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Whether you’re moving, renovating or just doing a couple little updates, there’s a good chance that you’ll have some things to get rid of during that process. While it may be really tempting to stealthily toss that old shag carpet or half-bucket of paint in the dumpster behind the building next door in the middle of the night – you know it’s not the best thing to do (hence the cover of darkness!). Much of the stuff we have can be reused and / or recycled, so saving it from being wasted in a landfill makes a lot of sense. It’s really just a matter of finding out who takes what and making that little effort to get it there.

A lot of urban recycling  programs have restrictions on the type and amount of materials they’ll pick up. Thankfully, there are a host of different companies, agencies and non-profits that can make use of anything from old furniture to building materials to paint thinner. To encourage you to make use of these green services, has developed a new iPhone and Android app that shows you who will take what in your city.

If you’re already familiar with, this app is just a handy mobile version of their great website. If the site is new to you, here’s the scoop: First you select a material category among the choices of plastic, electronics, paper, glass, metal, automotive, yard, household, hazardous and “other.”  You then narrow down the item in question from a possible checklist. Next, enter your zip code or find your city and a list of depots and businesses will instantly populate. Click on a location and you’ll get the full scoop – address, phone number, map and details about what you can drop-off (and what can be picked-up! Even better if you’re feeling lazy!).

And the other great thing about My Recycle List? It’s a free app! It’s easy on the wallet and recycling is easy on the conscious!  Win-win!

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