Way Better Than A Diaper Bag: VETO PRO PAC Tool Bag

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Among my group of friends, it seems like everyone is having babies. Parenthood has opened the door to a host of new experiences for the gang: late nights not spent partying, being OK with leaving the house with barf on your clothing, and playing music from a band called “The Wiggles” in the car. And for some of my friends, they have entered into a whole new world of consumer options that they are now obsessed with: the perfect diaper bag. While I’m deliriously happy to remain childfree, I have to admit that I’m a bit jealous that they all get new bags and I don’t. But now I found a very cool bag that I can buy for myself and I don’t even have to go through the pain and bother of birthing a child. And, men, it’s perfect for you too!

Bring on the VETO PRO PAC Model XXL-F Tool Bag. It’s got zips! It’s got compartments! It’s got a shoulder strap! And better yet? It’s not available in baby blue or powder pink! The VETO PRO PAC XXL-F Tool Bag ultimately has three main things going for it:

  • Rugged, hardy design
  • Smart storage space and capacity
  • Ergonomics

When it comes to design, Veto realized that you won’t be taking this thing out to afternoon teas. Instead, it will be out with you on the job, in the garage, and wherever your handy skills are needed around or outside the house. There’s a good chance that those places are dusty and wet. This tool bag features a weatherproof body fabric of PVC-impregnated 1800 Denier and a 3mm thick polypropylene waterproof base. Furthermore, in order to carry the load of your tools, it’s made tough with marine rivets and industrial strength nylon stitching and zippers. It shouldn’t rip or tear – but if it does, you have a five-year warranty on it.

As for storage, Veto claims you can stuff 80+ hand tools into it, obviously depending on the size and scale of your tools. What is certain is that the bag measures 17″H x 25.5″L x 9.5″W – and six inches of that height is the handle. One side of the bag is an open storage bay, large enough to carry a cordless drill (and its battery) and / or 2′ pry bars or saws. The other side zips open to reveal 47 vertical pockets. In total, there are seven zippered pockets, a framing square knock out, a magnetic safety glass pouch, and a mounted stainless steel tape clip. Really, there’s a place for nearly everything.

Ergonomically, the Veto PRO PAC XXL Tool Bag is well designed. An adjustable, non-slip, padded shoulder strap helps you to more comfortably carry the load, and a molded handle gives you the option to carry the bag by hand as well (use them together to alleviate stress on your shoulder).  It’s not a lightweight – the bag is roughly 10 pounds when empty, but that also speaks to the quality of the materials that it’s made of. With it’s smooth sides and carrying options, this tool bag is hands-down more comfortable and safe to carry than an old toolbox – especially the one handed down to you by your dad – the metal type with sharp corners (I can’t be the only one who has dinged herself with a tool box?).

There are other sizes of the Veto PRO PAC Tool Bag available, but they don’t fit your cordless drills and goodies quite as well as this XXL one does.  If you’re convinced that the heftier size is the way to go, you can pick up the VETO PRO PAC Model XXL-F Tool Bag for $179.95 at Amazon (if that seems like a lot, you should hear what people are spending on diaper bags! Insane amounts, I tell you, insane!). Oh, and ToolBoxBuzz is giving one of these away at the end of this month (April, 2011)!

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2 thoughts on “Way Better Than A Diaper Bag: VETO PRO PAC Tool Bag”

  1. Despite the utility of bags, buckets and everything else outside of a closed tool box, I still prefer my tools in hard plastic. Something about the toolbox makes me feel as if things are more secure, more protected and better organized, even though individual pockets is far more organized than the bottom of a box. Maybe it’s a visual thing.

    As for diaper bags. I’m seeing a people in the current baby making generation deviate from diaper specific bags, knowing very well that spending a few hudred $ on designer bag that won’t be used after a few years is ridiculous, especially when they’re not transporting the baby all the time. I see double duty laptop bags like Timbuk2’s being used as diaper bags.

  2. My beef with toolbags (though I prefer them to blow mold-cases) is that they are only good for carrying big power tools and a few hand tools along for the ride.

    This looks like these Veto bags solve this problem. Awesome.


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