Get Rid of that Itch in the Kitch: Scratch-B-Gone

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scratchbgoneYou’ve done it – you’ve completed your kitchen renovation (did you ever think you’d be sick of ordering out? Neither were we, but after a couple weeks, all I wanted to do was sauté some vegetables. Scary.). You treasure your new kitchen, you look at it lovingly … until one day, somebody takes a weird scouring pad to the stainless steel range and whammo – scratches! Once you’re back from burying somebody’s body in the backyard, it’s time to ask the question – can you live with these irritating scratches, staring at you every single day, or is there a way to get rid of them? There have been lots of products on the market, but we think we’ve found one that really truly works and for a price that goes down smoothly. Scratch-B-Gone not only handles scratches, but it also takes on stains, rust and heat scorches on stainless steel. Watch out sinks, grills, ranges, fridges, hoods, microwaves, ovens and Tin Men! Included in the Scratch-B-Gone kit is a hand tool, various pads, a cream, a polishing cloth and an instructional DVD. By following the instructions, you’ll be amazed how your kitchen can be renewed and without any discoloration of the stainless steel. One kit is good for up to 20 typical scratches which should last you a good long while, especially with somebody no longer around to destroy your kitchen. Purchase the Scratch-B-Gone directly from Restore It Yourself, Inc. for $54.99. The site is full of before and afters – so check out the results yourself.

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Jen (but never “Jenn”) Byck, aka the Fix'n Vixen, is a Toronto-based freelance writer and communication consultant who is undoubtedly home fixated (she is also TV fixated, really bad TV fixated and donut fixated). Her approach to home improvement has been rather trial and error, the latter of which is evidenced by the amount of spackle she buys on an annual basis.

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