Fastcap Long Nosed Marker Pen, For Where The Sun Don’t Shine

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Our beloved sponsor Fastcap recently asked us to “Stick it where the sun don’t shine.”  No, they didn’t finally get tired of our sometimes off-color humor.  No, we didn’t offer to sell them the multi-national ultra-profitable web franchise for 10 million dollars.  It was, in fact, a product review request to check out the Long Nosed Marker Pen they sent us.  And while most people would be offended by a comment like this, we looked at it as a challenge.

At first, Fastcap’s Long Nosed Marker pen (also called a pattern marker) sat neglected in our pile of cool tools and products pending review on I stared at it a couple times thinking, “this seems like a must-have tool for certain situations.” Then, I was working on installing a hand-made wood bath shelf. It’s a shallow rounded shelf I made to go under our bathroom mirror to hold incredibly important things like a decorative flower, or makeup. . . . you know. . . a man-shelf.

The shelf was about an inch thick, and I used a Kreg pocket hole jig to create three pocket holes for mounting the shelf covertly. The only problem was that I was mounting it on a plaster wall, and the drill bits I use/destroy on plaster walls just weren’t long enough to pre-drill into the plaster through the long pocket holes. Then the light bulb went on! I grabbed the Long Nosed Marker from its neglected home and found it was the perfect implement for marking the screw locations through the pocket holes.

Since then, I’ve found it very handy in several other install situations. Sometimes it’s just easier to mark holes and pre-drill without trying to hold the installed cabinet or hardware in place while pre-drilling each hole and hoping you don’t slip. It’s good for keeping you off Fail Blog as you destroy the cabinet you’re working on while your buddy films the one hand for the drill, one hand for the cabinet, one toe on the ladder awkwardness. And frequently your carpenter’s pencil, or even a ball point pen, is just too wide to mark inside holes or through thick material and hardware. The Fastcap Long Nose Marker pen is a permanent marker though, so don’t use it where you don’t want your mark to stay. Great for cabinet work and for all around home improvement and DIY projects.

So the next time someone tells you to “Stick it where the sun don’t shine”, just reply that you already have, with the Fastcap Long Nosed Marker pen. They might get the wrong idea, but that’s their problem. You can pick up the Fastcap Long Nosed Marker at McFeely’s for just $5.00, or directly from Fastcap for the same price.

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