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We were recently sent the VersaSpin 360 for a follow-up review and I was the lucky recipient of this Lazy Susan-esque tool. In our first review of the VersaSpin finishing turntable, Marc discovered that the VersaSpin was great for painting all sides of an object and sharing a Chinese food feast with everyone at the table. The only downside was that the VersaSpin could only hold 100 pounds, which would probably heave under my usual Chinese food order (especially if Ginger Beef was in play). What’s great is that the VersaSpin 360 now handles 200 lbs, enough to cover anyone’s Kung Pao Chicken addiction (oh, and a number of chores around the home).

The VersaSpin 360 consists of a round 16″ turntable, eight Painter’s Pyramids (small plastic pyramids that you can balance items on) and eight Grabbers (a flat rubber surface to keep items steady and “grabbed” to the turntable). You use these items in combination with each other to expose all sides of an object that you’d like to work on. According to VersaSpin, the projects you’re able to take on include:

  • Spray Painting
  • Gluing
  • Air Brushing
  • Decoupage
  • Faux Finishing
  • Painting
  • Papier-mâché
  • Kids’ Projects
  • Memory Boxes
  • Sculptures
  • Glass Painting
  • Fabric Painting
  • Sign Making
  • Home Décor
  • Wood Crafts
  • Frame Making
  • Wood Burning
  • Sanding
  • Light Machining
  • Palm Routing
  • Pottery
  • Taxidermy
  • Metal Working
  • Cake Decorating
  • Flower Arranging
  • Leather Working
  • Stained Glass Scoring

And Many More!

That’s a whole lot of hobbies! Maybe one day I’ll tackle everything on that list (well, probably not taxidermy), but as it happens, I had a particular chore that the VersaSpin 360 was able to come in handy for: sanding and painting a bookcase.

I snapped the Painter’s Pyramids onto the turntable easily and then balanced a side of the bookcase on top. So far, so good. Unfortunately, my random orbit sander only has two settings: “off” and “OMGOMGOMGAAAAAHHHHHHTURNITOFF!!!”. And so, when I attempted to sand the wood, I had both hands on the sander and no hands on board. Under the super power of my orbital sander, the turntable started rotating on its own, and not in a merry carousel-like pace but like a demonic Beetlejuice-esque tools-gone-wild pace. But the plus? The board stayed on the pyramids and didn’t fly off and decapitate anyone. Take two, and I kept my hand on the board while I sanded. Job done!

Onto painting. I opted to use a spray paint because I like the fumes wanted to test my ability to get good coverage. Now, don’t be lazy like I was – cover your VersaSpin 360 with a drop cloth, plastic or wrap so that it doesn’t get covered in paint. Or don’t. Who am I to tell you what to do with your stuff?

I again placed the board on the Painter’s Pyramids and got my spray on. As my board was long, I had to flip it in order to paint its underbelly. You could wait for the paint to dry first (wise) or just go for it and flip it (not only an I lazy, I’m also impatient – what a great DIY combination!). Luckily for me, the very tippy point of the Power Pyramid that was touching the board is pretty small and only left a pencil-sized mark in the wet paint. For some of us, this is no biggie. If it’s an issue for you, just let the paint dry before flipping sides. Of course, this isn’t an issue if you’re painting a project that had a side that didn’t need paint. Spinning the turntable was effortless and I didn’t have to walk around in order to get all sides covered. Perfect, I hate walking!

The VersaSpin 360, which retails for $34.99, is available online and spins your project right ’round, baby, right ’round.

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  1. While your website gives great information to the consumer, much of your review is difficult to read unless you highlight the page (blue) to see the font in the charcoal strip on the right side of your page. Perhaps for easier viewing you can keep your verbiage inside the white area or use a different template for your website.

    • For you right now this is due to personal setting. If you have a mouse with a wheel, hold and spin wheel forward for bigger font size. Text will go to its place on the left, leaving the charcoal strip.

    • Hi Donna, our content is over the white area, so you’re likely experiencing a browser issue. I’d recommend you view the site in a relatively recent version of firefox, chrome, or the latest version of IE if you have to. Let us know if you’re still having issues viewing the site properly. Thanks.

      • You’re absolutely right. I just checked in IE and it looks good. I’m going to have to remember that from now on when I see that happen. Thank you!

        • Glad to hear the issue was resolved for you Donna. If you don’t mind sharing what operating system (mac/pc?) and what browser name and version number was giving you the issue, that’s helpful info for us. Thanks again.

          • My computer is an HP Pavilion and the operating system is Windows 7. The browser which is the Google Chrome version is 15.0.874.121.

            I’m just glad to know that some of the websites I’ve had issues with are likely the browser.

          • Hi Donna, thanks for the note back. That’s odd, I use Chrome most of the time and it looks great on this end. Might be something like a local font size setting as Assen suggested, or possibly another setting in the browser. Anyway, glad you’re able to view the site OK now.

          • You know, that’s a possibility. Now that you mention font, I remembered that I changed the font on this browser but had no idea it would affect the way I view the pages. Dang… I am learning a lot here! 😉

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