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Before I started with the woodworking content, I wanted to share a story that involved a shrimp named Frank, a moose and Betty White, but I’m not sure how it relates to anything and I really don’t remember any of the plot or how it ends anyway. Since the story at the moment escapes me, I just thought I’d jump right in. I, myself, am not a very high techy guy, and I’m not really sure how to work most of the software on my computer. This computer mod I saw really got me considering changing my ways. I happened to be leaving a Comp USA store and noticed this CPU magazine, and, because it had this sweet wood frame on the front (and because it was free), I decided to pick it up.

Sweet Detail on the front
I was pleasantly surprised. They had a whole section on different computer mods including lightning, painting and this gorgeous piece of information technology hardware called Quintessence. I was amazed. I didn’t even know that something like this was possible. Once it comes out of the shipping box, that’s about as much modding as I get into.  However, for Gary ‘voigts’ Voigt, it’s not even the beginning. Let’s overlook the fact that this thing has a radiator bigger than a Smart Car and is fluid cooled and just admire the case.

Wowsers look at the sides
Before cutting out the design ‘Voigts’ used Google Sketchup and Skindingo design programs to create it. The case is made from oak and the detail is carved with a scroll saw.  But this computer mod and its creator aren’t limited to just one tool. Among others, Gary used a miter saw, router, belt sander, and an oscillating multi-tool. According to Gary, he was hoping that the computer mod would ” incorporate antique styling, elegance, function, and performance” and I think it has.  Much of the article and gadgets he has in this thing are over my head. But you don’t have to be an art critic to enjoy a Van Gogh, you just have to see it. Now if only they would make wood frames for TVs, boy that’ll be something to write about.

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