Cement Bag Construction Pranks

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cement bag construction prankHomeFixated has covered the subtle and refined humor of select construction workers and tradespeople in the past, (see our highbrow article on curing jobsite sexism, although probably not homophobia). It seems that aside from shouting lewd comments at passers-by, some construction workers also have another form of entertainment in the form of a bag of powdery substance. I know what you’re thinking, “I’ve seen that meth/cocaine prank a million times already.” Nope, it’s not meth or cocaine, it’s bags of concrete. How can a bag of concrete turn into a prank?

The prank involves the age-old tactic of having a man prove his machismo by lifting heavy objects repeatedly. This behavior can be seen in the most socially acceptable form of weight-lifting at the gym. It then cruelly turns that primal desire for man to assert his dominion over inanimate, weighty objects into an opportunity for humiliation. We’ve saved you at least an hour of wasted time on youtube and have compiled some of the finer examples for this article. As usual when it comes to actions that can easily threaten the health and safety of yourself and others, we don’t recommend you try this at home or on the job. But for those that already strayed into that questionable judgment territory, they’ve provided us with a bit of mild entertainment.

So the next time someone asks you to do anything with a large bag of powdery substance, graciously decline the offer and send us a thank you note for sparing you the humiliation or jail time.

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5 thoughts on “Cement Bag Construction Pranks”

  1. Thank you for the warning. The next time someone hands me (a lady of a certain age with a bad knee) a bag of cement to lift, I shall tell them (ever so politely) precisely where to place the silica to maximize its highest and best use.

    • Vicki, I think chances of someone trying this trick on you are about the same as a full real estate market recovery in 2011! But just in case, you’ll be a step ahead of ’em!

  2. Keep in mind that we all breath some bad stuff on job site’s already, and we don’t need anymore silica in the lungs than we already have. I think these things are hilarious, but people shouldn’t keep doing them, as you are shaving a little off of their life, and yours probably too.

    • Hey Joe, can’t agree with you more. . . thus the “don’t try this at home” disclaimer in the article. The sad reality is that people doing questionable / unsafe/ crazy things often makes for an entertaining spectacle. I also don’t really recommend sneaking up behind someone and swiping a razor blade near their head (under a massive bag). . . what could possibly go wrong!? Anyway, thanks for chiming in to emphasize the health/safety concerns. Let’s hope these guys pulled a Clinton and didn’t inhale!


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