Bug Off Already with Bug Off Screens

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bug_off Summer. Grilling steaks: $25,  Bottle of Gin: $29, Limes: $4, No flies in the house: Priceless.

Well, almost. The Bug-Off screen cost me $49 (incl shipping/handling) and my eyebrows went askew when a piece of screen showed up with some magnets sewn into it. But after installing it and noticing that there were no flies in the house (even when the cat was being schizophrenic about being in or out) I wasn’t unhappy with the purchase. 

As simple as it is, it does work. For that I’ll shut up about the cost. I guess I could have gone and got some screen for a few bucks, got the ol sewing machine out and started the curse-laden process of doing it myself but let’s face it, it wouldn’t really have happened, and, with my sewing skills, I might have sewn us permanently inside. Flies are out, cat is happily enabled and my G&T sure does taste good. Cheers to summer without bugs! Prices range from about $40 to $80 depending on your door width. Available direct from Bug Off Screen, or from select local hardware stores listed on the Bug Off Screen website.

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Philsophser turned artist turned designer, Alec turns to home improvement as a stress-reducer. Now, he wonders why no one told him that it would be a stress-producer. Alec lives and rides his bike in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with his olympian wife Ann and his unimpressed cat Stella. He tries his best to do everything green and sustainably with varying success.

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