Let’s Hear It For The AO Safety Peltor Skull Screw Ear Plugs

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AO_Safety_Peltor_Skull_Screw_Ear_PlugsWhat are some things you’d prefer not to hear? On my shortlist: bad news, my husband’s snoring, country music and discussions held by teenage girls. But these sounds are disliked purely for the psychological anguish they inflict. Undoubtedly, I’m also not wild about sounds that can cause physical damage either. The scream of a circular saw, power tools – even high-powered leaf blowers can cause unhealthy ear ringing.

If you do a lot of solo work with loud machines, we’d suggest hearing protection like the Peltor H10A Earmuffs – but if you have a few people coming over to help you with a loud job – or if you find you’re often on the go, you might want to consider picking up a package of AO Safety Peltor Skull Screw Ear Plugs.

The clever design of these ear plugs don’t just look Franken-manly, but the screw style enables users to get a very snug but safe fit, further sealing up ears and protecting them from noise. These ear plugs will reduce 30 decibels of noise from reaching your ear drum. That’s the equivalent of making the sound of a jack hammer sound like a hair dryer. And since they’re small and discreet, you can easily use these ear plugs for those other annoying occasions in life (refer back to my short list).

A package of disposable AO Safety Peltor Skull Screw Ear Plugs — 120-Pr., Model# P1300 costs $39.99.

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