Drag The Whole Disfunctional Family: Big Slider Utility Mover

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big_slider_dragHow wrong is it that when I see a product that claims to let you carry hundreds of pounds of weight, I wonder how it’ll stand up to those poor sobs featured on TLC (no, not Jon & Kate Plus 8 – those other people … the ones with excessive … um, girth)? Well, yah, I do.

One hefty-does-it product that’s received a lot of positive reviews is the Big Slider Utility Mover. It basically looks like the crazy carpets that are used for out of control slides down ski slopes. Actually, I think it IS a crazy carpet, just marketed in a clever way. Anyhoo – it’s a plastic sheet with a handle that can be placed or wiggled underneath a heavy object. You can then slide said heavy object around with relative ease.

It can handle 500 lbs (so maybe it IS better suited for Jon & Kate plus … 4 or so?), carries 30 cubic feet of stuff (providing you lasso some of it) and won’t leave any scuff marks on your flooring (assuming your floor is clean). It is the ultimate in lazy-man loads, and let me tell you, I like my men lazy. The Big Slider is ideal for yardwork, moving furniture, hauling garbage or towing that heavy miter saw around the house (it happens!). The Big Slider Professional Utility Mover comes in a few different sizes, the cheapest is $25 and the top of the line model is a possibly overpriced $135.

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2 thoughts on “Drag The Whole Disfunctional Family: Big Slider Utility Mover”

  1. Definitely! Testosterone poisoned lads are so temperamental, not that I’m speaking from past personal experience. And sliders are so easy to push around, whereas temperamental lads. . . . not so much. I’d still be wary of using these on any nice hardwood floors though. I think it’s just too easy for a little grime to get under the pad and cause scratches. Happy furniture sliding Vicki!

  2. Sliding is engineering magic for those of us who are brawn-challenged, & don’t have some testosterone-poisoned lad hanging about the house to call on. Gonna have to get one of these for shifting the furniture around in the living room. Probably cheaper than the testosterone-poisoned lad.


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