Sliding Barn Doors and Carriage Doors – Reclaimed or Custom Built

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sliding-barn-doorSliding barn doors are kind of a “thing” of mine. Really, anything barn and/or door related jazzes me, especially when an old door, be it barn or carriage, has been reclaimed and incorporated into a living space. After stumbling across this article at Cupboards Online, (an Alabama retailer of KraftMaid cabinetry), and being blown away by the photos of different, interior applications for barn doors, I was moved to do some further digging; mainly to answer the question, “Where the deuce can I get my hands on barn doors like these?”  

My friend Dave's cool basement bar. The reclaimed barn door fits right in.
I mean it’s not as if you can just waltz into a home store and ask to see their selection of sliding barn doors. And, if any of you are like me, you really aren’t interested in combing the countryside every weekend in hopes that some random garage sale will magically turn up an awesome set of carriage doors. (Yeah, sure — you’ll find them right next to the rickety card table loaded with creepy, broken ceramic dolls and “gently used” men’s swim trunks.) Nor do I care to involve myself in a bidding war with God knows who, from God knows where, on Ebay. (Who the f$%# has that kind of time?!?)

So, here’s what I came up with:

If I had a dime, or more realistically, a couple grand to spare, Reclaimed Lumber Products would be my number one place to spend it. All their products, from reclaimed sliding barn doors to wood flooring and trim material is salvaged from old barns, fences and outbuildings. (No worries — they don’t mess around with historical preservation structures.) Milling is done on premises in their Idaho shop, and custom sizes and design ideas are welcome. Their craftsmen will also custom build barn wood cabinets and frontier furniture–all from reclaimed wood, unless the customer specifies otherwise. Their photo gallery of reclaimed barn doors and flooring is something to see.

Reclaimed door. I want one.

If carriage doors are more your style, the Real Carriage Door Company manufactures wood carriage and garage doors as well as authentically styled door hardware. Their doors have been featured on the show “Man Caves”, season four, the Jimmie Johnson episode, and in “This Old House” in an article on garage conversions. Their website is full of photos highlighting some of their most outstanding carriage door projects.

(NOTE: Cupboards Online also recommends Barn Door Hardware as a great source for…well… barn door hardware.)

A close-up for all you Harley dudes.
For those of you who actually own horses or other large animals, and are looking for very, custom barn and stall door work, check out Wood Star Products. Even though their barn products are intended for functional usage, they’re happy to design for interiors too.

Whether you’re looking for rustic, reclaimed wood barn or carriage doors, or prefer a custom built, new door, these websites have a lot to offer even the most particular of tastes.

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