Gorilla Gripper: Lets You Carry Sheet

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There is nothing more frustrating than trying to carry something awkward. The pauses and stops you have to make to switch your hands around is annoying – but what’s worse is when people see you doing this and think you’re stopping because you’re a wimp who can’t handle the weight.

The truth is, not all of us have the “wingspan” of an NBA player. Getting our arms around sheets of plywood, drywall and other building materials is what’s challenging – not the weight.

The makers of Gorilla Gripper understood this and developed a cool little device that solves the problem of carrying these relatively light but majorly awkward items. Take a look at the promo video which involves a magic Gorilla Gripper Genie, straight out of a construction worker’s dreams!

Look at that! Naturally, I’m referring to the ease with which the Gorilla Gripper allows you to lift and move sheet-style building material with a straight back – letting you walk fairly normally and carry the weight with more natural positions and movement. Made of aluminum, this gripper is pretty tough. After all, it’s called Gorilla Gripper – not Butterfly Gripper. The grip adjusts from 3/8-inch to 1-1/8-inch – ideal for most sheets. You also don’t need to be worried about your building material getting damaged or marred – while the moving parts may be made of aluminum, the grippers are made of rubber.

However, if you wear shorts as short as the actors in the video, you do need to worry about splinters in your rear end though. I’d personally recommend full length jeans for plywood carry. While the chances of pulling a muscle are likely greatly reduced by using the Gorilla Gripper, we also have to guess that the chances of finding a scantily clad Gorilla Gripper Genie sashaying around your job site are also quite low. Sorry guys. But at least you have this video now. You can also see a less sexy, but possibly more informative Gorilla Gripper video from the inventor.

Keen to have a Gorilla Gripper for your roofing, drywall or everyday renovator projects? You can pick one up for $38.38 at Amazon.com.

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