AWP Knee Blades – Exuding Laziness While Working Hard

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AWP maker of tool belts, heavy duty suspenders, knee pads and other construction/home improvement gear has come out with what I think will lead to the next major Olympic sport. The Knee Blades are knee pads with rollers on them, I know right, shut my mouth; but that’s the simplicity and brilliance of this gear. Now they tout the Knee Blades for their ability to simplify jobs like tiling, base board installation, and trim painting.  But to me that’s small picture thinking.

I’m just going to throw out a couple of ideas and I hope that AWP is reading. Think about these: indoor roller hockey, low intensity dog walking, extended-cab models (for commuting), child-tether accessories, and last but not least, the down-hill handicap ramp slalom. Knee Blades

Seriously though, while there are a litany of poor taste innuendo laced slogans that could be attached with the knee blades (e.g. ‘Tiler’s do it on their knees’ or ‘This is how I roll’), I know I shouldn’t I have gone there. They’re sure to increase efficiency for jobs that require a lot of kneeling time. Just think, not only are you saving you knees while working, but also your legs and your back by rolling to get more material or another beer. Plus the knee blades boast 360° swivel and the wheel base is detachable leaving a set of gelled knee pads, which don’t sound like nearly as much fun.

The only concern I can see is if you’re really wheeling about and get caught in between the tile spaces before the get grouted in. I’d imagine that it would be something akin to getting a front tire caught in an enormous pothole, and, well down comes cradle, baby and all. Although how big of a gap are you using between you tiles anyway? Check out the sweet video:

Just imagine what a true Parkour master could do with these bad boys!

Knee Blades are sold exclusively Lowe’s of all places, for about $60/pair.

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5 thoughts on “AWP Knee Blades – Exuding Laziness While Working Hard”

    • We contacted the email address listed on the Knee Blades web site, and got this reply:

      “Sorry at this point they are not for sale more into to follow soon.”

      If we get any follow-up info on availability, we’ll post it here. Meanwhile, a search for “rolling knee pads” on Amazon brings up a few other options. Good luck!

  1. My first glance at the product I thought what a stupid idea. Then I watched the video and was amazed to see how well they worked. I wish those things were around yrs ago,maybe I wouldn’t of had to have titanium knee replacement at 52 yrs old.

    Great idea.

  2. Ooh! These would be AWESOME for removing and applying vinyl vehicle graphics and wraps in a sign shop! I’m going to forward this!


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