Bosch PS41 Impact Driver Review & Giveaway, It’s Impactular!

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Back in 2009, we did a hands-on review of the Bosch PS40. We found the PS40 to be a pretty awesome impact driver. When I did an initial test drive of the new PS41 at a recent Bosch media event, my initial impression was that it was an even more robust tool. Bosch sent us two new PS41’s recently, one to brutalize/review/caress, and another to give away FREE to a lucky Home Fixated reader as part of our August Free Stuff Giveaway.

The PS41 has junk in the trunk. Very torquey.

First things first, we had to randomly squeeze the trigger without having the tool do anything. This is the power tool equivalent to sitting at a stop light in a muscle car and revving the engine. If you’ve ever done the latter, then you know that sweet feeling when a solid steel chassis flexes from the torque of a nice high-output engine. Similarly, you can actually feel the PS41 impact driver rotate in your hand from the torque. Nice!

Light ring to illuminate nooks & crannies

The three LED light ring is not just an afterthought on these. The LED’s really do a great job of providing relatively even light when you’re working in dark areas (which for some reason I often am). The on-tool battery indicator is a welcome addition too. The battery indicator is becoming the norm on cordless tools these days, but it was not present the on the original PS40. We’re glad to see it on the PS41. We also happened to notice the PS41 has a lanyard mount at the end of the motor housing. I have no idea who is going to put a lanyard on their impact driver, but if you want to make the PS41 into a really manly necklace, then this feature is ideal! You could start a new fashion trend, not unlike Flavor Flav did with the whole clock necklace craze. You heard it here first folks.

PS41 and PS40 - PS41 deemed less space-gunny

The PS41 has a really dense, compact and beefy feel. Rubber over-molding makes for a well protected tool, and a very grippy one. The rubber is on the grip too, making it a no-slip proposition. Compared to the PS40 predecessor, the PS41 is more compact, but also a bit rounder. In fact, I’d describe it as less aerodynamic and space-gunny than the PS40. Yeah, I said “space-gunny.” So if you plan to run through a wind tunnel with your hand outstretched in front of you holding an impact driver, or you need a space gun prop for that adult sci-fi flick you’re starring in, then you better stick with the PS40. Otherwise, I like the compact dimensions of the PS41. The tight dimensions are especially handy for working in close-quarters.

I conducted a lag bolt test pitting the PS40 against the newer PS41, using HomeFixated’s usual relatively un-scientific methodology. Bosch has since updated its 12Vmax batteries, so I actually used the same freshly charged newer battery version on both tools (running it on the PS40 first, which would technically give it a slight advantage). I drove a 6″ lag bolt about half way into a 4×4″ block of wood without a pilot hole. The PS40 did it in 20 seconds, the PS41 did it in 9 seconds. A pretty epic win for the PS41 impact driver. I also used the PS41 to drive about a dozen lag bolts (again without pilot holes), one after another. It definitely generated some heat around the motor housing, but it kept cranking away.

I am pretty amazed at the amount of power and torque Bosch managed to cram into such a small form factor. Cordless impact drivers have come a long way from just a year or two ago, and Bosch continues to innovate for even more impressive performance in this category. The Bosch PS41 Impact Driver is a great highly portable, highly effective tool that I think will serve many DIY and professional users very well.

If you’re lucky enough to be reading this review in August 2010, you have a shot at winning the PS41 FREE in our monthly Free Stuff Giveaway! If you’d rather just buy one, the Bosch PS41 is available from our sponsor Ohio Power Tool for around $170.

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6 thoughts on “Bosch PS41 Impact Driver Review & Giveaway, It’s Impactular!”

  1. Not so long ago I learned how to hold a corded drill (like a drywall screw gun) such that you trigger with your ring-finger. This offers great control. Now I wish all these compact drivers (all brands, as far as I can tell) would allow a similar way to hold and use the tool ….

  2. My three year old son is always aching to use Dad’s tools. Tothis point I have restricted to screw drivers, plastic hammers and such. We were in Home Depot last weekend and I let him handle a live sample, squeezing the trigger and drilling into a board. He immediately said, I want one of these for my tool box dad. So fun.

  3. “we had to randomly squeeze the trigger” — I get funny looks from my wife for doing just this….. now I can prove to her that I’m not the only one. This looks like an awesome product – I’ve pretty much stuck to a single line/brand so far with my tools so I didn’t have multiple battery chargers – I’ve never even picked up one of these smaller drills – perhaps I should stop by the local big box store and see if they have any to play with.

  4. Oh man would I love to take this one home! I have become obsessed with Bosch and it all started when I got the I-Max driver with the 90 degree articulating head. It’s a 10v version i got a few years ago and I am constantly amazed at the jobs just that driver can tackle – big and small. I love my beefy 18v drivers for big work, but I am finding that a nice arsenal of these Bosch 12v would suit my day to day DIY home improvent needs just fine.


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