How to Make Easy Christmas Tree Place Card Holders

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easy DIY christmas decoration label place card holders

Today I’m very excited to bring you an easy wood Christmas tree place card holders DIY project! You can make a whole set of these in minutes! This is a quick and easy project that even your kids can help you with. It makes for a great DIY gift for teachers, for your neighbors, for your own tabletop décor – so many possibilities! If you’re hosting a party, make a few for your bar area or as label holders for the buffet. The customizing options are endless!

Let’s get this Christmas place card holders diy started! I used a piece of 3” scrap plywood (FREE!), but you can use a 1×4 board or any size that works for you.

Christmas Place Card Holders DIY – Let’s Cut to the Chase

First, make the cuts. Set your miter saw to 21 degrees. (Which is about how cold it was in my garage today, yeesh.) If your kids are helping, this is one part of the project you’ll probably want to handle with them well clear of the miter saw.

easy DIY christmas decoration cuts
It’s beginning to look a lot like trees!

TIP: I made perfectly pointy trees, but it will be easier to make the place card slot if there is a tiny bit of flat edge on top.

Just keep flipping your board over to make the next tree.

Christmas Place Card Holders DIY
On the flip side

Making a Place for Your Place Cards

Next, make a narrow cut about 1/2″ deep in the top for the place cards. A thinner blade is best, but just make a slightly deeper cut if you are using a hand saw or jigsaw that will leave a wider kerf.

easy DIY christmas decoration cuts
Cut the slot directly in the center. A thinner blade is best.

Finishing Touches on Your Christmas Place Card Holders DIY

The final step before decorating is to sand the rough edges. A little easing of the edges makes all the difference.

easy DIY christmas decoration cuts
And we’re Sanding!

Now for the decorating! My parents always told me I could do anything I put my mind to, but they lied when it comes to decorating things.

easy DIY christmas decoration decorating
This is as far as my decorating skills go.

I’m sure yours will be much better, but this is the best I could do. I tried my best, mom and dad!

easy DIY christmas decoration tree place card holder
If you’re hosting a party, please be sure to seat Monique near the Cookies and Mimosas!

This easy Christmas Place Card Holders DIY project can be completed in less than an hour! I had my trees cut, sanded and stained/painted before my coffee was finished. Have fun! And save some cookies and mimosas for me!

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