).
    3. Apply joint compound or plaster patch to the area with a putty knife. Apply a little wider than that the diameter of the tape. You might need to let the first application dry and then apply again.
    4. Once dry, wrap a sanding block with sand paper and patiently smooth out the area. Don’t press too hard or you might risk exposing the mesh tape. Use a rag to remove any dust.
    5. Prime the area (very important since unpainted compound absorbs paint differently than the rest of your already painted walls), allow to dry and then paint as usual.
  • Ultra-Mesh Adhesive Mesh Tape – 300′ Roll will set you back a whole $7.00 on Amazon.

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