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kickspace heater cabinetIt’s not terribly often that I get excited about heaters; I have a “fur coat” on me year round so I am rarely cold. However, I do have a wife who stays cold when the temperatures dip below about 80° so I try to be empathetic for her sake. In honor of that faint din of empathy I present to you the Kickspace Twin-Flo Heaters. Meet the Mighty Mouse of the heating world. These tiny heaters come in three sizes 4200 BTUs, 8400 BTUs and 12000 BTUs which is pretty impressive for something the size of my lunch yesterday. And no, you are not mistaken, the picture is of one of the Kickspace Twin-Flo heaters installed underneath a kitchen cabinet.

What makes these so great is that they can be installed just about anywhere. Since they are designed for areas where space is limited or to eliminate a large tear-out to run duct work; they can be installed under cabinets (photo above), stair treads (photo to the right), and built-ins. kickspace heaters under stairsIt almost makes me want to build a built-in entertainment center or book case so I can James Bond it with one of these heaters.

Another rock star quality to these heaters is that they can also work in conjunction with your hot water heater (provided you use a no lead 95/5 silver solder). They have a ½” connection to fit standard hot water supply lines and have a long paddle fan to blow the radiant heat throughout any room. I know, I know flippin’ sweet; you can heat your kitchen and wash your dishes at the same time with no extra fuel source. And depending on the hot water heater or boiler size these heaters can be run throughout the house and used as part of a whole house radiant heat source.

Beacon Morris has more info and several different fuel sources and heaters. You can also find an assortment of Kickspace Heaters on Amazon. I’m going to try and talk my wife into letting me build a solar hot water heater to install these, although I may have to shave or wax to deal with the warmth… too much info, sorry!!!

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2 thoughts on “Kickspace Heaters – Flippin’ Sweet”

  1. Thanks for the article! I’m looking into kickspace heaters for my basement reno. I’m going to be using mostly hydronic baseboard heaters but I like the idea of blowing warm air onto the basement floor with a pair of these… built into walls and bookcases, of course 🙂


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