Your Bucket’s Humiliation Is Your Gain: The Bucket Boss 35

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bucket-bossYou’re going to like this. Your bucket, however, might never forgive you. The Bucket Boss 35 is essentially a fanny pack for plastic pails – and we all know how cool fanny packs are. They are so cool that even in our mature thirties we feel a bit of shame being seen with our vacationing parents when they have theirs on. Hopefully, in time, your bucket will forgive you for the indignity. If not, oh well.

So, what is it, exactly? The Bucket Boss is a water-resistant sleeve that comes equipped with 26 exterior and eight interior pockets, not to mention a few loops for hammers and tape. The size of the pockets vary – some are large and stretchy enough to hold spray paint cans while others are suited for screws, nails and other small bits you’d likely need on a typical home improvement job. Should you have anything else you need to have with you – just toss it right in the bucket.

While obviously handy for the HomeFixated types out there, I’d also venture to say that this little purchase would go over well with crafters, decorators, gardeners and event planners. I can even imagine some poor minion being forced to drag one of these around in case a certain Bridezilla suffers a beauty emergency.

The Bucket Boss 35 Organizer – which does NOT come with the required 5-Gallon bucket – can be snatched up for around $13 at Larger versions (like the 44 and 56) for the exceptionally tool-happy can also be found online.

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Jen (but never “Jenn”) Byck, aka the Fix'n Vixen, is a Toronto-based freelance writer and communication consultant who is undoubtedly home fixated (she is also TV fixated, really bad TV fixated and donut fixated). Her approach to home improvement has been rather trial and error, the latter of which is evidenced by the amount of spackle she buys on an annual basis.

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2 thoughts on “Your Bucket’s Humiliation Is Your Gain: The Bucket Boss 35”

  1. While I wouldn’t be caught dead in a fanny pack – I think my bucket will survive. I have two of these and they are exceptionally handy for projects outside my shop. I load up by project (re-plumbing the house) and can easily organize all the necesities and don’t need to worry about hunting through a tool bag / box; the extra capacity of the bucket allows for larger items that I’d most likely be making a second trip for. The bucket boss probably won’t land you a date with a super model (it’s kinda like pulling up to a hot car in a rusty pinto) but it will save you running back for additional tools and save you time – and may even score you brownie points at home.


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