Botani Wipe for Plants: Because Windex Won’t Do

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You know that movie from a few years ago, My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Remember how the father thought spraying Windex was the solution to everything, including skin ailments? It turns out that some people really believed Windex could be used on acne and have been attempting to de-zit themselves with this ammonia-based product … Which is great if you like to burn your skin off. People, you can’t believe everything you see in the movies! That especially goes for you Inconvenient Truth fans. Ha.

Now, if we all agree that Windex – a chemical designed to clean glass – is no good for skin, hopefully you’ll take the extra step and agree with me that these chemicals might not be healthy for our leafy friends, either. Plants (especially the indoor variety) are known to collect dust – and more unfortunately – they are sometimes host to little bugs and mold as well.  Before you whip out Big Blue to take care of them (something I once saw a friend do), let us introduce you to something far gentler and green but just as effective: Botanic Wipe For Plants.

Botanic Wipe for Plants are biodegradable sheets that have been infused with Neem Oil. Neem are a type of tree from the mahogany family and the oil from its seeds is a green gardener’s best friend. According to Professor Wikipedia, neem oil:

… repels a wide variety of pests including the mealy bug, beet armyworm, aphids, the cabbage worm, thrips, whiteflies, mites, fungus gnats, beetles, moth larvae, mushroom flies, leafminers, caterpillers, locust, nematodes and the Japanese beetle. Neem oil is not known to be harmful to mammals, birds, earthworms or some beneficial insects such as butterflies, honeybees and ladybugs. It can be used as a household pesticide for ant, bedbug, cockroach, housefly, sand fly, snail, termite and mosquitoes both as repellent and larvicide (Puri 1999). Neem oil also controls black spot, powdery mildew, anthracnose and rust (fungus).

Someone needs to tell Mr. Portokalos that Neem oil is clearly the new Windex.

Botani Wipe has tapped into this powerful ally against bugs and molds and put it into a convenient wipe form (think baby wipes). This lets you “spot clean” leaves of pests, mildew and mold, and even lets you give your plants a nice polished look – if that’s what you’re into.

Botani Wipe For Plants – with 100% Organic Neem Oil – Wipe Away Pests, Molds & Dust comes in a 50-sheet tub. Each sheet is 5″ x 6″ and goes a long way. The tub is available at Amazon for $9.50.

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