Bosch Blue Granite Turbo Hammer Bits Review – Perforating Concrete With Ease

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What's This?This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. I recently received the Bosch Blue Granite Turbo 5 piece hammer drill bit set to test. Coincidentally, I was on my way to my Brother Phil’s farm, where he was putting a small addition on the farmhouse. I may have mentioned Phil before, he takes on these projects that can best be described as soul crushing, yet always manages to see them through. My temporary amnesia kicks in from time to time and I end up somehow getting involved. In this instance I was glad to jump in as we would need to attach the framing to a couple of concrete piers that had been poured to support the addition. These new Bosch Blue Granite Turbo bits seemed like just the thing to tackle the job. More on that below.

The Bosch Blue Granite Turbo Bits

Bosch says that their Blue Granite Turbo Carbide Hammer Drill Bits deliver 5x life and 2x speed over standard masonry bits, resulting in increased on-the-job productivity. This impact-rated bit has been redesigned with a hex shank, and it is designed for use in today’s higher torque hammer drills and even impact drivers. The bit features an upgraded four-grind head, delivering additional cutting angles for faster drilling. The multi-grind centering tip also provides for precise starts in masonry, block and concrete. Precise starts in masonry can be a challenge.

bosch blue granite turbo bits
The Bosch Blue Granite Turbo Hammer bit 5 Pk

• Upgraded build – delivers 5x life and 2x speed over standard masonry bits
• Hex shanks and impact rated – allows use in impact drivers and hammer drill/drivers for added versatility
• Four-grind head – delivers two more cutting angles for longer life and faster speed
• Multi-grind carbide centering tip – offers accurate starts in brick, masonry and more
• Robust bit head – provides long life in impact applications
• Milled U-flutes with deep-cut spirals – delivers fast dust removal
• Bosch-made carbide – delivers outstanding durability under heavy loads

Some of the videos on YouTube can be quite informative – this one from our buddy Clint at Tool Review Zone shows these bits in action:

Drilling Into Support Piers

As I mentioned above, I had traveled down to my brother Phil’s farmhouse (aka hell farm) to help him frame up and sheet an entryway on the front of the house. Rather than building a full foundation under this relatively small addition we decided to support it by lagging it to the sill and a couple of concrete piers. The piers had been poured a couple of weeks before and we were ready to go. After spending a substantial amount of the day figuring out where the supporting 2×10 would fall we needed to attach a bracket. We used a 3/8” expanding fastener that would be driven into a hole in the concrete.

Despite the bits being configured for the newer ¼” impact drivers I went with the old faithful ½” hammer drill. We marked the spot and I started drilling. The head of the bit immediately engaged the surface, no walking at all, and the bit drilled smoothly into the pier with just gentle pressure. The dust pulled up the fluting to the surface and I had a 4” deep hole just like that.

setting brackets with bosch blue granite turbo bits
The Bosch Blue Granite Turbo Hammer Bit engaged the concrete surface and made a perfect hole for the mounting bolt.
full depth
Light pressure was all that was needed to achieve full depth allowing for a straight and precise penetration.
bosch blue granite turbo bits
The hole for the bolt was straight and the fit was perfect.
finished bracket
The finished bracket secured to the pier.

Concrete block? No Problem

I needed a method to cover my supply of seasoned firewood to keep the rain and snow off of it. I have used tarps in the past but they can be a nuisance to keep on or to get access to the wood. I decided to place eyelet bolts into concrete blocks and attach them to the tarp with bungees to allow for easy access and stability. I again selected the 3/8” bit for the holes and used 6” long threaded eyelet bolts that I found in the shop.

bosch blue granite turbo bits in an impact driver
The Bosch Blue Granite hammer bits are designed to fit a 1/4″ impact driver.

I drilled through one surface of the block, this time using just the ¼” impact driver. Again, the head of the bit engaged firmly and applying even pressure I was through the block in no time. The fourth hole drilled as easily as the first. I have had masonry bits that dulled after just a couple of uses, that is not going to be an issue with these bits based on my experience to date.

bosch blue granite turbo not walking
The 4 grind head immediately engages the concrete without walking or skimming on the surface.
right through
The bit pulled right through with moderate pressure on the impact driver.
I mounted 6″ eyelets into the blocks.
I attached the tarp to bungees and covered the wood pile, the tarp is secure.

Creating a Stable Base

The next test for the Bosch Blue Granite Turbo bits took us back indoors. The shop that came with the place was reasonably well appointed. The work area had a large bench built around almost half the space, and though it seemed sturdy enough I wanted to secure the legs to the floor to prevent any unexpected surprises. The previous owner had a hardware store located out in front of our property and had the shop well stocked with a variety of items.

I found a suitable bracket in the bins in the shop.

Reaching into to the well stocked bins I found some suitable brackets and some screws designed for concrete. Selecting the appropriate bit I drilled the holes into the concrete floor so I could secure the brackets. Again, the bit end immediately engaged the floor surface, no worries about it skidding across the floor. The lack of bit walking allowed precise placement of the holes. The bit easily drilled through the concrete again using just a ¼” drive impact driver.

bosch blue granite turbo bits and concrete screw
I also found these handy concrete screws in the bins.
secured with bosch blue granite turbo bits
The extra measure of security gives me the confidence to place heavy tools on the countertop. No worries about the legs kicking out.

Concrete Evidence That The Bosch Blue Granite Turbo Bits Work

These Bosch Blue Granite Turbo hammer bits are available in a variety of sizes. I was skeptical initially about the configuration that this 5 pack came in, set up as ¼” drive impact bits. I have always used a rotary hammer drill when drilling masonry. I was pleasantly surprised by the performance in my ¼” impact driver. Light to medium pressure was all I needed to apply in any situation to achieve my desired results.

I especially like the immediate engagement the head of the bits provides. No more walking across the surface you are attempting to drill. Anyone mounting electrical panels, building decks or doing any kind of work where they need to put holes in masonry will find these bits to be a useful addition to their work kit. This 5 piece Bosch BlueGranite Hammer bit 5pk set is available at The Home Depot for around $19.

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