Easy Garden Box Bring the Small Garden to You

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We’re on a roll talking about the neat little finds at the National Hardware Show, so let’s keep at it, shall we?

The Easy Garden Box by Bowmen Kemp is a fairly simple product – it’s basically a small, lightweight fence that you can build pretty much anywhere in order to get a little garden growing. With it, people with small yards, tiny plots or even just patios can experience the thrill of growing their own veggies and flowers (or the sadness of watching them fail – no guarantees in the world of gardening, you know).

Available in two sizes – 4’x4′  and 4’x8′ by 14″ deep – the Easy Garden Box can be assembled in under five minutes. The panels are made from sturdy 18 gauge, galvanized steel, with a baked-on enamel finish. The 4″x4″x15″ posts are made from vinyl. The nice thing about it, is that you don’t need to stake it into the ground, which makes it an option for those who just have a patch of concrete to work with (if that’s the case for you, be sure to put a little tarp down first as water seepage is bound to happen). Once you have it up, you can fill it with dirt and get gardening pronto.

A part of me worries the neighborhood cats might mistake this garden box as a dream bathroom made just for them, but that is what we get for living in a society that sees cats as pets and not the source of protein they really are (kidding, kidding. Sort of.). I’d recommend not filling it with sand nonetheless. I can almost hear the keyboards of PETA activists clicking away already. I don’t eat cats, ok?

The Easy Garden Box is available at garden and hardware stores across the nation (check their site to find the one closest to you) and start at about $200.

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1 thought on “Easy Garden Box Bring the Small Garden to You”

  1. This would be perfect for a small yard space or for those that want to plant a few veggies to save money growing their own instead of spending hundreds all those high prices in grocery stores.


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