For When We Suck: Chartpak Wood Tone Markers

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chartpak_wood_tone_markersScratch happens. That’s the motto around here. It took me a decent while to be ok with that motto, though. When we first got our hardwood floors and our one-step-up-from-Ikea furniture, I treated them with such loving tenderness you would have thought they were made of newborn kittens.

So when the inevitable happened – a horrible, unnecessary scratch – I was a bit … disappointed. [Edit by Jen’s Husband: Disappointed? Try “a raving, crazy lady.”] Ahem. Eventually, one has to accept that what’s done is done and how to proceed from there.

Now, if you want to remove a scratch the proper way, it’s going to involve some sanding, sometimes a bit of wood filler, buffing and then refinishing with stain – but not all scratches or wood pieces can be treated this way. And not all home owners are “raving, crazy ladies” who are willing to go that route.

In these situations, products like Chartpak Wood Tone Markers come in handy. This pack contains nine different shades of wood-ish brown, so there’s a very good chance you’ll find something close to your furniture or floor’s shade. You take your chosen marker and draw on the scratch with it, inking up the lighter wood the scratch has revealed. It won’t remove the scratch, but it will greatly improve the appearance of the area and make the scrape or gash much less noticeable.

Chartpak Wood Tone Markers are sold at several retailers but are available at Amazon for about $18.

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