Garage Butler and The Worst Thief Ever

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Before reading this review on how to improve your home security, I think you need to watch the video of the Garage Butler – then we can talk.

Ok, watched it?

So, you know that part where the thief is running away with that TV? I pretty much yelled at my screen, “Haha – you just saved that woman a trip to the Salvation Army!”

Why else would anyone be storing a small tube TV in their garage if it wasn’t because they were going to trash it? Of all things in a garage (think of the tools!) – who would take a discarded small tube TV?

Hey, robber, the 80s called, they want your criminal intentions back.

With that out of the way, onto the Garage Butler.
The Garage Butler is a handy device that can help you thwart thieves (even the dumb ones) and give you a little peace of mind by working with your existing garage door system and remote. Combined with home security systems, it’s an easy and effective boost to your security, especially since many home break-ins occur through the garage. Of course, if your house isn’t directly connected to the garage, just think of how sad you’d be if someone stole your tools. Let’s not even contemplate a tragedy like that!

With the garage door butler, you can set the garage door so that it closes after three to 60 minutes of being open – perfect if you tend to forget to do this yourself before driving off. The device even has a light sensor that can allow it to close the garage automatically when it senses the dusk. Naturally, the Garage Butler includes a manual override for when you want the door open (like when you’re working in the garage with something fumey like a vinyl coater).

Garage Butler Automatic Garage Door Closer retails for $49.99 on

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2 thoughts on “Garage Butler and The Worst Thief Ever”

  1. I love the oneI have, I got it because my husband kept forgetting to close the garage door.

    After many years of use(it still works). I’m looking to purchase a new one as the one I have does’t talk to the new garage door opener(Chamberland)

    Looking all over for a new one and to no avail.



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