Outdoor Rugs – More than Green Faux-Turf

So before I began my research on outdoorrugsonly.com I came to two quick (albeit poor) assumptions. First, they carry only outdoor rugs. Which, let’s be fair, seemed a reasonable judgment call. Secondly, that their primary stock revolved around fake green astro-turf rugs that are common outside of trailers reminiscent of “Deliverance”. I could already hear the banjos in the background. However, after viewing the website I must say I’m pretty impressed. Not only do they sell rugs that can be used inside the home, but every one of the models that I saw on their websites had all their teeth. 

What I did find was a beautiful array of carpets for decks, patios, poolside, outdoor, and three season living spaces. They also sell cubes for ottomans and pillows, which, means that my first assumption was also wrong. Outdoorrugsonly.com has seven different categories of rugs/items that they sell, which is exactly six more categories of rugs than I knew existed. The mainstays of their inventory are some pretty amazing handmade rugs. If you have some time you should check out the video of them making these bad boys.

About 0:35 seconds into the video you’ll see a woman wielding what looks to be a cross between a reciprocating saw and a submachine gun, which she’s using to fill in large spaces. And judging by the way she’s using that AK-47 looming tool, I think she’s may have been an extra in a Sylvester Stallone movie. 

You do need to understand something, because we are not talking green astro-turf you going to pay for the quality. Forget about trading your Dale Jr. Collector Plates and a six pack of Natural Light for 100 yards of carpet.  These handmade rugs will run you between $49 for a door mat to as much as $848 for a 9’ x 12’ rug.  If this is a little out of your range, check out their machine made rugs which are a bit more economically priced and range between $21 for a door mat and $329 for a 8.5” x 13” rug. 

Worried about stains or mold? These rugs are made with DuraCord®, a synthetic fiber that is UV, Abrasion, Stain, Mildew, and Nuclear resistant. Even a Saturday night at la Casa de Charlie Sheen shouldn’t destroy these rugs. They come in a myriad of colors, designs and categories, so they likely have what you need to make your patio or deck first rate.

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