News Nirvana – Bosch Laser, Milwaukee Blower, DeWalt Cordless Framing Nailer, Epcon S7 Epoxy, Bosch Worm Drive Saw and HomeFixated Tool Giveaway

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HomeFixated Tool News Nirvana

Hello tool lovers and welcome to the Valentine’s Day edition of News Nirvana. Throw out those chalk flavored candy hearts, dump that bouquet of half-dead flowers and get rid of the sappy greeting cards because you’re going to fall in love with the awesome new tools and materials found in this News Nirvana. In this edition, we’re showcasing new tools and materials from DeWalt, Bosch, Milwaukee, Red Head and free stuff from yours truly –! But before you fall head over heels for these awesome new products, you might want to let your significant other know that you’ve moved on. . . to another News Nirvana!

Bosch GLL 2-15 Line Laser

Perfect for your freakin' sharks with freakin' laser beams attached to the heads!
Perfect for your frikin’ sharks with frikin’ laser beams attached to their heads!

Bosch shines its love light down on us once again with its innovative new smart pendulum line laser. This high performance laser is lightweight and compact, yet durable enough for the rough and tumble life on the jobsite. Unlike other lasers, the GLL 2-15 automatically locks the pendulum when you power the unit off (protecting it from damage). This versatile laser is accurate within 1/8-inch over 33 feet and has a working radius of 50 feet when used with the included BM3 positioning device that can be attached to metal with the built-in magnets or screwed into wood or drywall – it can even hang down for installing drop ceilings.

Whether you’re an electrician installing lighting fixtures, a framer installing metal studs or you’re just a person who needs a good straight line, and then take a look at the new Bosch GLL 2-15. It’s available at Bosch retailers near you and comes with the line laser, BM3 positioning device, batteries and a hard plastic carrying case. Find out more here at or give them a call at 877-BOSCH-99 for more information on this and all of their other great tools.

Milwaukee M18 Compact Blower

Now cleaning up the job literally blows
Now cleaning up the job literally blows

While many of us know that tripping over jobsite debris all day definitely sucks, Milwaukee thinks it blows – and they’ve got the new tool to prove it. Adding to their extensive line of cordless tool powered by the M18 lithium-ion power system, Milwaukee introduces the M18 compact blower. Optimized for construction debris, this blower is powerful enough to quickly clean up the jobsite, yet lightweight and portable enough to take anywhere on the job. Throw in the fact that it has 160 MPH of thrust, a 3-speed switch and a variable speed trigger and you can see why we want to send this tool a Valentine’s Day box of chocolates. You can find out more about Milwaukee’s newest addition to its M18 cordless tool lineup by visiting or an authorized retailer near you.

Red Head Epcon S7 Hybrid Epoxy Adhesive

Use the sticky stuff whether it's wet or dry
Use the sticky stuff whether it’s wet or dry

Concrete is guaranteed to do three things: turn grey, get hard and crack. And while the former two items are a good thing, cracking concrete can be more than just an eyesore – it could mean big trouble. That’s where Red Head’s new Epcon S7 hybrid epoxy comes to the rescue. It’s stronger than concrete, cures super-fast and here’s the kicker: it’s the only ICC-ES listed adhesive for use in submerged or water filled holes. So no matter if you’re securing threaded rods into dry concrete or attaching rebar into an existing slab filled with water, you can be sure it’s going to stay put for good. It comes in 10-oz. tubes that have a 15 month shelf life and fit perfectly in any caulk gun. For more information on this and the entire team of Red Head products, visit and find out for yourself why Epcon S7 and concrete is a match made in heaven.

DeWalt DCN692 Cordless Framing Nailer

Even if you have gas, this framing nailer won't
Even if you have gas, this framing nailer won’t

DeWalt Tools is proud to announce the release of the world’s first gas-free, duel speed cordless framing nailer (Marc previously mentioned the DCN692 tool after seeing it at the STAFDA show back in November). While a cordless framing nailer sure beats having to lug around a compressor and air hose all day, it’s no fun having to use up expensive (and smelly) gas canisters to power the gun. The gas-free cordless nailer combines DeWalt’s brushless motor technology with the XR 4.0 AH 20V lithium-ion battery pack for the perfect match made in cordless tool heaven. The lower setting speed allow you to drive shorter 2-3 –inch nails without causing you (or the tool) fatigue, while the higher setting lets you drive longer nails consistently like a conventional pneumatic nailer but still minus the hassle of hoses and gas canisters. The DCN692 retails as a bare tool for around $399.99 or as a kit with included battery pack for $499.99 and can be found at your local DeWalt tool retailer this February.

Bosch CSW41 Worm Drive Circular Saw

Good ole wormy without all the weight
Good ole wormy without all the weight

Worm drive saws are well known for their ability to cut through wood much better than a conventional circular saw and with serious durability, but they can weigh a ton. Bosch steps up the power and reduces the weight with their new worm drive circular saw, the CSW41. While this saw might be lightweight (just 13.2 pounds) it’s certainly not a lightweight when it comes to cutting power. It boasts a powerful 15 amp motor, an advanced oil lubrication system and strong all-magnesium construction so it can be used to tackle even the toughest of cuts on the roughest of jobsites. It retails for just over $200 and will be available this February at a retailer near you – just in time for you to pick one up for your valentine.

Free Stuff Giveaway

Tell us what's on your mind and get free stuff
Tell us what’s on your mind and get free stuff

What Valentine’s Day would be complete without free stuff from your sweetheart Every month, we give away a cool new tool that you can easily win with your inquisitive, clever and sometimes snarky comments, or better yet, a subscription to our lovingly-crafted weekly email updates. This January, we’re giving away the new Rockwell compact circular saw and all it takes to enter this month’s grand prize giveaway is to read one of our articles and leave your comment at the end of the article of your choosing – it’s that easy! You can also enter to win by subscribing to our awesomer-than-most email newsletter. We’ve given away thousands of dollars’ worth of tools and prizes and you could be next! Find out more about our monthly contest on our Free Stuff page here. Note: sending us stuffed animals, love poems and heart shaped candy probably won’t increase your chances of winning, sorry.

Rockwell compact circ saw
Win this saw free! Please note, partially-framed home not included.
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  1. I have a son who is working 10 hours days 6 days a week building a new facility for microsoft that would absolutely think I was the greatest mom in the world if I won this for him. He is a tool fanatic.

  2. Love that Milwaukee Blower, can see that puppy put to good use blowing off my Harley after a wash job. Use a heavy electric one now and just don’t like having that electric cord close to the wet ground even though I run it through GFI. And also a big Kudos to Milwaukee and Hilti for providing refurbished tools to Habitat Affiliates for using on their construction sites through Habitat International.

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