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Has anyone ever said, “your writing is hilarious!”? Do you have experience with power tools, woodworking, remodeling, electrical, plumbing, gardening, origami or adult toys? Origami and adult toy skills are totally optional. Are you willing to work for free or for far less than you’re truly worth in exchange for limited fame, notoriety, and occasional free tools and home improvement products? If so, you might have a shot at writing for HomeFixated!

Please Ignore This Page If Any of These Apply:
– You’re an SEO person and want to “include a couple links” in your submission.
– You’re writing on behalf of someone else or a specific company
– You’re not funny
– You’re not knowledgeable about the topics we focus on
– You intend to include affiliate links or links you have a financial tie to
– You’re looking for a short term gig

Bonus Chances For:
– Following the instructions below precisely.
– Not submitting content with spelling and grammatical errors.
– Being proficient with writing in WordPress.
– Not pestering us after you submit something. If you take the time to contact us, we’ll contact you either way. OK fine, if you haven’t heard from us in three weeks, pester us.

Article Submission Guidelines:

  • Originality – The article must be entirely yours and not published elsewhere. Anything you submit should be for HomeFixated’s exclusive use.
  • Topics – Read HomeFixated before submitting content to us. We write about tools, remodeling, how-to, DIY resources, etc. Please don’t send us content about knitting, or about rare feline disorders. Try to solve a problem for people and impart some really insightful information.
  • Research – Don’t send us content that’s just a mashup of other articles online. The more unique and useful the content, the better. Content that you have personal expertise and experience with, as well as a passion for tends to perform best.
  • Length – 500 word minimum.
  • Images – Attach any images you’ve taken, and/or include links to images you think are relevant.
  • Bio – Include 2-3 sentences that sum up who you are. Make it funny and include any background that might make you look “experty.” We include a byline link or byline on all our content.
  • Personal Info – Tell us why you want to write for HomeFixated.

Just for clarity, we won’t use the article without first discussing it with you. And, we definitely won’t post it without your permission.

How To Send It:
Find our fearless leader’s first name only (here’s a clue, it’s near the top of our “about” page and spelled with a “c” at the end, where you might normally find a “k”), and add “@homefixated.com” to create the secret email address. Yup, we’re making this tricky! Then simply email your submission. No guarantees we’ll publish, but if we dig it, we’ll get in touch asap! If writing a sample article is somehow beneath you, feel free to woo us via a well crafted “I’m Awesome and This is Why You Should Want Me to Write for HomeFixated” email. You can do that from our Contact page.

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