Capture the Shade with Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap™ for iPhone

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colorsnap-sherwin-williamsBefore I get into this review, I have to ask: Is it just me or do others agree that it’s about time Sherwin-Williams refreshes its logo? I could be wrong, but a corporate identity that features a bucket of paint being dumped over the Earth just seems a bit out of place in our green, eco-loving, Al Gore-humping society, no?

Anyway … logos aside, here is something definitely modern from Sherwin-Williams: An iPhone app! The ColorSnap™ for iPhone let’s you grab inspiration from the world around you and determine the Sherwin-Williams paint color that best matches it. The app will also show you which shades best compliment it. The app will even give you RGB numbers should you want to goof around with the color and shots of your soon-to-be-painted wall in Photoshop.

While I’m sure this app was intended for people snapping images of other peoples’ wall colors, artwork and other color muses, for kicks, I took a picture of myself and plugged it in. Apparently, my face is “Sensational Sand” and I coordinate well with “Cavern Clay” and “Realist Beige”. Well, now I know. As anyone who uses applications like these or views paint colors through a screen knows, grains of salt are required. Color matches won’t and can’t be perfect. Buying cheap sample jars of the paint you’re interested in is a simple way to figure out if the shade really works in your space – but the ColorSnap™ app can certainly help you narrow down the field.

The Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap™ app is available for FREE. The iPhone-deprived can take heart: Sherwin-Williams also offers on online program that lets you upload regular photos and images and find color matches and compliments at Color Visualizer.

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3 thoughts on “Capture the Shade with Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap™ for iPhone”

  1. First off, the ColorSnap App is not free, they want $1.99 for it. I wouldn’t mind paying that for it but it is only available for the IPhone and the BlackBerry while I am an Android user. And please don’t say that I should get one of the phones they offer it for because the Android, although being the youngest platform out there, it is rapidly surpassing the other two in users. I don’t know if there is really an online version or not, but the link that you provided doesn’t go anywhere.

    • Hi Chuck. Thanks for commenting! This particular article is nearly two years old, which means some information may be out of date. It happens. That said, I clicked on the links within the post and discovered that 1) The app *is* still free 2) The links *do* work (the last one takes you right to the Visualizer. Just upload your photos from your computer) and 3) The app has been expanded to the Blackberry, but indeed not to the Android (yet?). We have nothing against the Android (I used to have one too!) and wouldn’t try to dissuade anyone from getting one – especially over a free app.

      • Jen and Chuck, sorry to be late to the party on this one! I actually updated the last link before I had a chance to post this comment. Chuck, you were indeed right that the last link was out of date (and Jen you were right that’s its working now). Phew! Chuck, you should seriously check out the iPhone though. ; )


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