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Apparently going on vacation these days doesn’t necessarily mean lying around a pool soaking up rays with an active goal of being completely intoxicated by 9AM.  This “new breed” type of vacationers want to use their off time to learn something, gain new skills and experiences.  Some ranchers with genius level thinking actually have people pay them to come and work the ranch–freeing them up to make every day a vacation with much water sports/poolside time.  I sincerely doubt this is the idea behind The Heartwood School for Homebuilding Crafts

However:  if I had come up with this idea, I would have had my students constantly building new timber-framed buildings for my compound.  Just sayin’. The Heartwood School’s classes look centered around what I personally find to be the “cool” part of having carpentry skills.  Timber-framing, producing and maintaining your own supply of lumber and timbers, getting the most energy efficiency out of your home, and ultimately:  the ability to survive in a post-apocalyptic universe.  (Unless Waterworld comes true and Dennis Hopper chases you around on a Jet-Ski.  Rest easy, Dennis).

With class enrollment at an average of 10 students per class–The Heartwood School’s staff ought to have plenty of time with each student–making the class a rewarding and educational one.  The staff and instructors page lists like a “Who’s Who of People of Have Written for High-End Wood/Building/Cabinet” publications.  In other words:  They know their stuff.

Class subjects range from Stairbuilding, Comprehensive Homebuilding, to the rudimentary Measure Twice, Cut Once course.  Costs are from $400 to $1,250 depending on the complexity and length of class.  There is a small cost break for couples that register together, and for me the cost of intense marital counseling after our “vacation” would negate the savings.

Perusing the course descriptions,  I could definitely benefit from taking a class or two.  Particularly the Timber Framing as it has been a life-long aspiration to build our “dream house” in the timber frame style.  The campus (job-site?  Lumber yard?) is located in Washington, Massachusetts–which I know from experience to be a beautiful part of the country.  You could do a lot worse on your vacation.  Plus–you can say things like:  “Pahk the cah at Hahvahd Yahd” and no one would look at you strangely.

Drop Heartwood School a line to request more information on their classes.  I did not find any reference to a pool, or bar–but I’m sure they’re working on that.

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