Truly Clean: Bath & Shower Chlorine Filters

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After a hard day of fixing stuff around the house or renovating a room, you deserve a hot, long shower. There’s nothing quite as good as that, is there?

If your water has been treated with chlorine, though, the reward may be a little soured.

While we’re not fully aware of the effects of bathing and washing ourselves daily in chemically-treated water (not to mention drinking it), some are saying that homeowners should take some extra steps to protect their health and purchase filters that remove or reduce the chlorine we come in contact with.

We bring this up because we figured you didn’t have enough to worry about. You’re welcome.

Even if you’re not about to believe there are nasties in the water that aren’t good for you, another incentive for getting these filters is that many people report having softer skin and hair after using them. If we can’t appeal to your sanity, we have no problem appealing to your vanity.

There are lots of products on the market that deal with this issue and the bulk of them are quite affordable. You don’t even have to replace your existing faucets or shower heads – most “dechlorinators” are designed to work as add-ons (although complete items with built-in filters, like the Satinjet Maia Beauty Shower shower head for $112 at eFaucets are also widely available).

Here are some of Amazon’s top reviewed faucet and tap filters for showers and baths that remove chlorine:

  • Universal Shower Filter – $37.98
  • Culligan ISH-100 Level 2 Inline Shower Filter – $17.64
  • Wellness Shower Filter – $249
  • Splish Splash Natural Bath Dechlorinating Filter – $29.24
  • Rainshow’r Crystal Bath Ball Dechlorinator – $29.89
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