Room Décor Ideas for Boys from PB Teen

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Back in October, we showed you some products from PB Teen that would be great for a girl’s room (either to buy or to use as inspiration to make your own versions). Now it’s time to focus on that young man in your life. These ideas are appropriate for boys aged ten through college-ish, so hopefully there’s something from our picks that suit your son, grandson, or nephew.

Of course, you can use these ideas for a girl’s room, too (HomeFixated isn’t about to start making statements about the validity of gender roles!). Take it from me, not all young ladies are about pink and frilly things, plus, many of these ideas are quite adaptable.

If you don’ t think your guy is down with a wicker basket in his room but requires more than his standard organizational system (do piles on the floor count?), check out these Galvi Bins. These are basic sheets of galvanized steel that have been formed into boxes. A chalkboard label has been placed on the front so that the contents can be labeled and relabeled as often as needed. A nice bonus is that because the boxes are metal, you can easily stick magnets (and therefore notes) to them for added storage and organization. Are they DIY? We think so – but the price is also right to just buy them if you like. The Galvi boxes come in two different sizes (Mini Bin: 7 x 13″ x 6.5″ high and the Medium Bin: 10″ x 13″ x 10.5″ high), and go for $15 and $25 respectively with discounts if you buy more than two at a time.

Have a skater in the family (or someone who’s just happy to pretend he is one?) If so, the Skakeboard Shelf would make a nice touch to his room. This one can pretty obviously be made at home – or you can be truly authentic and just use an old deck (as is or refurbished with some paint) should you feel inspired. The brackets can really be picked up anywhere, although the ones from PB Teen are definitely quite nice. Should you want to buy the Skateboard Shelf from PB Teen, these shelves are 31″ long x 8″ deep x 9″ high (brackets are 7 x 7″). Once installed, each shelf can hold a maximum of 20 lbs – but be sure to install it where you find a stud in the wall. Get one for $39 or a pack of two for $75.

More of a decor touch than something that provides a ton of light is the Rock Wall Light. If you’re a rockstar with woodworking tools, you can probably make this one (or a design of your choosing) on your own and pair it with an LED light and fixture from the hardware store. If a saw isn’t your friend, the Rock Wall Light can be bought for $129. If purchased, this version is 19″ wide x 21″ high and comes with all the lighting and mounting fixtures required.

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