Tool Review – RIDGID JobMax Multi-Tool: One Tool, Endless Options

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What's This?This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. The awesome folks at Home Depot sent us the corded RIDGID JobMax 4 Amp Multi-Tool with Tool-Free Head (Model# R28602) to try out, and I’m all jazzed about all the fun we’re going to have with it. Let’s go!

The RIDGID JobMax Multi-Tool is just that: a modular tool system, with different heads for different jobs, and a universal system for accepting additional tools and blades. This means you can buy virtually any brand of oscillating tool blade, which greatly expands your cutting capabilities. And with the JobMax removable head system, you can purchase additional heads with various other functions, including a reciprocating saw, impact driver, jigsaw and others.

The RIDGID JobMax Spec’s

Length: 16.97 in.
Height: 5.31 in.
Width: 3.23 in.
Accessory Compatibility: universal adapter to hold all popular accessories
Cord Length: 8 ft.
Oscillation Arc: 4 Degrees
Oscillations per minute: 20,000
Weight: 2.4 Pounds

Included in the box is everything you see here:

Ridgid JobMax review unboxing
What’s included in the box

First off out of the box, I was really impressed with the bag. Is that a girl thing?! Anyhoo, the bag has a really smart Velcro strap for keeping the JobMax in place, and pockets for storing the accessories. Little things go a long way in keeping tools organized. Thanks RIDGID!

Ridgid JobMax multi tool review bag
Who doesn’t love a good bag?!

The tool itself is very sturdy and comfortable to hold. I like that you don’t need a tiny wrench or other very specific, easy-to-lose tool to change out the JobMax accessories. Changing blades and accessories is fast and easy. First, just pull the handle out, then up to release the lock.

Ridgid jobmax multi tool review
First pull the black handle out, then up. AKA, bend … and snap!

Then rotate the metal lock from horizontal to vertical to put in the new blade.

Ridgid JobMax multi tool review bag
Blade locked in

Pushing the handle up did require a bit more force than I was expecting. Not sure if that part will loosen over time, but I was afraid at first that I would break it – due to my superhuman strength!!

To remove the head, push the two tabs on either side and pull the head loose. It takes a little wiggling the first few times.

Ridgid JobMax review changing head
Just pinch the two side tabs …

Then just rotate the head in any of the four positions best suited for your job.

Ridgid jobmax multi tool review
… and re-insert into the position you need.

For now, we will try out the included Multi-Tool head that holds the sander and various blades.

Similar to a drill, the JobMax has the side toggle buttons to reverse direction. This is important to note, as with no dedicated on-off switch, these buttons can function as one when in the toggle is in “neutral.”

Ridgid jobmax multi tool review
Reverse direction or turn tool “off”

Other RIDGID JobMax Features

The LED light is great, but is limited by the angle of the tool and by the sander, when in use. Using the tool in the normal direction gives the best light. Still, it’s nice to have on board and will illuminate a dark area. The 8-foot cord is nice and long, a major plus over similar oscillating tools that I’ve used.

I used the JobMax in a couple places around the house. This particular job was for the sander. My husband repaired a couple wrought iron gate pieces that had fallen off with cold weld. Unfortunately, he’s not as neat with the cold weld material, so it ended up being a bit of a hardened mess. Compare for yourself:

Ridgid jobmax multi tool review
You be the judge.

The variable speed trigger is (Oprah voice) AWWWESOOOOME! When firing up for the first time, make sure you get used to the trigger. I spent a couple minutes testing it with varying amounts of pressure. It’s very responsive, and at no point did I ever feel like it would “get away from me.”

Ridgid jobmax multi tool review
Rare pic of me behind bars!

In addition to being able to rotate the tool head, you can also place the blades and attachments at many different places on the tool. This gives you an extreme amount of flexibility in tight or awkward spaces. The JobMax made quick work of the cold weld material. In just a few moments I had the smoother surface I was looking for. And the sandpaper grips perfectly, but with just enough give to rotate quickly during projects.

Turning the RIDGID JobMax Loose on Wood

I also used the wood cutting blades to finish up a garage organization project. I’ve made a few racks and units for storing all of our sporting goods, but I needed a good ol’ fashioned shelf up above for rarely used items.

Ridgid JobMax multi tool review bag
Coming Soon: A Shelf

Within just a few minutes, I had notched out the shelf for the exposed studs, and had finished up a long-dormant project. It was really nice not having to bust out the jigsaw for a relatively small job.

Ridgid jobmax multi tool review
Kids: “Mom, what are you doing?”
Me: “That’s NOTCHYO concern!”

I also had a random piece of wood with old glue that needed to be sanded down. Within seconds I had my clean piece of lumber for that project repair. Not too shabby!

More Thoughts on the RIDGID JobMax

The THRUCOOL feature is nice to have when working on big (or small) jobs for a long period of time. The head did get hot during my notching. I noticed it more with the plunge blade on longer jobs. If you’re using it for longer periods of time, you may have to take breaks as it will start to heat up your hand.

Two safety items to note:
One, be sure to use the “neutral” or “off” toggle when putting the JobMax down during projects. The tool can quickly roll over and become accidentally engaged by the trigger. Accidental engagements: not just for shotgun weddings, HI-YOOO!

Ridgid jobmax multi tool review
The trigger is easily engaged, so use caution.

And two: Make sure the lock holding in the blade is engaged. The handle will still “lock” back into place, even if the actual lock isn’t holding the blade down. This will send your blade flying when you press the trigger. We at Home Fixated do not recommend flying blades.

Ridgid JobMax multi tool review bag
Make sure your blade is locked in before turning on

I plan to use this tool mostly for woodworking detail work, and of course, for the various home repairs that come up. My first accessory purchase will be a grout blade for replacing a broken tile in our kitchen. Is it weird to be really excited about that? Not around you fine folks!

All in all, the RIDGID JobMax Multi-Tool is an excellent, versatile tool for any DIY enthusiast or homeowner. It would be a great beginner tool, or simply an extra weapon for those of us who love all things DIY. Pro’s will likely find its versatility useful as well.

The RIDGID JobMax 4 Amp Multi-Tool (Model# 615485) with Tool-Free Head is just $99:

Buy Now - via Home Depot

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4 thoughts on “Tool Review – RIDGID JobMax Multi-Tool: One Tool, Endless Options”

  1. What this article/advertisement fails to note is Home Depot does not stick replacement sandpaper or replacement pads for its multi tool nor are they available on line, so once either of these items is expended or worn out, it is necessary to replace it with another brand. In the interests of honesty, Home Depot should make that known, so potential purchasers of this product can be forewarned

    • Hi, Tom – You’re right, the Home Depot doesn’t carry Ridgid-brand sanding pads or blades. However, this tool is designed to use standard size sanding pads and universal multitool blades, both of which are readily available at the Home Depot and elsewhere, including online suppliers such as Amazon.


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