Landscaping and Greek Film Star- Bahco 23-Inch Hedge Shears

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During the recent cringe-and-snoozefest Academy Awards telecast, there was a short clip of a best foreign film nominee called Dogtooth. People started immediately chatting online about a part that showed a cat about to cash-in all nine lives at the hands of someone with a pair of hedge shears. As a loather of cats, I was disappointed the film didn’t take home the Oscar for this scene alone.

Slept through it? Here’s the trailer (and no, you don’t see the cat biting the dust – but there is plenty of artsy fartsy European weirdness that might not be suitable for work):

Anyhoo – the whole thing reminded me that with winter hopefully on its way out, gardens and lawns across North America will be coming out of their snowy stupor, looking a bit ragged and in need of some tidying. If you have hedges, large bushes and trees that require pruning, you may want to check out The Cat Killer 2000 Bahco 23-Inch Hedge Shear P51 – one of the top-rated gardening shears on the market.

These shears were originally designed with professional gardeners in mind – the kind who take care of landscaping large parks, fancy estates and make topiary art a la Edward Scissorhands. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the same craftsmanship to take care of your property.
The Xylan coating on the 23” blades provides rust protection and reduced friction. This feature also makes the shears easier to clean. According to the manufacturer, the long-life semi-serrated blades can accommodate cutting up to 0.6 inches. While they look pretty hard-core, the shears actually only weigh roughly three pounds and reviewers have noted how well-balanced this tool feels. This, combined with strong steel handles and comfort grips make the P51 ideal if you have a whole day of landscaping ahead of you.

The Bahco 23-Inch Hedge Shear P51 is available at Amazon for $76.91. If you find this pair to be a bit overkill, consider downsizing to Corona Clipper HS 6960 10-Inch Professional Hedge Shear for $50.

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