Gaga for the AGA Cooker

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One of the most recognizable scenes in movie history is from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. In the scene, a gorgeous and sophisticated Audrey Hepburn steps out a cab. Her hair is coiffed and she’s wearing a black evening dress complete with elbow-length gloves. As she nibbles on a croissant and sips her coffee, she looks into the window of Tiffany’s. You may be surprised to know that I have a similar ritual. You won’t be surprised to know the visual is far more pathetic.

I like to get a maple dip donut and a Tim Horton’s double double and stare into the windows of the neighborhood AGA Cooker dealer (FYI: a cooker is what we North Americans refer to as a range – the AGA is decidedly British). As my coffee drips on my shirt-slash-sleepwear, I imagine one day getting an AGA Cooker for my own dream kitchen. Once the sales staff of the store is sufficiently creeped out, I make my way back to the hole I came from.

Not sure what an AGA Cooker is? Well, my friend, consider this the first day of your life.

The AGA Cooker is, in a word, magnificent. Made of cast iron, the unit combines two, three or four small ovens with a wide stove-top. Each oven has a specific purpose (roasting, simmering, baking or warming) as do the sections of the stove-top (boiling, simmering or warming). In the most classic style, the heat storage cooker, the AGA range is ready to cook instantly – you don’t even have to set or adjust any switches and dials – just pick the portion of the cooker you need and get going. This cooker is available in both gas and electric models.

Besides its amazing functionality, the AGA Cooker is simply gorgeous. It’s maintained its classic design for over 70-years – a look that is both old fashioned and sleek. Each AGA Cooker is covered in three coats of vitreous enamel in one of 14 color options. If you want a designer look for your dream kitchen, the AGA is the way to achieve it.

Just like Holly Golightly and her beloved Tiffany’s necklaces and chandeliers, the AGA Cooker is currently out of my financial reach. They are very, very expensive. How expensive? They generally range anywhere from $8,000 to $16,000. Dream kitchen, indeed. That said, they’re said to last upward of 50 years. When was the last time you heard of a kitchen appliance that will do that?

If you’re not scared off by the potential price tag (which makes me jealous of you beyond all measure), the AGA Cooker is available in stores across the country. You can look to their website to find more juicy details along with a dealer near you.

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