Dreamy Gardening with Blackbird Naturals Organic Seeds

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As I type this, a massive snow storm is heading my way. So what have I been spending the last few hours doing? Checking out generators? Looking at the latest shovels and snow blowers? Praying to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer to come save us?


I’ve been stocking our liquor cabinet looking at seeds. I know – a totally escapist activity. Whatev.

Even though planting season is still a few months away, that shouldn’t stop wannabe gardeners from doing a little planning and dreaming. I recently came across a non-profit permaculture farm that sells some lovely organic seeds (specializing in superfood herbs and heirloom veggies) and thought I’d pass their name along to fellow foodie gardeners who are also in denial about it being the dead of winter.

Blackbird Naturals is a new company on the block but they’re onto exciting things that have made them stand out quickly. Yes, the videos on their website run a bit on the hippie-dippie side (My guess? When you eat healthy, organic veggies most of the time the fibre clears out those angry feelings most of us are holding onto), but don’t hate them for it. Also don’t hate Blackbird Naturals’ co-founder Anthony Anderson because he’s beautiful (he really is – the guy is actually a successful model). Instead, love him and his company for growing and shipping these fantastic seeds.

The seeds are sold individually (in packs that range from 50 to 350 seeds) or in kits. First up is the Wild Harvested + Organic Superfood Seed Collection. It includes 13 varieties of seeds “carefully chosen for their rich nutrient content and strong life-force energy.” Stop giggling at that last part, non-hippies. In a pretty wood kit, you’ll receive Astragalus, Burdock, Orange Zinger Calendula, Dandelion, Goji Berries, Holy Basil, Lamb’s Quarters, Maca, Stinging Nettle, Stevia, White Sage and Wild Chamomile.

If herbs aren’t your thing, Blackbird also offers an Heirloom + Organic Veggie Pack Seed Collection. These are available in a set of eight that includes the following veg varieties: Arugula, Chantenay Carrot, Chioggia Beet, Cherry Tomato, English Breakfast Radish, Lemon Cucumber, Orach Spinach, and True Siberian Kale. That’s one tasty salad!

Whether you think organic and heirloom seeds are worth it is up to you – but if you’re interested in the topic, here and here and here are some good places to kick off your research.

So what will it take to get these seeds in your hot little garden beds? Individual seed packs range from $3.50 to $3.90. The Superfood Seed Collection is $45 and the Organic Veggie Pack is $35.  Those prices are nice enough to add a little sunshine to the most blizzardy days. Happy digging!

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