Versi-Foam Spray Insulation is so . . . Versitile?

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versi-foam-systemsEnergy efficiency is the hands down best way to beat high electricity bills. Actually the best way is probably not to use electricity at all, but that can be a challenge (reference the Unabomber for details). We all hate insulating the old fashioned way, though – no matter how many precautions we take, the darned fiberglass bits cling to our skin and cause serious itch. Enter Versi-Foam. It’s a spray-on form of insulation you are probably familiar with if you spend any time at all watching the DIY channels – I don’t think there’s been an episode of Holmes on Homes that doesn’t feature a few guys in nerdy paper suits and face-masks holding super-neat spray guns and shooting this stuff around. The expanding Versi-Foam fills every nook and cranny, cutting energy loss by a hefty percentage. This means lower electric bills and less financial worry, something we can all do with less of as we trudge through the current economic apocalypse. As an added benefit, Versi-Foam can also help soundproof your home – a plus if your sixteen year old plays drums for a band called Sicko Pink Ladybug (don’t ask). I’m going to ask for an in-home demonstration of Versi-Foam, if only to get a chance to use the spray gun. Besides, I need to know if I can muffle the Nine Inch Nails emanating from my basement at 2 am. It’s a mental health issue, seriously. Plug your electricity bill with Versi-Foam. Find a distributor near you by visiting RHH Foam Systems.

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