Get That Swine Flu Chic Look: 3M 8000 Particle Respirator

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3m-8000-particle-respirator-n95-30-packDon’t get me started on all the buzz surrounding the “it” virus of the season, the Swine Flu originating from Mexico City. It almost feels like just the latest of several fad-ish medical issues for us to get in a hizzy over. Remember SARS? Remember the Avian Bird Flu? If the popularity of face masks is any indication, it seems that we just can’t resist getting all a flutter over a virus that loves to travel. But this is a home renovation and improvement site, so let’s get back to the original purpose of the face mask. Supremely economic, the 3M particle respirator is your friend anytime you’re dealing with light duty construction and diy work in your home that’s likely to kick up particles, dust and bits that you’d rather not suck into your lungs. Demolishing your kitchen, using a chop saw, cleaning up after a major reno – all moments in a homeowner’s life when this particle respirator would come in handy. I’d even use one while cleaning up a litter box if I ever lost my mind and got a cat. This style of respirator is admittedly basic yet smart. The two-strap design allows users to play with the fit and an adjustable nose clip can help to reduce fogging when wearing eyewear. The 3M 8000 Particle Respirator N95, 30-Pack can be bought for about $15 if you can get one. Seriously. The Swine Flu mania is seeing these things fly off the shelves. It’s hot hot hot!

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